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    A strong America with a racist President who has a mentality of a six years old means a very dangerous world. America is strong because of her allies around the world who believes in democracy as the foundation of peace and stability around the world but when Trump Isolated America its self from this believe, it makes America weaker both economically and militarily and more dangerous in the years to come if and when Trump party wins the Senate . The COFA means nothing to Trump when he pulled out of the Paris accord of the climate change, this one indication of how he think of the Pacific region especially the small islands developing countries.
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    "The COFA means nothing to Trump when he pulled out of the Paris accord of the climate change, this one indication of how he think of the Pacific region especially the small islands developing countries."

    Great Point!

    China is very serious about Climate Change, this is why it is increasing aid to the Pacific because the impoverished nations of the Pacific need assistance to for Climate Change adaptation, and economic development.

    The USA however, instead of announcing more aid for the Pacific, they announced they will increase staffing in their Embassies and Consulates throughout the Pacific.

    This is an article from Time Magazine on how China is leading the fight against Climate Change.

  • knuckleheads....ALL CHUUKESE "just be careful".
  • It is interesting for the independence seekers in Chuu k to support and want Mainland China, a country which oppressed freedom of the people, including and especially those of Taiwan, which wants to be independent from China.

    How ironic.
  • @visafree:"A strong America with a racist President who has a mentality of a six years old means a very dangerous world."

    I wonder why he wasn't a racist when he was a democrat but all of a sudden became a racist when he defeated Hillary in 2016. That 6 old mentality won in 2016.

    @visafree: " America is strong because of her allies around the world who believes in democracy as the foundation of peace and stability around the world but when Trump Isolated America its self from this believe, it makes America weaker both economically and militarily and more dangerous in the years to come if and when Trump party wins the Senate . "

    No, America is not strong because of her allies but because of her economy and her military and because it has the latest technology both in the civilian sector and defense sector. Trump is not a isolationist but a realist. Whats the good of a aliance when you are footing the bill for everyone? And Trump has confirmed the US commitment to NATO and support of the clause: "attack on one means an attack on all". Trump like strong allies who can defend themselves and not rely on the US to do the defending for them. An organization is only as strong or powerful as its weakest person. A group of associates is only as strong as its laziest member. That's one of Trumps favorite saying. He is a realist not an isolationist.

    @visafree:" The COFA means nothing to Trump when he pulled out of the Paris accord of the climate change, this one indication of how he think of the Pacific region especially the small islands developing countries."

    Trump and the Republicans are about a strong America, both economically and Militarily. The Paris accord does nothing to America's economy and military. The COFA does. The COFA contributes to America's military defense and economy while the Paris Accord did nothing. The COFA is for America's nationak defense while the Paris accord was a another failed attemp at adding to a community organizer failed legacy after trying to implement a failed globalism policy on the world for 8 years.

    Fuck the paris accord because instead of decreasing Carbon dioxide emissions it increase it. Doing the opposite of what it was intended to do. The US decreased its emissions of C02 while the countries that signed the paris accord increased their emmisons.
  • Theoretically speaking, if--and this is only a big if--the FSM National Government were to submit, at some distance time in the future, an official diplomatic note to China not to honor/accept Chuuk's independence quest in the future, where does the independence movement go from there? Look to Russia or other countries to the rescue?

    The art of diplomatic dancing favors those who can contribute more impact or better diplomatic face to the improvement of China or its diplomatic face in the UN and on the international stage.

    This diplomatic stalemate scenario could occur-- if Kosrae, Yap, Pohnpei and a lot of Chuukese--were to vote "no" when it comes to a national plebiscite to amend the FSM Constitution to remove Chuuk as one of the FSM states. Or, is that part of the equation? Maybe yes or maybe not.
  • So, what happened to the Chinese plan to build a $1billion resort in Yap? Is it finished yet?
  • What good is a plebiscite if the chuukese vote by a majority to go ahead with leaving the federation?

    China would carelessl about a official FSM note telling them not to honor/accept Chuuks future quest. This are the same chinese who are building military bases on islands that a international tribunal ruled that those islands does not belong to China. The same people who are building bases on islands even when the US told them to stop. If they can flip the middle finger to uncle Sam what makes you think they will listen to a country like FSM that does not have a military.

    Let the Chuukese decide for themselves. Our opinion does not matter not one fucking bit.
  • What about if 51% of Chuukese were to vote "no" for independence? Will the Commission listen; or are they determined to move to independence regardless.

    I believe China will listen to FSM and not Chuuk since its policy is not to recognize the independence of different people, region or small island nations--which China claims belong to it: Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, etc., etc. Yes, we are speculating here. We don't know what China will do. It can go one way or other. No guarantee that it will side with Chuuk if it came to a confrontation between Chuuk and FSM.

    Let's just hope that Chuuk's calculation of pitting Chuuk against FSM and/or US in trying to get China to its side will work. If the Commission is 100% sure that China will side with it against the FSM or the US, then, it's good. But I would suggest that the Commission goes ahead and meet with China officials now; to get their reading; before they take action to severe relations with the FSM or the US.

  • What if 51% vote yes? Then what.

    Macau-Hong Kong are special administered areas of China. Rule by PRC through one country 2 system policy. Mongolia was recognized by PRC after they took control of China.

    China will recognize anything and offer financial assistance to anyone if it makes sense. And recognizing Chuuk means somethings because it offers them a foot hold into Americas defense.
  • Its really absurd for democrats to accuse Trump of being undemocratic and unconstitutional while they can't accept that during Democratic election 2 years ago they lost according to rules set forth by the Constitution.

    If Trump is undemocratic why does he enact domestic policies that weaken the powers of the federal government? If he is unconstitutional why does he not take away the 2nd ammendment?

    Also why are democrats for using violence to deny others free speech? Why are democrats ok with using the same tactic the Nazi brown shirts used to silence those who are on the opposite side of the left?

    Can @visafree answer these questions.
  • @FactsMatters or @sarem chuuk can you guys answer these simple questions?
  • @Anunaki, first off, the election was rigged and majority of american disapproved of Trump's Presidency even his WH top officials have revealed his anti democracy, anti constitution agenda.

    Trump is a pro NRA member, he a anti gun control as , given these fact and other, how can he take away the 2nd amendment?. you're answer?

    you're last question dose not make any senses at all, I think you're confused between Dem and the Rep party lines..
  • How was it rigged? Do you mean when the DNC rigged their Presidential Primary nominee for Hillary against Bernie?

    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Donna Brazile (Ex DNC Chair) both now agree the DNC primary was rigged in favor of Hillary against Bernie Sanders.

    You just proved my point and disproved that Trump is not unconstitutional or undemocratic by stating the fact that he is pro 2nd ammendment.

  • -No evidence of Russian collusion with Trump.
    -There's evidencesssssss of DNC RIGGING primary in favor of Hillary.
    -Comey swung the election in Trumps favor when he opened case AGAINST Hillary days before election.
    -Praised Comey when Trump fired him.
    -Still blame Trump and a imaginary Russian conspiracy for their lost.

  • All of the US intelligent agencies have confirmed that Russian Government had meddled in the Presidential election. and It's a fact,. BTW Anunaki, read my comment very carefully and stop making fiction.
  • Meddled but no votes changed or were altered during the election according to the FBI and Department of justice and National Security Agency.

    NSA Chief: No Evidence Votes Changed Due To Russian Interference
  • You are the one high on fiction visa. Cloud 9 on Trump derangement syndrome.
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    Their main purpose to meddle in the election was to promote Trump but the popular vote said otherwise, that's what make america divided again, in chaos from day one.. so, majority of american agree the election was rigged, what's wore interesting is,Trump has yet to do anything top resolved this issue, wtf?
  • Pulling fiction out of your ass again visa. The Russians ultimate goal was to lit a fire of discrod in America. They promoted both Hillary and Trump.,amp.html

    This was revealed long time ago by the NSA. The Ultimate motive was to divide america. And you democrats fell for it. Whatever the Russians did didn't changed any votes.
  • For the 200 time popular vote means nothing. Electoral is what counts according to the constitution of the US.
  • Rasta, yes, your points are good. However, here is the other side of the coin.

    China has been trying to be the most powerful and economic power in the world. It's been trying to achieve that status by playing nice in the world stage; by paying governments all over the world in order to get them to its side. But now, the US, under Trump, is calling out China for its underhanded ways--stealing trade secrets, forcing companies doing business in China to divulge their technical and economic secrets, etc.

    While the issue of trade wars will be ugly in the near term, in the end, if all nations were to trade with each other nicely--in reciprocal and fair ways, then, all can win. And not just China as it has been wanting to do. Unfortunately, the previous US administration never challenged China when it went on a spree to claim new areas and re-assert its dominance over territories, such as Taiwan.

    The world is allowing China to get away from its bullying in the China sea area. The one-China policy is a diplomatic way to allow China to keep its dominance over people and regions and small countries--that were traditionally part of China. That's sort of easy to understand and accept.

    But I think that type of dominance will not work outside of the China Sea or to far locations such as Chuuk. I would bet that if China were to try to take over Chuuk, the US will in turn try to take over Taiwan. And that will not be an acceptable risk to China: 60,000 Chuukese with broken economy vs. several millions Taiwanese with billion dollar economy? Because what is the difference. Chuuk may want to be with China. At the same time, Taiwan wants to be with the US.

    This is why it will be difficult for China to try to grab Chuuk from the FSM or the US. And US will come to the defense of the FSM if attacked by China as per the defense agreement between FSM and US as in the Compact.

    In short, there are a lot of potential problems that can come up with Chuuk wanting to join China. China, not wanting any of its territories to rise up and rebel like Chuuk is trying to do, will crash any independence movement within its borders. Just my thoughts and analysis.
  • Chuuk will not join China. China will not have military exclusive rights to chuuk. Trump and his administration and Republicans will not allow it to happen. They will renegotiate. If the commission in Chuuk is smart it will used these to its advantage. Simple their commission can ask for the US fir 2 things to give them their share of the compact funds and allow their citizens the same thing citizens from the other cofa state gets which is unlimited travel to the US for school and medical and jobs.
  • What is going on with the separation movement? It seems some want to delay the plebiscite another year. Do the proponents have the votes for approval for secession or not?
  • imageis this necessary??
  • TruthisThat, I am a Chuukese and yes the plebiscite has moved to 2020. There is a lot of confusions and deceptions. But the way I see, Chuukese don't want China and I hope people stop making up lies with their opinions. The way I see, most Chuukese like the idea of Chuuk having a separate relationship with USA, not thru FSM, but on its own. And I am sure the Chuukese leaders are determined to seek a better future for Chuuk. And again, there is no way Chuuk will become part of China. That is not what Chuuk is looking for. Indeed, there are thousands of Chuukese in USA and that is exactly what Chuuk is looking at.
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    The caravans from Central America share your sentiments.
  • Chuuk is trying to find ways to secede the FSM. But US may be looking for some ways to execute discourage action to block the secession.
  • If majority of Chuukese, as a result of a duly called plebiscite, were to say that they want for their leaders to seek separation from the FSM and then immediately establish a different Compact of FA with US, that would be a serious expression of the electorate.

    However, the US will not rush to reply--and it should not. I think there are international understanding that US or any country does not get involved with internal tendencies or uprising in any country for separation

    This is something that the US as well as others who adhere to international norms will not do.

    There are hundreds of separatists movements throughout the world--in many countries in the world: North Ireland from Britain; Uighers from China; separatist movement in Spain; and many others.

    But the international norms is for other countries not to get involved or encourage these separatists movements--or else, where will be no end to it.

    As such, I think the UN will not recognize Chuuk as a separate country until the FSM agrees to allow it to be separated in an orderly and legal ways. In short, Chuuk leaders who are pushing for separation, in my opinion, should be consulting and working with the FSM national leaders; so that this separation can be made in an orderly and mutually agreed ways.

    If that atmosphere of orderly transition or separation could be negotiated, then, it'll be easy for the US and other countries to recognize Chuuk as an independent entity; having peacefully gained its independence from the FSM. And after that, Chuuk will be free to establish relationships with any countries in the world including establishing a FAS status with the US thru a Compact similar to the others in Micronesia. Just my thoughts on this nice day.
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