Marshallese Tautau? O_o...???

Was doing my further research on the traditional tattoo(Eoon) of RMI.When coming across this page titled "Marshall Island Tattoo".I've spent about fifteen minutes scrolling through the contents hoping to find assistance for my study.To my disappointment and shock.It isn't really Marshallese anything since 90% of what's displayed belongs to the Polys.With barely any Dipiction of traditional Marshallese tattoo or any valuable information.Besides the photos of modern inking of the design.The owner John Alefeo(most likely poly)(I've totally butchered his last name).Is the artists and owner behind it all.Confusion followed by concern I sent a message.What returned from him or I assume people who Helps.Gave me a "f*%k you/Curse at my mother type of response.VERY PROFESSIONAL.Left unfazed and not wanting to further escalate trouble.

However I do have questions about that page.

Is that really what my people or any other Micronesian assume our tattoos are?
Why are we too attached to the Polys designs but not ours?(We have the culture why not revive or so)
Is our tattooing culture being replaced?


  • @Reaper/Yo Mr.Death/Lajibwinoman.Any thoughts on this?
  • He is Tuvaluan i believe. He is involved in the banana paper project in my state of Kosrae.
  • @Rastaman/That's great and all.He should do something about his store's name.Replace it with "Polynesian island tattoos" or something.
  • I get what you are saying. He is misrepresenting his business by calling it Maeshall islands tattoo which mean Micronesian but his designs and motifs are Polynesian. But its his business and he can name it whatever he want.
  • @Rastaman/Business wise that's his right.Somewhere along the line he's gotta think to himself what his conscious will be exposing the children of Marshall to foreign Tattoo that isn't traditionally ours.Putting a set of mindset of "I'm a poly I'll stay as one".Believe me I have respect for our dear cousin Polys.It's our people that shouldn't get too attached into their culture.We have so much of ours to be prideful of.Get what I'm sayin Jamaica mon?
  • He also do Marshallese inspired pieces man. All the tribal tats you see now days are modern designs. I saw his page on Facebook and a lot his tats are inspired by Micronesian and Polynesian motifs.
  • @Rastaman/Pass me that bong brotha.You're either too high or cannot tell which is what.I only saw the ink/tats of A navigational chart,Traditional body design,&Female finger.The only Micronesian motifs were just these making up only 5% out of the overall 95% that's being displayed.Litterily everything there is poly designs.
  • Since an idea just sprung up I think there's a solution to all of this.It might actually just work.Smh...why didn't I think of this before.
  • imageoh i have his tattoo!!
  • Micronesians have their own tattoo designs and motifs but Christianity suppressed it a long time ago. Each of the islands in Micronesia from Nauru all the way to Guam have their own unique tattoos designs. Just bring them back and add a modern flavor to them and problem solved.
  • @Pawnstar/List of Micronesian societies with their tattoos statuses.

    -Palau&Yap(Revived.Alive and well)
    -Guam(Lost art/No documentation/forgotten)
    -Chuuk(Influenced from Yap therefore alive and well)
    -Pohnpei(Revitalization potential)
    -Kosrae(lost art? Not entirely sure)
    -Marshall(Revilization potential)
    -Kiribas(Revitilization potential/Tattoo influenced from RMI)
    -Nauru(lost art? Not entire sure)

    Yes we can revive them and by modernization for the designs it can be changed up a bit to further make a unique look.
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