Is free speech dangerous?

Things like this make my blood boil. There is no such thing as "weaponized" speech, there is only speech and the Supreme Court agrees with me. Articles like this are part of the reason I can no longer identify as liberal (though I am still left leaning.) If you're going to sit there and claim that free speech is dangerous and an actual threat, I cannot stand by you. If you would suggest that we need to curtail our freedoms or the freedoms of others, because they have opinions you dont agree with, you're a fascist. I encourage you to read this entire thing and decide for yourself.


  • great article, give some hope for the democracy at last!. thanks for sharing
  • Back in the 60s it was the democrats who fought and stood up for the 1st amendment and were the champion of it as a matter of fact. But now its the reverse. They attack and try to silence those who use it. The same tactic the right is using now its straight out of the 60s democrat playbook. Really what is a weaponized 1st amendment? Free speech you don't like?
  • Its not democracy when you try to silence the right to first of others. Its fascists.
  • I'd be careful with purely white and purely black categorizations of ANYTHING. If free speech was totally free of any kind of flaws, liable and defamation suits would not exist. Highly sensationalized rhetoric, political dogma, blind obedience to party lines are not things we should be encouraging or engaging in... in my humble opinion, that is.
  • At IronYouth's suggestion, I just read the article linked to. Twice. Then from the bottom to the top, paragraph by paragraph.

    To the best of my humble ability to determine, there is no mention of "weaponized" speech, or indeed of the First Amendment or claims that free speech is dangerous (does the First Amendment permit someone to scream fire, over and over again, in a crowded theater). I think he linked to the wrong article.

    This article is a good one, however, about the recent success of young millennial Democratic Socialists in primary elections, and what it may portend for the future. Those of you who spoke up in here without reading the article first,....
  • Poster the wrong link but i have corrected it and posted the correct link. In the correct link the New york time think the right has weaponized the 1st. Just because others disagree or have a different perspective its does not mean its dangerous. I still identify as a democrat no doubt but the party that i joined and believe is now thinking free speech is dangerous. I consider myself a center democrat and i disagree with the way the democrat is heading right now. Socialism is not the way. And Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth shares the same view as me.
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