History was made today as the US open its embassy in the Jewish enternal captial of Jerusalem. 23 years ago the US Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy act which recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. 5 months ago Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel and vowed to move its embassy in Israel to that city. Today that has became a reality.

The Prime minister of Israel had this to say: "What a glorious day. Remember this moment!" Netanyahu entreated the applauding crowd. "President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. All of us are deeply moved. All of us are deeply grateful."

Not many are happy with this move. But they should remember that Trump is just enforcing US laws passed by Congress. That law is the Jerusalem embassy act which recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a undivided capital. Congress job is to pass laws. Trump jobs is to enforce those laws.

President Trump had this to say: "The US will always be a great friend of Israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace," Trump said. "We extend a hand in friendship to Israel, the Palestinians and to all of their neighbors. May there be peace. May God bless this embassy. May God bless all who serve here and may God bless the United States of America."


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