Norwegian Lawmakers Nominate President Trump For Nobel Peace Prize



  • Porno forgets his orange sphincter supported those nazis in Charleston and now calls democrats names. Porno the real nazi is in the white cracker house.
  • Let me guess, you're going to say "Fake History" if I make a reference to accepted history which points out "The National Socialist German Workers Parts" or Nazi's as an ultra-nationalist, far-right regime, right?
  • Socialism is a left wing ideology. Hitler was a socialist he himself admitted that during the Nuremburg rally. Socialism brought us Communism and Nazism. One of the godfathers of communism Lenin said that communism and socialism share the same roots. In the eyes of socialist and communist like the Soviets they consider themself as right wing while saw capitalism as left wing. Interesting stuff. To the Soviets capitalism is liberalism while socialism/communism is conservatism. Mind boggling shit man. You should read Tom Clancys Submarine a guide to cold war era politics and underwater warfare. It has interesting interview with former Soviet politicians and military leaders.
  • I agree socialism is a left wing ideology but the Nazi's, despite their name, were ultra-nationalists who aligned themselves with the Fascist regimes of the era- Mussolini, in Italy, and Franco, in Spain. Were those alliances therr despite their polar opposite views on politics?
  • The whole of Nazism or National socialism is based of Marxism. Marxism= Socialism & Communism. Left side of aisle. Your side.

  • I see your graphic. Yes, he may have said that but, if he was a socialist, why did the german industrialist get so fat in the pockets while he was in power?
  • If they were socialist, why did they align with Fascist Italy and Fascist Spain? Go ahead, ignore it again and post some graphic.
  • @xectms,

    Answer to your 1st question- first the industrialists went to hitler not because he was the better option other than the communist who were trying to take over germany. When it hitler took over Germany he cut the industrialists out.

    To your 2nd question- ever heard the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Friends today enemies tomorrow as hitler said. During the Suez canal crisis communist Russia and Capitalistic USA joined forces to get the British and French out of Egypt.

    Hitler was socialist a Democratic Socialist a man from the left aisle of politics.
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    Again, is this another "Fake History" reference because all the recognized, peer-reviewed historical and political science texts say otherwise. I'm not trying to sound like a dick here but, are you a history and political science scholar? Seriously though, I don't know. Do you hold advanced degrees in these fields? If you do not, then why should your assessment be given any weight if the accepted history says otherwise?

    Let me guess... "liberal history"?
  • But trump said they’re fine people them nazis in Charleston the south
  • @xectms, he was a socialist. Liberals deny it but it is. If he was not why were his policies all in accordance with the marxist manifesto of Karl Marx & Fredrik Engel? Why is that? Claiming he isn't but his he adhere to the policies put forth by the founders of socialism? Kind of hard to deny that he was a socialist when did socialist shit.

    Lets here what Austrian Theoretical Economist Ludwig Von Mises who lived under Socialist Hitler had to say.
  • @PawnStar

    The majority of scholars identify him as a fascist but you dig up the one-off, isolated quote that labels him as a socialist. Good Job.
  • @PawnStar

    Your choice of words.. .repeatedly using "shit", "idiots", and all the other divisive language you use.. what gives? Were you born obtuse or were you just never taught any manners? Ever hear of the phrase "civil discourse"?
  • Majority of those scolars are wrong. Hitler was a socialist. From your side of the aisle. Be proud of it.
  • @xectms,

    A super comprehensive post about the many, MANY, ways Hitler was a socialist liberal. So stop calling him "right-wing" already.
    "A favorite tactic employed by leftists is to describe the Nazis as “right wing,” with Adolf Hitler, their leader, as the grand champion of this “right wing” movement.

    But thanks to this nifty thing called “history” in combination with “the internet,” we can bust this myth once and for all. Thoroughly. Or until a leftist insists on ignoring it. Then we’ll hold them down and tape their eyes open. Just kidding, that’s only what a leftist would do.
    What does National Socialist German Worker's Party mean? Glad you asked. Is it different from "Democratic socialism"? Only in semantics. A Democracy is mob rule, which is why America is actually a representative republic, NOT a democracy. A representative republic protects the minority from the majority, whereas a democracy is the rule of the majority. Leftists get caught up in words, getting tripped up over "National Socialism" as opposed to "Democrat Socialism." But it's just that. Semantics. So when Hitler ginned up hatred for the Jews, he could get the mob to agree with him. He could get the mob to believe him. There were no representatives to stop Hitler. He was one man helming the desperation of a majority of people. Spot the difference?

    When we examine Hitler’s Nazi Germany through the lens of history, most, if not all of us, think of the Holocaust. In fact the holocaust might be the only thing we associate with Hitler’s Nazis.

    We’ve all been told of the Jews being marched off to death camps where they were worked, tortured, then gassed. What we don’t often hear or learn about is how Hitler ruled the rest of Germany, what his domestic policies were for the German people he didn’t march off to death camps. Hitler’s domestic, socialist policies will be the focus of this post. Trigger warning: they’re eerily similar to what American Democrats tout today..."
  • Putin has named Trump his Best Friend Forever image
  • MAGA President: Nice to meet you Mr. Putin
    Putin: Sit your punk ass down.

  • In Trump we Trust.
  • In draft dodger we trust
  • Keep it rolling.
  • In Putin Trump Trusts...,but no one else does.
  • Reaper,

    In your face, Trump choked at the Helsinki summit and Putin ate him alive including Trump's lunch.....
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