Micronesian fishing techniqe.



  • @MrNobody905 never heard of anyone in your area that ventured outside your territory. smh
  • @Militegu/You're either misinformed.Not wanting to believe the success of my ancestors Accmplishments.Or simply have jealousy over my forebears for what they did and recognized for than your own people.

    Marshallese navigation is well documented through history,Science articles with numerous papers are written about it.And we still have our way finding to this very day.Go to my country and see it for yourself.Don't be a douche to throw shade on my people nor the culture just because you haven't seen nor heard anything about us traveling outside the kingdom.Thats call ignorance.

    In the NORTH Marshallese navigators have been to wake island or Enenkio in my kins tongue which we own btw we let the us "borrowed" it.All the way SOUTH we've been spotted in the close proximity of NZ&Solomon islands.EAST we've met and traded with the Hawaiian people having a good relationship at the time.Lastly in the far WEST we've made it passed chuuk sailing near guam's territory.
  • proud history of your ancestors man, the vickings of the pacific.. as they say, read that somewhere and it was very interesting..keep on sailing yo vickings of the sea..
  • @Visafree/I'm not a Pacific Marshallese Viking.Never done the things my forebears committed.That honor belongs to them not me.I'm just a over prideful offspring.Nothing more.Its just irritates me how some people claim that we've never done the things we did throughout history.Labeling it as myth,lies,false oral history etc etc.Thats why my kinsman and I on here defend what's true.Spreading the real history of Rimajols.Its been in steeled within the oral record traditions.Europeans documented it and our cousins know of our visitations took place thousands of yes before the whites.

    I don't want to boast much.We're all equally amazing.Marshallese really are a humbling people.We're the fsm cousins from the east.We decend from the same family tree culturally and Linguistically after all.There really shouldn't be hatred between the two but rather unity,strength,&Love.We are one people.One ocean.
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    amen to that.. Now , my fishing technique has to do with the hermit crab.

  • @Visafree/Go for it man lmk if you catch any.
  • I heard of a master navigator's huge mural on the wall of the university of Hawaii. He must be from your country mrnobody905. I am very impressed of your country navigation technique.
  • Very interesting technique.
  • or it can be fron a chicketnor roasters feather,, sometimes it can be the skin of a rainbow runner?..
  • Why do Marshallese travel outside of the marshalls, any unique reason to risk their lives to go to unknown parts of the pacific?
  • @Militegu/ For certain?.Whats his name?.Thats probably Mau Pialiug the great who's up there.The Marshallese rejected the Hawaiians on reviving their traditional navigation.We made no impact on the Poly Reinnasance.That honor belongs to Mau and his Yapese ancestors.

    Why do Marshallese travel far distances from their kingdom risking our lives and such you ask?.Nothing ventured.Nothing gained my friend.Its in our nature to do so.There are many discussion here to explain why.I'll give a short answer.Small islands.Little food.We had warriors to fight.And our lust to conquer and take was irrisitable.I would've ask the same thing if we switched lives.
  • Yapese&Marshallese has it in their nature to travel far from our region.Taking pride for such canoes and the love of the great ocean is unbreakable to us.We aren't like our fellow Micronesian cousins.The only two societies that differs from the lot.Yet we are still one as a whole.
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