Upcoming Congress Elections - How candidates should campaign for votes?

Hey guys!

With the upcoming elections for FSM Congress, I was wondering the norm on how candidates usually campaign for votes.

Growing up in Pohnpei, I would often hear stories of candidates bribing people from their districts with sacks of rice, sakau, ( I do a favor for you, you do a favor for me sort of thing), etc.
Do candidates from the other 3 states do the same thing as well? Any examples?

Also, Do you think the FSM should enact a law that regulates how FSM congress candidates should campaign, and also prosecute those who partake in bribery?

what do you guys think?


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    Sure! why not!. they wanna play crook, put them in jail, no question ask... is what i think .
  • Whether FSM enacts a law or not, our candidates will still do it. The voters should have a sense of pride in their ONE vote that they are entitled to and VOTE for the candidate whom you believe can represent them. It is just sad how we end up selling our one and only right "RIGHT TO EXPRESS the FREEDOM to VOTE".

    We belittle ourselves at all elections when we accept things such as, rice, chicken, money, sakau and etc.,

    As voters, we need to VOTE our VOICE into office to have our Voices heard.
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