The president of College of Micronesia should open all contract jobs when they come to the end



  • It's good that Shaun and Rich are inviting posters to either contact them or be more specific with the issues that need to be raised. That way, they can pass the issues to appropriate authorities. That's what you expect from a team work--everybody trying to facilitate communication from the community and interested parties to the college. I say this because I don't believe that President Daisy or VP Habuchmai and other high level officials of COM-FSM are reading and posting in this Forum. As such, they will not have a way of knowing about the complaints or issues that are being raised in this Forum--unless somebody print and bring them to the attention of the highest level officials. Just my thoughts.
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    It is also good to know that we do not know if they are the persons to represent the College to speak on behalf of the College. If they are not the designated persons, whether Joe or Daisy are not aware of such, then they are misrepresenting the College. Don't you think?
  • Just pose your questions or issues. I am sure these people would be willing to serve as conduit--as good staff do--to bring them to the attention of President Daisy or VP Habuchmai or other VP or Directors for official responses; and then, the responses can be posted back in this Forum. Or, you can ask them to send their responses thru email or call. They might not be the officials who have authority for certain things; but everybody at college--or any organization--are expected to relay to the higher ups any problems or complaints they hear from the public.
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    May be so but they are not the face of the college in the public. So it is open for anyone in the college to contact the public. The process is to alert the authorities of the College about posting here and then up to the College what to do next. Not these guys to invite the public first to take information and then alert the designated officials whose responsibilities is public relation. No wonder the College is internally not coherent. I read the policy and still not not in line with the new structure brought in under the present administration. The public silence about the college should not be taken as an endorsement that the College is doing well. I do my own probing. Keep defending them if you must.
  • Rebel, I am not necessarily defending the college--its staff and administrators can do that. I would wish to just note that it seems that wherever and whenever COM-FSM has a board meeting, they schedule a public meeting at the same state--meaning, the public will be invited to attend a meeting; so the Regents can hear what the public want to say before the actual Board meeting. I have not attended many public meetings so I am familiar with the last issues that the public might have against or for the college. But I think this is another way the College is trying to find out if there are issues or problems that anybody wants to bring against the college. If you are located in one of the FSM states, you might attend one of the public sessions in the future--so your questions and concerns can be addressed directly to the President, his staff as well Board members.
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    That is just the problem. many people do not want to say things in public to reveal their ids so all can know who is who and get punish later. Do you get it? There is no due process in the College system even though policy may exist. The practice is the problem. Hiring and complaints process is hard. They sit on it especially at the Vice-presidents. Too many many coordinators, directors, vice presidents and on. vps or coordinators sit on it and made decisions or even down to the lower grade managers. You seem to know but keep on trying to defend the process as nothing wrong with it. I am not sure why. Like I said earlier it is like a corporation, not a learning institution. The WASC is now the law no longer FSM laws which cover the college. Why don't you read the demand from the accreditation body in USA demanding that the board should not directly talk to staff, but the President and his cohorts only. Why? Also, read the job advertizements and the language they use to attract Micronesians to apply. Are they not hints of what the college is practicing? You tell me as you know more.
  • It seems that we're going in a circle--over and over--and not going anywhere. So I'll stop until some specific issues are raised. Thanks for the exchanges.
  • Marc, you may think that but the College is now being watch by authorities and the public. On Wednesday Congress raised issues at its oversight and COM emphatically denied its practices. It is obvious that it will deny anything to save its skin. Now it is going to think twice before making decisions. Let us see.
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