2018 Kosrae General Election

Official candidates
1. Alik L. Alik
2. Carson K Sigrah

Lt. Governor
1. Aliksa B. Aliksa
2. Arthy G. Nena
3. Renster Andrew

Kosrae State Legislature
-->5 reps
Lelu Municipality:
1. Incumbent Albert T. Welly
2. Candidate Bob Skilling
3. Incumbent Gilton A. Esahu
4. Candidate Hilton C. Phillip
5. Candidate Ilai D. Abraham
6. Candidate Leonard A. Sigrah
7. Incumbent Reedson Abraham
8. Candidate Rinehart C. William
9. Incumbent Salpasr Tilfas
10. Incumbent Tulensa W. Palik

Tafunsak Municipality:
-->4 reps
1. Incumbent Alokoa J. Sigrah
2. Candidate Harry H. Jackson
3. Candidate Jacob Z. George
4. Incumbent Maker L. Palsis
5. Candidate Nena C. Ned
6. Incumbent Rolner L. Joe

Malem Municipality:
-->3 reps
1. Candidate Artson S. Talley
2. Incumbent Charlton M. Timothy
3. Incumbent Jarinson M. Charley
4. Candidate Likiaksa E. Elesha
5. Candidate Mixon M. Kephas
6. Candidate Robinson H. Timothy
7. Incumbent Sasaki L. George

Utwe Municipality:
-->2 reps
1. Candidate Andy J. Andrew
2. Incumbent Josiaha F. Waguk
3. Candidate Maver K. Jonathan
4. Candidate Nena S. Nena
5. Incumbent Rinson H. Edmond
6. Candidate Yamado A. Melander


  • no need to run for office in ksa, Kosrae is BROKE as hell...trim the fats in government
  • Kosrae is a beautiful rich in natural resources island. Plenty fish and the soil is rich for farming. Its just a matter of developing it. One idea is to advertise the place as a retirement paradise; for older couples to come and enjoy the very beautiful and safe place to live. Reading about all the killings in the US and around the World, Kosrae is the best place to spend the rest of your life. It is also the best place to raise your kids away from the violence in the US and around the World. My best wishes to the candidates for those important government jobs.
  • Pushing relevant & Important topics up on the board list.
  • Korsae is a beautiful island

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