Big Steps...GOP Female Hyde-Smyth Wins Mississippi Special Senate Election!!!

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GOP Special Senate Election Winner Hyde-Smith and President Donald Trump

Big steps for Republicans as another member of the Grand Old Party win another seat in the Senate. With this win The Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln have gained a super majority in the Senate by 53 seats while democrats get 47 seats.

Democrats and their mainstream liberal media pulled out the race card and tried to paint Hyde-Smith as a racist in order to smear her and cost her the election. It didn't work! The democrats and the liberal mainstream media tried the same race bating tactic during the midterms and it failed.

But that didn't stop the party that created the KKK and Jim Crow aka Democrats from beating that dead horse (race card/race baiting). The liberal mainstream media went on a blitz to try to influence the election in their democrat candidate by calling Smith a racist and a bigot. Thanks to the liberal media the blue wave never came and they lost another seat in the Senate.

The Trump effect still hold true. Another candidate backed and endorsed by Trump has won, all of the people he backed and endorsed all won in the midterms while all of Obama's candidate and people he endorsed all lost.



  • @errr, what did i tell you? we democrats must stop using this bull shit race card because this is what it gets us. Nothing. I knew she was going to the win the fucking instead CNN started running stories about her being a racist. This is how we lost florida and Georgia and this is exactly why the blue wave fell short.

    Her opponent during the debate between them didn't try to sell his message of what he was going to do and what policies he was going to enact but he kept talking about what a racist she was most of the debate while she talked about her policies and support for Israel and strong border defense.

    Now these fuckers have 53 seats in the Senate. They won't need no democrat vote to confirm any trump nominee to the DOJ or courts or any nominees he appoints. They have the numbers and they have that simple majority rule to fill the courts with conservatives.

    They won't need democrats fucking votes in the Senate but we democrats will need their fucking votes in the house.

    Anything we need to get passed in both houses will depend on us getting the conservatives votes anything they want passed won't require them to rely on democrats to get passed.

    This racial card shit is a losing tactic. We haven't learned from our mistakes. Fuck now they have more control on the senate.
  • By all means keep it going and keep calling everyone and anyone who don't subscribe to that left wing view as racist and nazis and white Supremacists and bigots. Like the boy who cried wolf the race card is losing its force because left wingerd pull it out every time when they know they are losing.

    There 139 judicial vacancies in the courts 69 of Trumps nominee are in line to be confirmed
    in 2019. With 53 GOP seats now in the Senate considered those 69 nominees and tjose 139 vacancies as good confirmed.

    Another Trump promise delivered. Making the courts conservative. The supreme court has been shaped now the lower courts are next. Long before Trump is out of office his influence will be felt by generations to come.

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    Nunquam Concedere is the motto of the Trump family. It means never give up. Senator Hyde didn't throw in the towel when those pesky socialists in the media called her a racist and tried to force her to give up. She didn't she persevere she wrote the storm because she knew in her heart those socialists were lying. In the End she won. She kept fighting those evil godless sodomites and she came up on top.

    Never give up, Never surrender to those godless batty boys in the democrats party and those fake news peddlers in the mainstream media.

    God bless America and Keep America Great
  • Don't count your eggs before the chicken lays them boys. Hyde-Smith will have that seat for only 2 years and she must run again in 2020 if she wants 6 years in the Senate. Don't count them yet. She will lose. And your orange man in chief will lose too.
  • @IronYouth, The chicken has already laid her eggs. And the eggs are counted as thus 53 republican eggs vs 47 democrat eggs.

    I hope she run again in 2020 because she is strong on immigration and strong on supporting the military and strong on deregulation of the federal government. All 3 hallmarks of the grand old party.

    And i hope you democrats pull out the race card again. lol
  • I blame This all and the disunity the democrats are having now. No message like the repugnicans no leader. Everybody out for themselves in the democrat party whereas the right is united, Consistent with its message and unified from bottom to top. In the left we have plenty chiefs but not many people. 2020 will be new start for democrats and we will overcome.
  • Thats what happen when democrats try to fight on all front.
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    MS has been a repub state ever since inception. It is an extremely poor, lowly educated, low income & unsurprisingly a poorly run state. It is still the most segregated state. I have been there & was shocked at how people assimilate themselves with only their own race. Very segregated! No diversity, hence no progress. I know a scientist who moved out of MS to Neveda because of how badly the work market is for scientists in MS. MS is an example of a red senate always. It's like California winning a Republican senate- highly not possible! CA always has a dem senator. CA and Washington state can practically run by itself with how massive and profitable their economy is. CA has the 5th biggest lucrative economy in the world right behind Britian. All the tech companies like Google, Facebook are in Silicon Valley, CA. Amazon with the richest man in the world (Amazon CEO- Jeff Bezos- He is a Democrat) is in Seattle. CA and WA always have a Dem governor and senator.
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    Screw that diversity fullsh*t. How's it working in Germany? Diversity is just another liberal godless excuse to force their policies on people.

    If you know i scientist in MS then i knew Bob Marley personally. California has one of the highest taxes in the nation and its people are fleeing it.

    Mississippi is by my account far better off than Liberal run Chicago where 8 people are killed every day and 20 to 30 are shot everyday. That's diversity for ya.
  • You clearly have never been to Chicago!!!! Its quite funny because you brought Chicago up and I live in the midwest and been to Chicago numerous times!!! Funny that people who have never been to a place has a lot of opinions about it like they have been there! Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in the U.S. by its size and population- its no surprise their murders is comparably high in cimparison to a small city/town! Say Yap has 100 people and 1 person gets murdered once a year. However, PNI has 20,0000 people but 300 people gets murdered once a year. You'd think PNI has a higher crime rate but look at the POPULATION! PNI is an example of Chicago! if you compare Chicago to a small town like Gary, Indiana, Gary has a much higher crime rate compare to Chicago! Look up the highest crime cities/towns based on population. Chicago is NO where near the 1st. Just like NYC - crimes looks higher because of how massive the population is!!!! Obviously, the propaganda you have been fed is quite astounding since you have never been to Chicago! you prolly hear that from Fox news and trump. He is against Chicago because this is Obama's home town!! Dont forget University of Chicago is in the top 10 university in the world right in line with Yale, Harvard, and MIT. Chi- city baby!! Please come to chicago and I will ensure you- you will be fine and go back wherever you are from-FINE!
  • Your VP Pence is from Indiana!! Gary, Indiana has a much worse crime rate compared to Chicago! Educate yourself.
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    Chicago has won the coveted title of Murder capital of the US many times. The top cities that are murder capitals are all under democrat and have been on democrat control for decades.

    They call Chicago Chiraq for reason because each day close to 100 people are shot and 12 to 18 get killed. Each year 2,800 people are shot in Chicago with 600 being killed. And its not even a war zone. And has the most strictest gun laws. Yet it lead the US in murders.

    That's how democrats work.
  • Let me ask you - have u been to Chicago? Where do you hear these things?
  • Its called facts and statistics and news my friend. Thats how i found out about Chicago and thats how i know its the murder capital.

    This is the reason why Obama don't want to settle down in his home state or send his daughters to school in Chicago.
  • That's diversity for you. All the major murder capitals in America are populated by blacks. Diversity isnt it good?
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    Let me ask you this. What race are you? Why do you think African Americans are the worst race with crimes? not based on what you see on the internet. Where did you get your infos other than youtube? Not youtube- youtube is an entertainment site!!! Do you live in the U.S. of A? Have you come in contact with many African Americans to base your analysis only on "blacks" that they really commit the worst crimes? Have you seen the mass shootings in America? The mass shootings are committed by white males. Again what race are you? You sound like you want to be white if you are a Micro.
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    People move to any state they want to move to. Obviously you dont live in America. Because if you do, you know very well- people move to any states they feel they are very comfortable as far as getting a better job or living. You are welcome to move to any state you want to!
  • Sorry there but i take my infos from news and papers and google and majority of the time from CNN and MSNBC.

    I don't think African are the worst race with crimes. I never said that. I said all the cities with the top murder rates in the U.S are populated by the majority by blacks. That's a fact. Why is that the murder rates in black neighborhoods and black dominated cities in America are high? I'll tell you why, its because of democrats policies. That's why.
  • If I remember correctly, Rastaman is from Kosrae but lives in the CNMI. At least he is if he is the one who asked PorNStaR to help him smuggle an AK into Kosrae after PorNStaR bragged about smuggling a handgun into Pohnpei, with the help of an official from RMI, for his father.
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    Like I said - have you ever been to Chicago to base your opinions only on what you see on your t.v.?! Fox news could say- Micronesia is filled with murderders but is that really true?
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    @SaremChuuk, and i would like to thanks Pawnstar for helping me. @Pawnstar, if you are reading this my father would like to say thank you for the extra ammunition you send.

    These 3 cities lead the US in murder and guess what they are controlled by Democrats for years and the population of these 3 cities are overwhelmingly African American
    image" />
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    Just keep posting what you see on the internet so you can feed the lies to the micros in here. I dare you to visit Chicago- but you probably wont!!!! You would be surprise how awesome it is!! Michael Jordan is from here!! Statues out here made as tributes to him!! Astronomical architectural buildings are here. The Tallest buildings are here now after - unfortunately the twin towers fell. The architectural buildings are some of the best! Let me ask you- have you ever been to Chicago? Do you have Micronesian relatives who live out here? Whats their name?
  • @tafeti, Facts, statistics and news point to Chicago having a high murder rate and leading the country in murders. That's a fact. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and Fox News all say this. Statistics after statistics and studies and studies point to the same thing. Chicago is the murder capital. All the murder capital cities in America for some reason are populated by blacks. why is that?

    i have facts and statistics backing my argument while you just feelings. Facts don't give a damn about your feelings.
  • Stop it Rasta before they call you a racist. lol
  • I ain't going by feelings! you really need to visit Chicago! Don't believe everything you see or hear!! You obviously have never visited Chicago!
  • @Reaper, i don't give a damn if their feelings get hurt. The truth is more way important than some Tafeti liberal calling me a racist. I speak the truth, based on studies ive read and reports I've seen. If im a racist then these statistics and reports are also racist.
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    @tafeti, If want to go to a war zone I'll go Chicago. And All statistics and and reports and facts are on my side. 39,000 people have been killed Chicago in the last decade. 39,000 Thats the population of Kosrae and Palau and some parts of Ponpei combined.

    I don't care if Jordan is from Chicago or if it has buildings or rivers. Only a mad man would move to Chicago. Obama moved out of Chicago for the same reasons why i won't go over there. Its a murder capital city.

  • rasta just got schooled, lol....focus on "Individual 1", he is restless right
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    yeah i got schooled by someone who said facts and statistics are wrong because jordan is from Chicago and all those nice buildings in Chicago are prove that Chicago is not a murder capital.

    Some schooling. right @errr the sodomite. haha
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