• St.Therese please don't say Chuukese nevee refered to God as "Anu" because i know for a fact in Itang they are refered as "Anu" (Anu'laang) for the God in heaven. "Kot" was just borrowed from the missionaries.
  • God became Kot but in Pure Chuukese its "Anu" but also whithin that word Anu there are names for refering to which. (note) there is only one almighty God and he would be refered to as "Anu'Lapalap"
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  • Folu, please by all means stop confusing the God who saves with the spirit whom our Ancestors thought to be the creator who had a grandson who is the trickster semi-spirit God who made everyone miserable.

    Please, Folu --- kosapw itengawa Kot pwe Kot esapw emon anu mei ngaw, pwe ewe mei tekia napanap.

    What exactly did this anu-lapalap do for our ancestors? WALA!!! NADA!! ESE WOR!!

    Did he save them with "an aching heart" As the Jewish Nation described the mercy of God who saves the oppressed and suppressed, the poor, the immigrant and the marginalized? NO !! Otherwise we would have a word in our language to sum up the Mercy of God who saves with an aching heart. All languages do not have that one word sucificient to describe God's Mercy at least accurately, except for the Jewish.

    ONly The Jewish people have language sufficient to describe his attributes because they were the chosen people to save the world whom God revealed himself. The same people who prophesied the birth death and resurrection of Jesus who is to save all mankind. 
  • St.Therese ewer mi fokkun pwuung nge ewer use era pwe emon "Anu'ngaaw"

    Its simple as this, God is reffered to as "Anu'napanap" (Anu'lapalap) ewe almighty ANU'LAANG. Its the same thing only in our ancient Chuukese language of ITANG.

    Mi pwuung ika mi mwaann?
  • Not the same our ancestors believed anulap had s wife and children.
  • Read the book of "EN
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  • @PoniranSt.Therese/Micronesians weren't influenced by it until the modern era.Look back thousands of years we had our own religions surpassing that of Christianity&Islam.We weren't the only old beliefs on the globe.There were also the Mesopotamian,Egyptian,Greek,Norse,Chinese,African/Aborigines etc etc.Whom had their own that are older.I'm an athiest.Religion to me is nothing but pure fantasy.By the twenty one hundreds it'll matter little since generations of those times will become more secular.Christianity and Islam will die out.
  • @PoniranSt. Therese/It's also important to educate Micronesians that we mustn't easily forget the old ways.Such as our ancient religions that came before Christianity&Islam.Not that I'm in defense for.It simply should be written on the history books.And not to confuse future youngins placing Christianity as the first and only religion of our people for the last three to four thousands years.

    Jewish people are the chosen ones? Saving the world? Ancient Micronesian gods did nothing but give misery upon their creations?<----Fine example of a delusional individual.

    There's no "chosen" people on earth.Our ancient gods nor the ones of modern times never revealed themselves.Neither did they do anything for us all.It was man.Constructed these myths of beings for the foundations of our ancient societies.We were at a state of curiosity not knowing much of the world at those times.

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