Anti Micronesian

I feel the need to bring this topic back into discussion for us to debate.Racism towards our people have risen dramatically for the last several years.Most of this Discrimination come from within the once proud kingdom of Hawai'i(Now America's backyard).Before us there were other migrants/Immigrants such as the other pacific ethnicities or the Filipinos etc.As we're the recent ones to enter the kingdom.The back lash&Negativity is targeted towards our people the hardest.From the slightest minor troubles to the Few morons that makes the rest of us look bad.Some cases(or many).We get mistreated just for being Micronesians.These "locals" hate us more than any other non Hawaiian people who resides there.With fierce passion.Its just tragic how we have to endure this predicament.We need leaders to guide and help educate our people more to adapt and respect Foreign land and culture.Well as keeping in touch with our own.

What are your thoughts? What can we do to improve this tough spot our people find themselves in?.


  • True pure Hawaiians wouldn't do this to their close cousins.Sadly they are dying off or being breeded out.I'm afraid the spirit of Aloha will follow behind.

    The hatred comes from these mix breeds&Whites.Smh...Tragic world.
  • Help stop one of our biggest problems - the many idiot Micronesians that are taking us all down with them. Educate the ignorant here in Pohnpei, Chuuk, Marshalls, etc. first because we expose them to the outside. Enforce truancy laws so they at least have basic education of high school. Parents at home need to be mindful of their children and provide for them intellectually, socially and religiously so there would be less idiots when we get out there. We will never eliminate them but we can strive to lower the number of idiots. Follow laws, get a job and stop staying late and making noise.
  • Does it strike you, MrNobody905, that, in your perception of racist victimization, you yourself caste entire groups of people (i.e. the people who have different color skin) as villains? Is it possible that hatred begets hatred, fear begets fear, and mistrust begets mistrust, and that--just like in the Prisoner's Dilemma--the most sustainable course of action is to do our best to cooperate with each other? Just as it's likely there are only a few Micronesians who are targets in Hawaii, I'd bet you that there are only a few such folks who target those Micronesians.

    I would argue that racism exists everywhere. It exists in Hawaii, and it exists in Micronesia. It exists in Korea, and it exists in New Zealand. It exists in India and Burma, and South Africa and France. I've certainly seen it and felt it everywhere I've lived, and against every group of people imaginable. When I lived in Korea, I was once called a slave and stabbed in my arm by my boss; he told me that because I was white, I was inferior. Not all Koreans think that way; one of my friends there ran an NGO helping African businesses develop. When I lived in New Zealand, I once saw some skinheads get out of a car and beat a Chinese man with a golf club. Not all New Zealanders think that way; one of my friends there was instrumental in developing the Maori Language Act of 1987. I have Micronesian examples as well, which I'll withhold at the moment as I think I've made my point. Where there are people, you'll find both the best humanity has to offer and some of the least best. So, how do we combat racism?

    I would suggest that racism on an institutional level is something we'd need to collaboratively address through legislation, including taxes and ordinances and enforcement thereof , and racism on an individual level could be more thoroughly dealt with through meaningful education on bias, the harm of extrapolating the experiences of an individual and expanding it to a group, recognizing that people can be fearful of whatever the "alien other" is in their lives, and recognizing that no person and no group is a monolith.

    Bigotry of all types is not so much a set of beliefs as it is a set of feelings. Understanding those feelings, including their causes, is one of the keys towards moving beyond them.
  • Decrying perceived xenophobia with xenophobia, awesome. I refrain from using the word 'racism' as Micronesian is an ethnicity, not a race.
  • You gentlemen are absolutely correct.In order for us all to move forward we must work hand in hand.Not the opposite of fighting fire against fire.
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