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    Kaibuke was not a kabua, he was not part of the same clan that the kabuas are from. He was a member of the Raarno clan. Here is something we must understand there were 3 brothers all were named Kaibuke. the Eldest was known has kaibuke Jobwa/Jovah, the Second eldest was called Kaibuke Larewa/Lorenwa and the youngest was Kaibuke Mourjel. The First and Eldest of the Kaibuke/jobwa/jovah brothers is the Most famous of those 3. He was the Reason why the Westerners avoided the Marshall's back in the 1800's. The ironic part is that he was also the same who allowed the first Missionaries(Morning Star) to enter Ebon. Lerok from the Rimwejoor clan was the ruler of the entire Ratak chain he had his base on Majuor, when lerok was about to die he split his kingdom in two , the other half went to Rimi who was the son of leroks older sister and the other half went to Jebdik the son of the younger sister. When Lerok died the two cousins Rimi and jebdik fought each other for control. Both Rimi and Jebdik were from the Rimwejoor clan. Here is also the interesting part Kaibuke Jobwa/Jovah came sailed all the way from Ebon in the Ralik to Majuro on the Ratak to support Rimi, Kaibuke was related to Rimi thru his Mother. Kaibuke jobwa/jovah was from the Raarno clan. When Rimi was about to die he bestowed all he had to kaibuke, the last battle fought on Majuro was between Kaibuke Jobwa/Jovah of the Raarno clan and Jibdik of the Rimwejoor clan. That is why the the Rimwejoor don't hold all the Ratak no more. When Kaibuke Jobwa/Jovah died he was succeeded by his younger brother Kaibuke Larewa, when Larewa died he was succeeded by the youngest brother who was also called Kaibuke but known has Mourjel. This is the reason why the Ratak royal line is split in two.

  • hey whoami guys or whoever you are are please i now u are a history buff and all but erase the picture of the family tree. Its only for the eyes of marshallese not the folks in here.thnkz.
  • Enough guys, I'm tired of hearing Royals. Now can we stop this thread and let them Royal be? Kommol tata auleb.
  • All this stuff about Iroijlaplap & clans, it's good. Keep it going, for me I like to learn this kind of stuff. Na juon ladrik in Arno(mother side) im Mejit(father). Juon shout non RiArnos & RiMejit, ta neh mona??? Hahaha komon kojak wot. Ako I wanted to talk about this one clan etan in Raiej, juon bwebwenato kin, "The Giant Irooj Rilong". I hear that this one clan, Raiej, is the highest clan of all of Marshall Islands. I just want to hear your thoughts, one love everybody. Jeramon non ijene koj bed ie.
  • a question, ne emman... is the title of "iroijlaplap" exclusive to those whom both parents are iroijs?
  • Ejjellak iroijlaplap ilo majol kio. Iroij Rani kiio raan kein rej iroij wot kon taitol ejjap kon botoktok. botoktok eo emoj an jako, last name wot men raan kein. Tok nan raeij inak kake ilo majol en ijjidik im mokauleej rej make wot lontata iaer ilo ralik ak ratak ewor aer burej ie.
  • imagenice to meet marshallese in here.
  • Trust me these American marshallese are not as hospitable as us true Marshallese. Nice to meet u tho.
  • Is Rimwejoor still own any land in the Marshall Islands? wonder wot. komol kadede
  • The word BWIDAK means an offspring from Chiefs.Children of those with high ranking titles.In other words Equivilant to western Prince or princesses.
  • Irooj-Chieftain
    Bwidak-Prince or princess(Depending on how many children they produce).

    In conclusion these words are what we traditionally identify the royal family as.
  • Where is laelang in this conversation because he was a warrior/chief also from the raarno clan.
  • Bwidrak-Is half blooded chief or chiefess.

    Bwidrak is the 3rd highest grade of chief or chiefess on the Ralik chain. The 1st is Irooj Bwio-Pure blooded or double shouldered chiefs, 2nd is Irooj, AND 3rd is Bwidrak
  • @Reaper/I took notes on Jack Tobin's book Stories from the Marshall Islands.

    (1-Bwidak is the title and rank in the traditional Marshallese hierarchy.The Bwidak are next in rank to Irooj.They are the offspring of Irooj(Chiefly) fathers and kajoor(commoner) mothers.)

    Being an offspring of a chief carrying his genes.Doesn't that count as being a prince or princess? Everything in aristocracy is done so through blood.I'm probably wrong here.Just a half breed still learning our ways.You know more than I.
  • @Junair/It'll be awesome to have each chief stories on here.Im also from a warrior jowi of the Ijjidiks
  • Laelang was the 1st chief to have come toe to toe with a ri-kiribat 2x his size. He was also able to expand his own body when he got pissed like goku turning super saiyan. I think that word is called kwolo in our tongue. Laelang goes by demon in arno or laelang mett because he chased out 2 German ship out of the Marshall islands.
  • @Junair/That's amazing.

    Yeah those mouj ekjabs knew that we weren't to be trifled with.It took centuries for Christianity to fully take over.Goes to show we don't take crap from anyone.Our ancestors were fierce warriors.

    And Kwolo is sort of a state of being berserk/blood drunk.Ive heard that before battles warriors use "remedies" to boost their stamina.To make them go spear blazing etc etc.
  • @Junair/In our myth wasn't there a warrior who's name was the same as Laelang.Its said he was a strong warrior who's mother commanded him to fight wherever there needs battle or where his chief needed him.Through magic she spoke into his mind from far away.Day and night nonstop he'd kill relentlessly.He never spoke a word.Quiet and deadly.

    In reality chief Laelang was sorta like him.

    Correct me if I'm mistaken on any of this.
  • What Laelan you talking about @JUnAiR ?There were 2 lealan. 1 from the Ralik who was from the erroja clan anr the eldest son of the first Kabua, and Lealan from from Arno in the Ratak from the Raarno clan. Which you talking about?
  • Laelang from raarno, we all know them kabua's were only good at giving out orders and assassinations. Laelang would of wipe them out but because those kabua had a plan to marry their son off to his niece and some of those chief from Majuro were against him waging another war.
  • There is a rumor going around that originates from the family of Chiefess Tarjikit of Majuro that Her father, the Laelan of Arno you talking about is another son of the original Kabua.
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