Democrats-Liberals Celebrate Karl Marx (Socialism) Birthday. Claim He was Right All along



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    Do any of you have the slightest understanding of what a Democracy is? Also, it's a touch narcissistic to assume if "they" think differently, "they" are wrong. It implies that your infallible... look in the mirror much?
  • Thank you, xectms. I really appreciate being favorably compared to the Narcissist-in-Chief, Herr Drumpf. You are correct. Anyone who assumes that because the "other" thinks differently then the "other" is wrong, implies infallibility. And as I have said, Pantzie-SniFFeR, claims to be infallible, so he too must be a narcissist.

    Tell me, xectms, which Democracy were you born into?
  • xectms:

    My previous response was ill suited to the seriousness of your question and statement above, in which you said:

    Do any of you have the slightest understanding of what a Democracy is? Also, it's a touch narcissistic to assume if "they" think differently, "they" are wrong. It implies that your infallible... look in the mirror much?

    To do justice to your question, I will simply respond that yes, I do know what a democracy is. I was born in the United States 72 years ago, attended very fine public schools in my hometown, which is also the home of an internationally renowned University and a private college of equal renown. I graduated from that private college and attended and graduated from a California law school. During my undergraduate studies I majored in government and politics, including international governmental relations. I was born and raised and educated within the comforting arms of a democratic republic the likes of which had not often been seen in prior history and may never be seen again. I have learned, through education and personal experience, what a democracy is. I ask you in return, what is your understanding of “what a democracy is” such that you can condemn me for ignorance without knowing me?

    That question is not the reason why I chose to respond again. You accuse me of narcissism because I believe people are wrong just because “they” think differently. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the accusation merits an explanation of why I think so.

    The democratic republic I was born, raised, and educated in is based fundamentally on the rule of law. In my democracy, laws, not men, govern. And in the law, as I was educated to know it, evidence must be, in the most important sense, truthful.
  • Continued from above:

    If arguments are made in this forum that are not truthful, that do not have the verifiable veracity necessary for any proper discussion, then the arguments, and those who make them, are simply wrong. It is not because “’they’ think differently,” but rather because they don’t tell the truth.

    You could not say to me that the world is flat and demand that I believe that simply because you say it is so. Scientific proof makes the lie of that statement, and if you were to say it you would be wrong. Or you would be ignorant of the truth, which would be sad but sometimes rectifiable.

    This thread began with a Summary From Various News Articles linked to a New York Times opinion piece, which if you were to actually read it reveals either that Reaper is an ignorant fool, who actually has no knowledge of what s/he speaks, or worse is using half-truths and political lies and disinformation to mislead the readers of this forum. His actions in this forum are contemptible, and they deserve to be called out.

    Socialism did not bring us Adolph Hitler, Fascism did. And it is a contemptible lie of the first order that Capitalism is Good and Socialism is Evil.

    If you are eligible for food stamps, thank socialism. If you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid or Social Security, thank socialism. If you are eligible for crop insurance as a farmer, than socialism. If you suffered through Hurricane Harvey, and got help from FEMA or a loan from the Small Business Administration, thank socialism.

    If you thought the Great Depression was a good time at the beach, thank Capitalism. If you lost your job or your house in the Great Recession of 2008 (before Obama was elected), and never recovered, thank Capitalism. If you think monopolies are good for the economy, thank Capitalism.

    The United States is a republic which at its best tries, and often fails, to utilize the best of social and capital economic policies. But Capitalism is not always good, and often hurts “the least among us,” in order to line the pockets of the richest among us. And socialism tries, and often fails, to provide for all of the people that which each individual cannot provide for themselves. When you reach the extremes of Capitalism and Socialism, however, you find yourself with Hitler, and Stalin, and Mao, and Kim Jung Un. And that is why I say we may never see the democratic republic I was born into again, and why I attack so much those who would destroy it.
  • Rasta, as you can see @SaremChuuk is speaking out of her ass again.
  • @SaremChuuk

    I'm guessing the post I responded to was intended as sarcasm? Yup, sometimes subtlety is lost on me.

    As to your lengthy reply... I think you're preaching to the choir here.
  • He is 72 years old but act like a spoiled mellenial brat.
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