Micronesian Astronaut

Curious to know if there are currently any astronauts who is of Micronesian decent. If not.just imagine such achievement.


  • Since we will not have a space program for another 1,000 years, we can better our chances now of being an Astronaut with Micronesian decent by allowing our children born in the U.S. to have dual citizenship. Vote yes to constitutional amendment that would allow dual citizenship for FSM citizens.
  • @Microspring/absolutely agree with you.My friends and I (with some already in college) are thinking of stepping into that path.In no time at all Micronesians will reach the beyond and represent our people/islands.Such vision that must be made a reality with ambition and determination.
  • Porno is an astronaut and refer is a spaceship. Together they explore new worlds of republican hipocracy and down right stupidity for the Micronesian people.
  • @redsnapper, its spelled H-i-p-o-c-r-i-s-y not Hipocrasy! I'm not surprise since its the same person who said 1/4=70%.
  • You got me with the one letter mistake. But how’s your doctored degree coming along at Trump U. I think they should just print one out and email it to you.
  • I’ll try it again- Hipornocrizy? Did I get it right?
  • Again its H-I-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y. And 1/4=25% not 70%. You're welcome.
  • That plateau is attainable, even without dual USA-FSM citizenship.

    To be of "descent" merely means an ancestor came from that particular ethnicity in question.

    While aspiring to become an astronaut is laudable, the leader objective of staying out of trouble and acquiring an education and be a peaceable and productive member of whichever community one lives in is still desirable.

    Stay humble and be a good Samaritan.
  • Pornstar it’s okay that your dumber than rocks and support the orange baboon. Your s victim of his pussy grabbing. He got your pussy and all the backward ass broke states to vote for him.
  • I made this discussion only to seek answer if there are Micronesian astronauts or not. You gentlemen go ahead and do the usual political rumbles.
  • Stormy discussion indeed. = )
  • @Truthisthat/Absolutely agree.My Buds and I are well within that path.As long we contribute to society be good people and stay motivated for this dream then we're set to go.However it's a daunted journey ahead.Nothing is attained easily in life.Space is a huge thing.Not only our race but all of mankind should be more interested in.Beyond the boundaries of earth there's so much we can explore.If the day arrives for neither a man nor woman of Micronesian decent transitioning to an astronaut it'll be such an achievement.
  • Thank you and your buddies for taking the path which will lead to attaining a higher standard of living and for your interest in working to provide motivation for Micronesians to aspire to beco!e astronauts. While that is something that will bring glory and honor to those who attain it, it will be only temporary gratification.

    There is a better and higher calling, and which will be eternal. All who sincerely want to reach it can certainly do so. And academics and intelligence are not required. You can travel from planet to planet and meet the President of King of the universe. And you can travel without a spacecraft. The only requirements are belief, faith, love and surrender.

    I hope everyone will come to desire it. Jesus will give to all who ask in faith.

    God bless you all.

  • Going by some of the posts on this forum I'd say there are already some members living on another Planet...
  • Touche, Ocean Dot. Aliens have hijacked this forum.
  • Lol. Seriously, Jesus does really loves you all, and He does really save.
  • @Truthisthat/Thank you.Though religion doesn't suit my friends and I.We don't need God for our journey ahead.Such for his love it's more of the opposite.

    @OceanDot/I come from planet Atheistia home for non beliveing homosapians.Advance civilization that far succeeds our earth cousins.I was sent to spread word of great scientists such as Einstein nor Darwin onto the imagination filled minds of the masses within this planet(lol).In serious note yes it's a forum that has many surprises.Vast diversities of people with different views.Left,Right,Clowns,psychos,Religious,Athiests,We have it all.

    @Factsmatter/Yes let's not forget the zombies as well.
  • Here's something interesting.A man by the name James H. Newman was born in the FSM,His family then migrated to the us and from there begun his journey on being an astronaut.Now retired.But is a psyicists currently.image
  • Get this,After intense research he's spoke publicly on his experience about his journey on becoming an astronaut.He did mention Micronesia stating "It's been a honor growing up within that paradise.Its rich with greatness of how the native's culture and nature co exists.Would love to return some day."

    Even though he isn't Micro native decent.He'a clearly got respect for the islands he was born in our people and culture!

    With this inspiration it's fueled my purpose on reaching that achievement.
  • imageI'm happy and proud if this is true.
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