Democrats-Liberals Celebrate Karl Marx (Socialism) Birthday. Claim He was Right All along


Karl Marx is the father of Socialism. Socialism brought us Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and Joseph Stalin and the Soviets. Karl and Socialism sees capitalism or democracy as the enemy that needs to be eradicated or destroyed in order to free the workers.

World war two was brought about because of Socialism. Millions upon millions have been killed in Europe, Russia, China, South East Asia all in the name of Socialism.

America is a democracy which champion capitalism or free Enterprise, Socialism champion the opposite of that. Where democracy says freedom of religion is a right, Socialism says there is no God or religion. Where democracy says you have the right to speech and protest, Socialism says both don't exists and to defy it means jail or execution.

America fought Socialism in both World war 2 and the Cold war and won both wars. But now days Socialism is being championed by the democrat Party of America.

The New York times, one of the most far left member of the liberal controlled media wrote an article in celebration of the father of Socialism and in that article the new York times praised the man Karl Marx and his vision, world wide Socialism. In this article the same narrative that the left keep saying like that capitalism is not good while Socialism is the way.

These is the same message that is being repeated to the American people by the democrat controlled mainstream media. Which is Socialism is good while capitalism is bad. Mind you this is the same New York times that got Obama elected and tried damn hard to get Hillary elected.

America is at a crossroad, the democrats wants America to take the Socialist road while Republicans want America to stay the course of democracy and capitalism.


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