Pohnpeians,Kosraeans and Marshallese all migrated from Chuuk or vice-versa.



  • First of all MICRONESIA IS THE NAME of the area within that there is cultures nd languages that can still be divided amongst the Island groups.
    For example nd this can be also true. To the east we got Palau, Yap, CNMI, nd Guam. To the west nd south we got Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrea, the Marshall islands nd Nauru nd Kiribati to da south. That could also be a legit division of islands, culture nd languages in MICRONESIA. If yhu think about the bettelnut chewing custom, only on the east side island groups only practice that matter, we Chuukese, Pohnpeians, Kosreans nd so forth just started chewing this fruit bcuz we think it looks cool nd bcuz our frens made us....
    So yhu all think about it nd yhu'll really realise for yhur'self.
  • marshallese speak fast but with allot of L's.is like a minigun,it can spray 1000 bullets under 1 minute.
    not all marshallese speaks fast, it actually depends on the dialects and what region your from.
  • Fonuweisom,

    Ka sorefesenni locationun kana neeni. Ke itang ika?

    Palau, Yap are to the WEST, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae ans Marshalls to the EAST.

    CNMI, Guam toy the North.
  • So it is determined that Palau are of melanesian descent, i'd say those palauans with the straight hair are of pohnpeian descent. it was during the sokehs rebellion that a large number of pohnpeians were exiled to palau so there are those with nappy hair the natives and the straight who are pohnpeians descent...
  • Palauans are a mixed descents: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

    Pohnpeians: South America, Polynesia, Melanasia, Indonesia

    Chuuk: Melanasia, Indonesia, South America, Iraq

    Yap: Africa, South America, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

    Kosrae: Indonesia, South America

    Marshalls: Indonesia, South America
  • How can we all migrated from chuuk? Our languages are different and so is our culture and customs. But I have to agree that at some point our ancestors met cause we share words that have the same meaning like Armej in MARSHALL means people. Chuukese say Aramaj pohnpeians Ahrmej. That is is the only thing we share in common. As for all of us migrated out of chuuk I say NAY to that.

    Chuukese language is classified as Trukic under Nuclear Micronesia language tree.

    Pohnpeian language is under the nuclear Micronesia language tree and related to the trukic language of chuuk and the central.caroline islands.

    Kosraen language is also under nuclear Micronesia language tree.

    Marshallese language is under the Malayo-Polynesian language tree. The Malayo-Polynesian language is far older and is the original language Nuclear Micronesia,truckic language,pohnpeian language and kosraens languages came from.
  • 50NGAW REALLY ??? Where did IRAQ end up in CHUUK ????
  • all these people all migrated form chuuk. there is even legends of chuukese sailing has far as the marshall's.
    and what happened to them? oh yes they were all killed by a chief from killi.
  • Micronesians came from all parts of the world and mixed up I have many pohnpeian cuzins who look more Melanesian then Asian Micronesians that look Asians are mixed Filipino or Japanese how Japanese conqured Micronesia for Filipinos they are all over the world including Micronesia they tend to not like the Philippines and migrate to Micronesia Polynesia the US EROUPE etc we do gotta watch out for them since there so many of them on Guam they tend to believe Micronesians came from the Philippines they also go around claiming they are pacific islanders which I find emberessing cuz pacific islanders are to describe people on islands that are isolated from Asia southeast Asia and the Americas even tho Philippines is not connected to china its very close as for Micronesians we came from all over period quite bullshityinh about Asia or other countries we are Micronesian done period we didn't came from no where but from our mothers pussy inside Micronesia let the people who migrate to these islands take the credit,of coming from other places but for the natives now came and born,in Micronesia we didn't came from no outside lands only Filipinos whites Africans came to our islands but we didn't we are native to Micronesia done
  • As for Asians trying to say were Asians Micronesians look and carry blk and Mexican features only the once who are mix Japanese look Asian and the once mixed Filipinos
  • Lolz.... Well said dars. Ahaha
  • Chuukese and their claim that everybody from Micronesia has their origin in chuuk is bullocks! First if that is so then it means we are ALL Polynesians for ain't that where the Chuukese claim they from? They claim to be descendants of the I-Kiribatese and the kiribatese are polynesians so that makes them chuukese also polys. We in the Marshall's don't have our roots in chuuk cause we are Micros not Polys. The chuukese can claim all they want but they themself claim descend from Kosrae and the kosraens are all descendants of Marshallese. Sorry but no thanks. Not buying any of this bullocks.
  • The only ones from FSM that made as far into Marshall's are the Wolaens and they didn't fare well. The chuukese are just recent immigrants into the marshall's, they flew here, punch of them are going to school in College of Marshall islands and they didn't sail here. false pride again on how they sail when everybody knows its the yapese who sail not them. They were always blown of coarse and lost in the ocean that is why they are disperse in the carolines.
  • Reaper stop being a comedian,

    I agree this topic is the other way around but as far as the Marshallese goes, you kept changing stories trying so hard to justify yourself...

    At some point in time, you all came from South Up North and then East to West and that's how Marshallese clansmen found on all the islands.

    Then you all claim also that Marshallese came from Kiribati and Nauru..

    Eventually, LOWA your god of creation probably made the first woman and man of the tiny coral islands and thats how Marshallese are raced by themselves and every Micronesian were Marshallese because all the lil brothers left and go inhabiting every islands going down west...

    So which one are you there CLONING FROM MULTIPLE MEDIUM??? I would like to know cus its entertaining and it makes my valentine day blooming like red roses lol
  • I believe in science and science has proofed that all FSMers are all migrants from the marshall's. case in being all yall are our left overs. it hurts but its the truth and science back my claim whereas you have some itangs and pioiluks which are punch of old fools with loose screws that back your claim.science prevail and always has not some old fools who had too much jemanun.
  • waioooooooooooo at jemanun. those shit can fuck you up i tried those and they are potent then beers.
  • Oh so now science is added onto the many list of Marshallese factual data of their existence. If I go study and said my science expertise proven that the Marshallese were all from Chuukese ancestors, are you sure you're all going to sit with that??? LOL
  • Sorry buddy but science and every western experts have put the Marshall's has the place of origin for the people of modern FSM.
  • Skrillex, as a matter of fact Chuukese/Yapese outer islanders sailed to Hawaii, but not claiming to be the first to get there. That is the truth.
  • Darson58
    you know i been thinking the same thing too.
  • The amount of disinformed individuals with fabricated non fictional details shocks me.To better educate you people I'll put out some points on how our region of island nations came to be.

    •Chuuk(Truk,Ruk).Simply cannot be the founders of eastern Micronesia since route took place from east to west not the other way around.Given its history of only 1k-2k yrs it's unlikely they brought up RMI,KOS,&POH both culturally and linguistically.Chuuks society was a mash up of those who visited their shores,conquered,&Ruled.A result of traditions not from ones own creation but of others.The language there is a branch of the Marshallese tongue.Oral history's stated that Marshallese did indeed ruled chuuk.And culturally dominated them.They also had little contact with Pohnpeians well as the kosreans.And to importantly point out.Chuuks weren't much of far voyaging sea goers.Yap also had influenced on Chuuk before the Marshallese dominion.In conclusion Chuuk is influenced by major powers of ancient times.Not one where it brought up societies.Theres no evidence for it.

    •Both Micronesians&Polynesians are descendants of south East Asians whom we all migrated from our true ancient ancestral home of Taiwan.Most of our ways derived from there with the acceptions of some Melanesian influences.A time span of eight thousand years.We spread through the southeast settling in places we came upon.Micronesia before Polynesia was settled first in the pacific(Excluding the melanseians as I'm focused on only our related cousins).Micronesia was entered both ways of direction waves.From the east Nauru&Kiribas is the oldest in the west Palau&Yap are older.Polyensias oldest places settled are Tonga&Samoa.As the rest was settled much later on.We all share distinct culture and languages as its all branches of the austronesian family tree.

    •The only far sea goers of Micronesia that visited Hawaii was Either The Yapese or Marshallese.Two of the only top dogs who's able to do so as the rest dwells at home.My Marshallese ancestors have oral history stating such people of double hauled canoes with enormous lands.We traded with them and had feast.No mistrust happened as we were good allies.

    •Science points out that were came from the Southeast Asia that's where most of our cultures and language came from.Nowhere else. "From Africa?" Lol.
  • Most of you putting out crazy claims is a fine example of why education in America fails.I urge you all to carefully learn history.Not be diluted with fiction.

    Yokwe waj aloep!-Mr.Nobody.
  • Chuuk is the last islands to be settled in Easter Micronesia. Palau and Yap and Guam were settled from a western route. While Marshal kosrae and PNI and Chuuk from a eastern route.

    Guam-Palau and Yap were settled in B.C era or Before Christ. While Settlement in Marshall, Kosrae ane Pohnpei is alspo dated in the B.C era while Chuuk is dated in the A.D era or after the death of Christ.

    B.C comes before A.D. Another evidence of this is the chiefly system of Micronesia. In eastern Micronesia for example the soclial system and chiefly systems in Marshal and Kosrae along with Pohnpei were highly stratified which indicate longer settlement while Chuuk system was not as stratified which indicates a culture and people just settling into their islands.
  • I've forgot to include that Both Micronesians and Polynesians share the same Dna.We're highly related to those in Southeast Asia.We only share little to no genetics with the Melanesians.With population so thin we actually have more of us out there.four hundred million to be precise.
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