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  • Its not racist @Anunaki its a must and a necessity.
  • @Visafree/Here In RMI(Lolelaplap).Was meant as past tense of something that already occurred.You're mixing up the words Present&History.Two totally different things.My message was in response towards that fellow Micforumer Kersamin.Most of what she/he says is wrong."Sad History" by all means you can view it that way.I see it different.Four millennia years worth of history and culture it did sprung up some sadness.Overall we did well for ourselves.No foreigners invaded us besides the Yap(we all know how that went) that occurred back then not the present day.Though I Would have to disagree about the bravery my friend.As its part of our tarinae jolet(Warrior heritage).It still lingers.Look no further than the following Marshallese individuals who's done things to contribute for our people&Country.Tony debrum,Darlene Keju,Kathy Kijiner,So on.Younger generations like myself will continue to fight not just our home but for all whom reside in the vast pacific.If that isn't bravery in your eyes idk what else is.My country has flaws.No ones perfect.We certainly aren't the only ones who's in this position.Foreigners TODAY are viewed differently with many responses.To me I don't think they're there to "take over" RMI.Dude I've met some outsiders from different country who's more loyal than the natives.Making up small percentage of the population it's not being portrayed that way.Its the present and we need em.My fellow Marshallese here will disagree with me but it's my opinion.

    So then....sad history? It does contain some.But the success of her people and history outweighs it.No ones perfect.
  • @Reaper/What goes for the mix blooded Rimajols?
  • First off, I was comparing societies and histories of the societies in the marshalls,it is one thing to be proud of he past history and another thing to associate the past to the present, they are two very different views as opposed to one another, for once, Tony was not a blood rimajol, not even an ounce of rimajol blood in him yet he did extra ordinary things for the country, he party the reason why RMI is country is where it is at at this point ( lost and confused) although he showed patriot for the country most of his live fighting for the Nuclear justice but in the end he applied the "two edges sword" tactic in regard to the nuclear legacy and the climate change which really, in the end, the country is lost at Open sea.. is this a success history?. dont think so!.. foreigners took control of the nation and The people are migrating very quickly..
  • so Kramer is not?
  • visa, Tony was part mokillese and marshallese. We from marshall consider the people Mwoakilloa and Pinglep not as FSMers but Marshallese. Those people on mokill and Pinglep are Marshallese who speak pohnpeian.

    Tony was like Obama another bad politician who tried to leave a legacy behind to hide the simple fact that he was a bad politician.

    At this moment RMI is leading the voice in climate change and nuclear free world stage. Foreigners can't own land here or get elected to the nitijela. Every year 100-200 Marshallese move to the US while FSM is close to a thousand people moving to the US each year.

    RMI is doing fine. No worry. And anunaki is right foreigners in reality control every country in Micronesia. Case being the COFA.
  • @Visafree/A bit confused on the comparison on past/present.However Where'd you learn of his blood not being Marshallese? He is one but also has European/Rikabilong.Like me I'm also half white with an admixture of Kiribas.Yet my loyalty is much strongly linked with Lolelaplap.His speeches are deep with the love of his country.It isn't always that great.There are younger generations that will stand and to fix the issues we face.You make it sound like we're the only ones with these problems my friend.Does FSM&Palau not have the certain predicament as we do?.

    Smh...Powerful countries have influence over the small ones.Since America is starting to Fail.Bigger powers from Either the Middle East,Asia,&Europe.They will have influence on small nations like ours.Its happening as we speak.
  • Those guys that are representing the Marshall's are overexposing it to climate change just for the love of MONEY.
  • LOl @ Marshallese who speak Pohnpean.. actually he was a Phonpean who speak Marshallese, a ne way he was from Ngatik to be exact, another outerIsand of Phonpe .a very close friend of FSM President who happened to be of Phonpe descent also and they both went to same high school..

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    Tonys mother was from Nadrik his farher from Likiep in RMI. The people of Ngatik are Marshallese descendants of Marshallese who conquered Kapingamarangi and Pinglep and Mokilloa. They Marshallese speaking pohnpeian. Tony was instrumental in breaking away from the TTPI along with amata kabua. His mom is buried in likiep atoll along with Tony.
  • imagethat's interesting
  • The atoll people are the weakest that's why they were pushed to live on atolls where there is barely any resources, food and water...hahaha How can you call yourselves warriors? hahaha.
  • Its the opposite militegu. The highland dwellers of what is now kosrae-pohnpei and chuuk were the first inhabitants of the atolls in the east thats Kiribati and Marshalls but due to being pushed west or in pursuit of new lands they came upon the highlands of eastern Micronesia.

    And its always from the east that invaders from the highlands in eastern Micronesia always arrived from. Saudeloors and Izokelel Nanpratak all came from the Eastern atolls.

    And its the atoll island dwellers of Micronesia where the spirit of navigation still lives. Either in Satawal in Yap or the Marshalls. As one historian said in these low island atolls You will find the Vikings of the Pacific.
  • It’s possible because I am a Polynesian from a Polynesian island in The Micronesian Region . Have you heard of Nukuoro ??? An outer island of Pohnpei that is culturally Polynesian ?
  • @Militegu/RMI has about one thousand some atoll islands&Mini islets.You're absolutely right that resource was scarce here.With a huge population to maintain we had no choice but to venture out for raiding purposes.At times conquering those we came upon.Warriors from Marshall were Viking version of the pacific.Raiders by day.Spec ops by night.Visit the Alele museum in Majuro it showcases the weapons our warriors used back then.The curators also have many stories about them.I myself have also been told these.Scary,Graphic,&downright bone chilling.

    We weren't the only ones in the east with a hardened warrior culture.Theres Kosrae&Kiribas.Easterners trend to be warrior like than their peaceful western cousins.
  • In FSM today that spirit of the vikings is manifested in the outer islands of Yap in Satawal. While the higland dwellers stop venturing out of their islands the atoll dwellers still went out to look for new lands. Mariners from satawal and marshall were found by westerners thousands of miles from their home islands. From what i gather from the written history of Micronesia from westerners it was the atoll people of Yap and the Marshalls that strike fear into the hearts of the Spanish and whalers. For example Micronesia was discovered in the 1500s while Polynesia by 1700s. Yet by 80 years after cook all of Polynesia was under the whitemans rule. While in the Marshalls it took westerners 300 years to tame. While Kosrae and Pohnpei and Yap and Palau and Guam were living peacefully under european rule the Marshalls was avoided due the habit of Marshallese attacking western ships.

    "Whalers also visited the Marshalls during the early half of the 1800s but had ceased their whaling activities due to the inhospitable nature of the islanders"
  • Sharing ideas are very important. BUT....AND...Words that come out, come directly from within, self ego, together with the logic, is the brain. It's so obviouly revealing: Be on your watch. You are throwing yourself away.
  • @Anunaki/One of my great grandfathers who goes by Jormeto of my clan took part in those attacks.His story is passed down through many generations.It's said warriors of the Ratak chain within the Aur&Menolap atolls managed to board this spotted whaling ship.As they overwhelmed in many numbers the fighting and killing began.He along with couple of his warrior Comrades came across this wounded young sailer hiding behind barrels of (maybe rations or beverage).As the warriors fought the Europeans they would sometimes board their ships and kill all within leaving none alive later burn For it to sink into the lagoon.In my grandfathers mind he hesitated for a bit due to the boy reminding him of his brother back in his village.He had no other choice but to take his life.

    They were given orders to not loot the ship and to burn everything down.Was deemed not valuable.
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