The president of College of Micronesia should open all contract jobs when they come to the end

All contract jobs in administration and instructional affairs should be advertized after the contracts are terminated. in this way it opens up for competition and bring in new blood into the college system. Those who are on contract should also compete for the same job. Far too long they are too comfortable in sitting in the offices with air con and protect themselves by keep signing the same contract on and on. This is the reason cronies are protected by the system especially by the President.


  • COM-FSM is currently advertising for the following positions: 1) Grant Writer; 2) Student service Assistant; 3) Instructor: Business/Accounting; 4) Student Services Specialists. These are being announced on the air in Pohnpei; as well as on COM-FSM website ( I think there are others but not sure.
  • Let the President do his job, we can start criticizing him one or two years from now if his implemented objective for the betterment of COM is not fruitful.
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    Dezi, do what you want but do not give advice. He will be long gone then. Have you read the President's letter in September 2018 to the Board of Regents under the pre-text of the accreditation chairman? He is using the letter to tell the Board to stick their noses out of the College management if College wants to continue its accreditation? How rude? How did he know about Regents contacting staff to talk ? Are the Board members allowed to talk to anyone just to find out information? Yes, his cronies informed him and he in turn wrote to the USA Accreditation Committee. Read the letter on the College own website. Malpractices still reign in hiring and instructors are out in the cold stripping off their powers to be managed by administrators. No academic freedom at all. Why?
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    Instructors salary has been inferior to many of the middle management in the College why?
  • I am not familiar with the current situation. But several years ago, before this current President (Dr. Daisy) was hired, COM-FSM has a consultant from New Zealand or Guam; who came in a did a total review of salary schedules and levels for COM-FSM. I attended one of their public discussions. I think the Consultant reviewed a lot of salary levels for instructors and professors from the region. Also, different administrative positions; as well as classified positions.

    He then proposed the salary schedules which was eventually approved by the Board at that time. A Pohnpeian man was the President of COM-FSM at that time. He pegged positions and salaries to match the job requirements; and instructors/professors' salary to be based primarily on education achievements (degrees). I believe this is the same compensation plan that is used today. If this is the case, then, we cannot blame President Daisy--for a salary schedule that was implemented by a Micronesian President before President Daisy was hired. I may be wrong--if there are new versions of the 3 or 4 salary schedules that make up the compensation plan for COM-FSM. He did not create it; he just implemented was already in place when he came on board. Just my take.
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    marc, so that was during Spensin James as you said Pohnpeian man. Nah salary freeze. Yet, the so called middle management positions which are created by the current President is creating more layers of bureaucracy-- allocating funds away from instructors. What about his own salary and other entitlements hitting the roof. He is creating his own foot soldiers to make sure they handle complaints or kill it before it gets to him. Is he untouchable? Absolutely no! Is he trying to keep the Board away? Absolutely yes. Read his own report to the Board 2018. Does not take a genius to put the dots together with his agenda buried deep in his own statements. Yes, the Board now plays the second fiddle.

    Let us see the College Mission Statement under the current President.

    Mission Statement:
    "The College of Micronesia-FSM is a learner-centered institution of higher education that is committed to the success of the Federated States of Micronesia by providing academic, career and technical educational programs characterized by continuous improvement and best practices".

    Can anyone tell me what this suppose to mean? Just whole bunch of words string together without meaningful future. Be your own judge.
  • Rebel, you're too harsh on the President. Give him a little slack as he just returned from a long absence due to wife illness--I heard, brain cancer which led to her passing a couple of months ago. I don't know if you are a Micronesian or not. Micronesians would understand if you were to provide some small slack at this time--until he's fully back in operation.

    While he was away, there were Acting Presidents and other people managing the college. Several issues:

    If water to the dorm is not good, then, somebody else was responsible. That is why there is an VP for Administration; Maintenance people; etc. Also, Congress has approved funding to improve the water system in Palikir area--so I hope that will solve the water problems.

    As for the Mission Statement, this, I believe, is something that is put together by COM-FSM staff, of course including the President, but is approved by the Board. I don't know what it means either but we can ask the Board which approved it.

    Your suggestion of allowing all contracts to expire and then do a new recruitment for all position sounds good but it's not practical--you'll chase away potential employees who need some stability in their employment. Nobody in the real world does that: none of the governments in the FSM--from national to state to local--does that. No private business does that. No government-supported entities does that. It's too disruptive and most likely will result in nobody being interested working for the college--if that system were implemented. If you know of any large organization that does that--and does with success, please note it in this Forum; so we can give our admiration.

    As for what you refer to as letter to the Board, I simply don't know; so we'll see if there is any reaction given that the Board meeting in coming up soon.

    One thing that I agree with you is the need for organizations to look for ways to hire more Micronesians. Yes, there are rules and regulations but at the same time, we all need to provide opportunities for Micronesians; so that they will be developed and will be able to take over some of these key positions that you're talking about in the future.

    At the same time, we should not discriminate against anybody--not the American President or Filipino workers or anybody. Just my thoughts on this nice and hot Saturday morning in Pohnpei with no typhoon in sight and no breeze to cool the hot houses.
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    I am sure the President can speak for himself as he is not a little kid, including his vice presidents and circle of defenders of the college practices. Yes, many organizations around the world and the FSM government have done so.. change people on contract to ensure the best minds are recruited. That practice is not interruptive but enhancing corporations and governments. The college does not know who is in the FSM returning from outside with best qualification and experience to inject new ideas into the college system. That is the reason that expiring contract should be declared wide open and those who think they can fulfil the position should have the opportunity to apply. I agree with more Micronesians to be hired with qualifications and experience. I think the college is discriminating against Micronesans.
  • So, I've read the accreditation commission's letter from COM-FSM website. It seems a straight-forward reminder of the need for the policy-making governing board members to make policies; and then, allow the administrative people that the Board had hired to implement the Board policies. I believe this standard applies to all 2-years and 4-years colleges.
  • That is part of it. Did you read the President's letter itself and look at current hiring practices right now with part time and full time jobs? When a part time is available then Vice President for Instructional Affairs selects the best local to fill, if not then non FSM. If a full time job is available then has to be advertized. That is not the case don't you think? Why is the President ignoring the policy of FSMer first?
  • Rebel, where do I find the President's letter. Please advise.
  • The FSM Congress convened today and floor leader Harper delivered a remark that spoke to the concern of the COMFSM hiring practices. According to what transpired, the standing Committee on Education would have an oversight hearing with the COMFSM regarding the subject. Tentatively scheduled this Friday but could be delayed due some ????
  • Oh finally something is happening. Let us hear the excuses from the President passing the buck to middle management. Interesting development. About time Micronesians are standing up. The other thing will be oh Micronesians in the system decides the hiring. so the VP and President depend on that. Wha a whole bunch of bs.
  • It's good and expected that Congress would conduct oversight hearings from time to time since: 1) COM-FSM is the national college; 2) FSM Congress provides a lot of funding for the operation of the college; 3) FSM congress provides advice and consent for the Regents as may be suggested by each State Governor.
  • well done Rebel, you have direct or indirect influence on this, if you happen to be there or have any ways to present my voice, this is aside from the main issue of hiring...., I represent the voices of many Kosraean and even Yapese and Chuukese that there needs to be drinking water from rainwater catchment established at COMFSM campus for drinking safe water, my hats off to you
  • I hope they'll spend more time on the recruitment of Micronesians. That's a good issue since it is complicated and is necessary for the development of future Micronesian college leaders.

    As for drinking water, rainwater is good but no assurance since dead rats on the roof can get to the rainwater drinking system. COM-FSM can operate a small water purification system--a reverse osmosis or something.
  • Let us see what this oversight will lead us to as there are too many administrative positions under the current President of the College. The instructors are so overload it is not funny while administrators keep throwing more work at them. When do instructors have time to research and add more to the building of the FSM rather than burdening themselves to meet management criterias?
  • marc, correction letter from President Richard Winn of ACCJC to College President to meet WASC standards. You can read it on COM site from Board of Regents meeting click on agenda. Note language of letter contradicting Board of Regents powers under Title 40 chapter 7 of the FSM Code..
  • Rebel, thanks for the info. It's my understanding that COM-FSM Board meeting is going on right now/today in Chuuk. It was also reported in this Forum earlier that a Congressman did express his concerns about COM-FSM's handling of personnel recruitment on the floor of the Congress while the COM-FSM President and his staff were sitting in the gallery. As such, I am sure this matter will be discussed at the Board meeting. It seems that you have access to the inner workings of the college; so please keep up posted.
  • I know many Micronesians in the College system do not understand the policy of the college and the law governing it. They just follow what they are told without asking questions especially at the middle management level, including many instructors who I feel sorry for. For them it is like do not rock the boat or else.
  • Why do I feel what you are saying is an unfair characterization of COM-FSM faculty and staff? You make them look like elementary school or high school staff. Man, these are college people; most of them have degrees. They are smart and strong and educated. If they are not aware of policies, then, that is their own fault for now reading and understanding policies. I've dealt with many of them; and I don't get the same feeling as you have described them here. But I may be wrong.
  • marc,
    Of course we differ from observing what is going on. You see red and I see black. We will see how the oversight turn out.
  • stop being a pessimistic marc, just build the damn catchment....rainwater is proven to be clean then tap water and that is been proven for more than 100 years in KSA....
  • errr, I am not pessimistic; just cautious. I've seen with my own eyes, dead rats on the roofs. And guess where the body fluids, maggots, and rotting muscle go--thru the water collection system to the tank; to be drunk by people--students? For about $5000, COM-FSM can order and install a ready-made set-up reverse osmosis similar to the ones used by small water stores in Kolonia. Doesn't have to be big but big enough for all the dorms, etc. I think Genesis already has its own RO. Technical info and prices can be obtained in many websites. I heard that simple RO unit can produce a couple of hundreds of gallons of purified water per day. That's how I would do it.
  • The college’s policies are publically available for whoever should want to examine them.

    They are written through the college’s participatory governance structure (committees comprised of staff, faculty, and students who have a chance to dialogue on them and offer feedback). From there it goes to the colleges’s Executive Committee, then Cabinet, then the Board for final approval and adoption by the college. Legal review is also done where applicable.

    The college is open and welcomes any public comments and questions, especially at our board meetings; where time is set aside for the community to ask questions and raise concerns.

    Outside of the board meetings we are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm to take your calls at any of our 6 campuses. We can be reached at the National Campus (691)320-2480 if you have any questions or comments, or via email at; or in person if you would like to make an appointment.

    You have questions regarding the college? We would be more than happy to answer them for you. I invite you to come and dialogue with us on it. Let us not spread false information. If you feel we are not doing something right, let us know in person. How are we to know and fix ourselves if we are not aware of it?

    My name is Shaun Suliol and I work for the college. I’d be more than happy to answer your queries too in person.

    All I ask is that you understand all the context and substance of the subject matters your are discussing before sharing false information.

    Exercise your right of free speech and expression, but bending truths is not right.

    I look forward to hearing from any of you great minds in this thread.

    Respectfully yours.
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    The policy is there but the question is, does the College practice the policy or just a show? Shaun Suliol what is your position in the College? Do you think you know the cases to say we are spreading false information? Which false information are you talking about? So how are the members of the public going to contact you if they do not trust your complaint process in the first place? Are you starting this public relation just because Congress is probing the College or is it coincidence? Why are you not putting this where the public can see instead of this forum only few have access to it? The question is not the policy but the practice of it. You missed the point of the discussion.

    You posted the wrong policy anyway not related to the discussion. What does that tell us?
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    thank you for your reply.

    Again for you or anyone who has questions,
    send us an email, give us a call, or come and see us. We’d more than happy to answer your questions.
  • We don't even know who you are let alone your position in the College. Are you hiding something?
  • With respect, Rebel, papawhy gave his name in a previous post. A quick google search on his name reveals that he works for their IT office. He's also openly inviting you, and anyone else, to contact COM-FSM directly with any questions, comments, or concerns. Far from hiding anything, I'd suggest that papawhy is trying his best to entertain your concerns. He's provided you his name, a contact email address, the COM-FSM phone number, and a link to the Board's policies.

    If I were you, and I felt I had a legitimate grievance with COM-FSM, I'd take papawhy up on his offer and contact the college directly. The worst-case scenario is that your questions aren't answered (which I believe is how you feel right now), in which case there's no change; the best-case scenario is that your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

    It's like asking a girl out. You're already not dating her, so you lose nothing by asking her out. You're already not feeling satisfied with our responses on MicronesiaForum, so you lose nothing by asking COM-FSM directly.
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    Yes, maybe I will do the last part of your comments which sounds more interesting than papawhy. Is he the public person or took the matter up himself without proper authorization from the College. In other words is he the official person representing COM. My inquiry said he is in an acting position and that is why. If he is not the official rep to speak on behalf of COM to the public, then it is a clear violation of COM policy itself and this will also be refer to oversight authorities. You get my drift Rich?
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