European Union Agrees To Implement Its Own "Muslim" Travel Ban

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Today leaders from the EU (European Union) agreed to implement and set up its own travel ban on Muslim migrants from the middle east. The same policy they denounced Trump for is the same policy they will be enacting for some of the countries Trump has put travel restrictions on. The kettle calling the pot black yet doing the same thing that it accused the pot of doing.

What's happening, per the AP:The leaders of several more countries joined Italy and France in endorsing the idea of setting up centers in Africa to screen potential asylum-seekers for eligibility before they set out for another continent.

The leaders agreed on a preliminary proposal to create screening centers in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia.
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wants migrants to apply for asylum in the country where they arrive, but Italy and Malta recently blocked vessels carrying more than 600 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea from docking on their shores.

Four EU countries — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — refused to attend the meeting and reject taking in migrants in general.


  • Left wing hypocrisy at its best.
  • Asylum seekers are welcome in EU but not in USA.. that what the EU is thinking about.. The Asylum seekers and certainly not about ban on muslim migrant?. what are you smoking LOL
  • @Visafree, asylum seekers are allowed in the US until their asylum request is granted. Illegal immigrants/corssing The border illegally isn't seeking asylum. Two different things.

    As for this discussion well the European union has agreed to set up its own policy that mirrors the travel restriction policy enacted by Trump in 2017. What the EU is doing is the same thing. Deep vetting those migrants from those mid east Muslim majority country which is also the same thing Trump did.
  • Orange sphincter news network.
  • Harley Stormy Mueller
  • Reaper, those people at the border showed up at the border to seek asylum in USA but as soon as the show up at the border the DHS indict them like they criminals and worst separate families from one another and put them in a cages.. That's inhumane, especially innocent young kids? BTW do you know how many asylum seeking case been approved by now?. Probably not! huh?
  • @Visafree, yup Pawnstar is right you are a raving lunatic like that @SaremChuuk. Those pictures of kids in cages are from the Obama era i.e 2014/2015. And no you are dead wrong. Those asylum are not detained nor are they separated from their families. Those who cross the border illegal are detained and separated according to the law passed by democrat President Bill Clinton (Flores Vs Reno et al). Which obama also enforced.

    Those seeking asylum are allowed into the US until their asylum is granted. Again educate yourself.
  • Ain't it ironic ha my liberal friends. These EU left wing politicians denounced Trump for this policy in 2017 but in 2018 they are also implementing the same policy they denounce Trump for. Why the 180° turn? Why the left wing media ain't reporting it?
  • Stock market tanking due to trade war fears. Good job orange sphincter.
  • The economy is doing good. Investors believe Trump will come on top on this. MAGA
  • Tell that to the Harley Davidson people who just lost there jobs unnecessarily. I think they would say FU to your sphincter idol and worry about feeding their families. There are much more coming . Just wait for it.
  • @redsnapper, the economy is doing good. Your personal opinion is just that redsnapper does not count.
  • Time is ticking. Lets see which trump turd pulls whataboutism out of their asses first. My moneys on repo
  • Reaper, you still have not answer my question yet!.. how many asylum cases have been granted so far yet at the border?
  • @visafree, asylums are not granted on the spot in the border. It takes 180 day to get it approve.
  • LOL. that's four months or even more , so in the mean time, what are they doing to the people ? is it right to treat them like criminals? is it the right thing to do to separate babies from parents? I know the fact court have order the Trumps administration to reunite the babies with their parents within 14 days and they don't know how to do that.. what kind of super power don't know how? . Shameful actions
  • That's how the system works girlfriend. Thats how long it take for asylum to be granted for the last 50 years. Did you asked those same questions when Obama was doing it? No you didn't. Because you agreed with obama doing it. Did you asked those questions when 3 million immigrants were detained and separated and then deported under obama? Oh yeah you didn't because you were ok with it. Hypocritical ranting lunatic.
  • first off, no girlfriend here, secondly, to make it short, you missed the point which is, the system by trump isn't working and will cost the country dearly if not dealt within the timeframe given by justice department. period!!
  • Repo how many black mamba you got stuffed deep in there? You and porn are loaded up. I would think with that much obama to pull out of there you two would be empty by now. Apparently you can fit a shit load of Obama up in there. I I thought only orange sphincter had an endless supply.
  • @visafree, its working. The economy is up. Jobs up and unemployment down. Hundred thousand jobs added every month since taking office. Need i go on.
  • Watch me trigger these girls again.... Obama got credit for what bush did.

  • Like I said, its all the spin off of the Obama's stimulate package from 2008. to set the record straight from what the fake news follower is saying here.. no shame!
  • Yes, obama got credit for what bush did. Haha
  • Oh, another winner. Pulled another Obama out of his ass.
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