Trump To G7 Nations: The Era Of Taking Advantage Of America Is Over!



  • Anunaki says:

    There is no case on Trump or his foundarion being perused by the IRS. This is what they call fake news. And i believe Manafort was charged on tax evasion or something like that related to 2010-2012. Conspiracy to defraud the US i believe not related to The Trump Campaign.

    He is only part right on his first sentence. There is no evidence at this time that the IRS is "perusing" the Drumpf Family or the Drumpf Foundation for tax violations. There is only evidence that the Attorney General of the State of New York referred her complaint against the Drumpf mob to the US Department of Treasury and the Federal Election Commission for determination of whether criminal charges should be brought. So the matter has been officially referred to the IRS. What the IRS will do with it is unknown at this time, except by PantieSniffeR. PantySniffeR knows everything.

    Wrong, though, Anunaki, about Manafort. You are behind the news in this area. Manafort was charged with a third superseding indictment last Tuesday for criminal witness tampering and conspiracy to obstruct justice. Those charges relate to Manafort efforts which occurred after February 18, 2018.
  • I said CNN and the rest of the news media, meaning majority rules, not minority and single handed Fox for trump news. simple analogy my friend, nothing more!
  • BTW PS, America first is a lame slogan! its a isolationist theories leaning toward comminisum..
  • As you all can see @SaremChuuk is ranting again. Thats what raving lunatics do. There is no case being investigated by Trump by the IRS. The IRS is a arm of the federal government not state government which New York is. And you are right the New York AG is a registered democRAT. This is just another politically motivated move. It will go nowhere. Just socialists obstruction like always. Move along move along nothing to see here.

    As for manafort you are also right. Manafort was charged for things he did in Ukraine while working for Big Jim podesta and Hillary Clinton. His recent charge of witness tempering is not connected to Trump in anyway whatsoever. The headline reads Trumps campaign manager charged with tax evasion or witness tempering. But when you read only when you get to the 6 or 7 paragraph is when the real reason is given. Its called hidden in plaine sight tactic. The headline is misleading you. Because when you get to the middle of the story the reason for his charges are different from the headline.
  • @Visafree, the majority of the media in the US are bought and owned by the left. That is a fact.
    Brainwashing the people as they go along. And if you don't agree you are a racist. That's how the left think and operate.

    America was founded on America first. The forefathers warned future leaders of foreign entanglement. Which led us to world war 1&2 and Vietnam war and Korean war. 4 wars that have killed more americans in history. All these foriegn wars were spearheaded by DemocRAT Presidents (Wilson,Roosevelt,Kennedy &Truman)

  • America first does and will not lead to communism. But democRATs and their policies will. Its a fact that majority of democRATs now embrace communism/socialism.

    America first is america taking care of its people first, its infrastructure and its military and economy. The world comes second only after America has taken care of its people, country and military. Without a strong America the world will go into anarchy.

    "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world"
    -George Washington warning to Congress after leaving Whitehouse.

    "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none."
    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Hey, Panzy, or is it Pawnzie, or is it PissOffz, or what ever you call yourself, your crapping right out of your mouth! You have no idea what the IRS is or is not doing. Have you been talking to Devin Nunes and getting info directly from his right wing Nazi White Supremacist friends in the FBI who leak like sieves?

    Of course you have no idea what the IRS is or is not doing, your just lying, like you always do, verbal diahrrea spewing forth from your verbal orafice like puke from the mouth of that girl in the Exorcist!

    You say "The headline is misleading you. Because when you get to the middle of the story the reason for his charges are different from the headline." Finally admitting your method, huh PissAnT?

    America First was Reagan's slogan, and it didn't work very well with him, either. US arms to Iran, in exchange for hostages. But the money went to arm and assist the Contras in Central America. Facisist Nazi Contras fighting the Sandinistas. Iran Contra led directly to the current immigration crisis. Remember Reagan and amnesty, huh Panties? Turned Central America into a police state, forcing innocents to flee terror and death and try to find safety in the US. Safety in the US. What a nice concept. No longer exists.

    America First will lead directly to totalitarian White Nationalism. That is what the purpose of the Drumpf administration is. Not Make America Great Again, but Make America White Again!

    I guess we will someday find out who is right, won't we. If you are right in your analysis, Amerika will be a white supremacist paradise again. Back to Jim Crow and isolationism. And good for you, I guess.

    But what if you are wrong, Panty Sniffer? Oh, I forgot, you can never be wrong. You are always right. You, Herr Drumpf, Hitler, Stalin, Herr Drumpf's dictator friends Putin and Kim Jung Un, and Dutarte. All good friends. Jesus Almighty Christ. What hell on earth will we humans make.
  • It’s not on Fox so it’s not going to happen? Trust me they are going to look into it’s. It’s tax evasion that the foundation is engaged in. Sphincter and family will go to jail.
  • @SaremChuuk, the IRS is not investigating Trump. There is no open case on Trump or his foundation by the IRS. The left wing media is currently urging the IRS investigate the Trump foundation but that won't happen again like it did with the Russia investigations which was started by the media.

    I don't mislead people its you and your liberal socialists friends who do. I'm just here busting and exposing those lies.

    Thr America first concept trace its roots to hundred of years ago. When the forefathers warned us of foriegn entanglements. This movement gained prominence during world war 2. When a movement was established to stop American from intervening in another European war. America first predates Ronald Reagan. And its not connected to him in anyways. Reagan was the opposite, he used alliances to put your socialist country of the Soviet union in check. The contras or guns for hostages has nothing to do with America first. Another raving lunatic lies from you.

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