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  • Obamacare enrollments for 2015 confirm, red states have the most to lose from Supreme Court


    Good, I hope they repeal Obamacare and see who suffer the most. Leading the way Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Enough of the myth, let's see who are the real socialists.

    Tax should be regress also. And lastly, I do not care to pay for military men's erectile dysfunctions. Paying for Viagra is communistic. lol

  • So you actually have a deduction each payday for retirement plan? What's the retirement plan called in the military? So if Obamacare is so horrible where's the replacement plan promised by your monkey? Another hoax by your lying orangutan? Maybe repeal, perhaps replace. Hahaha. Brainless with no ideas. Good at badmouthing but sucks at ideas.
  • I'd rather spend tax dollars on providing free education than a wall your dumbass is paying for because of lying monkey. Hurry up with the wall . Oh wait s minute, no money for wall. But when you do build this most beautiful wall you've ever seen, I'll piss and wipe my ass on it. Hurry! Build it.
  • Here is what the Hillary clinton had to say about obamacare, she admits what we all knew.

    "The Affordable Care Act (ACA/”Obamacare”) is a step toward implementation of a communist health care system", said Hillary Clinton in a Tuesday-published interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein.

    Now Wang-Lung is using the Viagra argument that liberals used to defend people who have mental disorder serving in the military.

    Obamacare is dying out on its own self. And like hillary admitted its a step democrats are taking to implement a communist care system.

    Socialism-Liberalism& Communism are the same thing.
  • Stop with Hillary and Obama. They're gone. Where's the new ideas? Where's repeal and replace? Where's fire and fury? Where's economic plan? How's climate change treating you ? How's your Russia investigation coming along? Where's your tax return? Still being audited? Where Is the money for your wall yet? What's your DACA position now? In love with democrats now? Hate McConnell and Ryan? Lol hahaha. Your Russian wife holding your hands?
  • What's that? you will condemn Nazis and white supremacists? So you didn't, then you did, then you didn't again, then pardoned convicted nazi, then now will sign document that you do condemn them? Fuck I'm so confused with your decision making skills. Hahahaha. I see how porn star just connects with this type of stupid leadership. American wannabe.
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    You should read Donald Trumps "Art of the deal" it explains how he his handling both established democrats and republicans. He said in the book: they will resist but in the end their resistance will be softened and they will work for me thinking im working with them".

    "In the end they will work for me"
  • What about the chapter on pretending your are someone named john miller and saying wonderful things about yourself. Or that you are going to hire the best and then proceed to fire your AG, your closest advisers your national security advisers. It's in the chapter titled how to con porn star and others like him into thinking you are brilliant. Then there's the chapter on saying your the greatest builder then lie about who will pay for iwhat you're building.That's the con the people into thinking you are the best when actually you are the master con man chapter. Then there's the Russian girls chapter, the nazi lover chapter
  • In the end they will work for me"

  • Moving this up in the Forum.
  • I moved this up to both illustrate that there is no absolute right to free expression in this Forum, and to provide a possible way to communicate directly to the Administrator if the message link still works. There may not be a Forum Administrator, but if the link at the top of the first page still works, you can sign in, click on the link to "Message Forum Administrator," and send a message. I do not know if this message link still works, because I tried it but have not received a response.

    Try it. While you are at it, read the post from the Administrator, and most particularly the terms of service quoted by the Administrator, which provides that users can be deleted for no reason or any reason at all.

    Good luck and hopefully good riddance to the fascists who have seized control of this Micronesia Forum.
  • I just found a possible email address for the Forum Administrator. If you click on the profile image (the picture or other avatar linked to the user), it will take you to a page which contains information about that particular user. The email address if you do this is "". I do not know if it works, but give it a try.
  • QUESTION: Did the 2017 Admin decision - issued without any prior warning - preventing two longtime members from posting new topics - end the hijacking of this forum by Trump fanatics?

    No. Actually, it seems to have just made the problem worse.

    Prior to 2017, the large majority of my posts were strictly Micronesia-related. That changed when some members began posting multiple pro-Trump posts everyday and I chose to answer some of these with factual articles and responses.

    Since I have been banned since August 2017 from posting new topics on Micronesia, I can now respond to the Trumpaganda posts only with comments, not with new posts about Micronesia.

    I suggest to Admin that a more reasonable and effective policy might be to allow all members to post topics but limit each member to a maximum of one new post per week.

    Should the pro and anti-Trump postings continue, however, Admin could simply filter out and remove all new posts containing references to Trump and to U. S. domestic politics.

    There are hundreds of U.S. political forums that welcome their
    members to discuss Trump and U.S. politics. Anyone can join and participate

    There is only one Micronesia Forum for members to discuss strictly Micronesia-related issues, however.

    Admin's goal should be to restore this forum to its original purpose and intent and let those who insist on ignoring its purpose take their pro or anti Trump issues elsewhere.

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    Did Pawnstar posted something unlawful or indecent? If not, then it's seems this forum has censored free speech. By doing so, this website may have forfeited its status as a public platform. Now, it is a publisher of information. Therefore, it's only right that this publisher should be held liable for any damage, harm, or loss of life or property that any information herein may cause its readers. Unless the phantom owner of this private forum wants to reveal his or her true identity to take full responsibility of the aforementioned liabilities, I suggest PawnStar's constitutional freedoms be reinstated within their bounds.

    An opinion that contradicts another does not constitute a breach of the forum administrator's constitutional right. It is called an argument which is a foundation of democracy. If you don't like a thread's topic, start your own thread. If your thread is interesting the public will participate in your thread. But don't suppress free speech and think there is little ramifications. The Nazis thought the same way, when they censored media and burned books.
  • z has once again demonstrated his ignorance and stupidity. I use those terms as descriptive facts, not personal attacks.

    z says "Did Pawnstar posted something unlawful or indecent? If not, then it's seems this forum has censored free speech. By doing so, this website may have forfeited its status as a public platform."

    Unfortunately for the ignorant fascists, this is NOT a public forum. It is a forum, not unlike Facebook, which permits access and use at its discretion. Read the terms of service set forth below:

    "You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this community to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you.

    We at this community also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. We log all internet protocol addresses accessing this web site.

    Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on this community.

    We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason or no reason at all. We reserve the right to terminate any membership for any reason or no reason at all."

    The rest of the puke that z regurgitates is unintelligible. Proving once again that he is dumb as a rock, and unfortunately, just as dangerous. Oh, and z, the short term limits on the gun smuggler Pawnzie in the first posting of this thread were imposed a year ago. Maybe you should go back to school and learn to read.
  • You reserve what right? Our right to free speech is a constitutional right. However, the forum owner has a right to select forum participants and censor opinions as a private publisher --- Not as a public platform. You don't make laws, Sarem. Governments do. Do you want to be subpoenaed?
  • Good Jesus, z, stop spewing bullshit. You have no right to free speech on this Forum or on Facebook or on Twitter unless these social platforms are government operated. Read the fucking constitution, any one of them, FSM, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, the United States, Palau. Any of them. They all prohibit GOVERNMENT restrictions on speech or expression. Privately owned forums can do whatever they want, including zapping your membership and that of the gun smuggler Pawnzie. What do you do, just make shit up and then regurgitate it ad nauseum?
  • Make up your mind, Sarem. Is this a public platform or a media for a private publisher? You can't legally have the benefit of a public platform while censoring free speech according to your biases. If you must censor free speech than you are a private publisher who is legally liable for the informations published herein this website. For example, if someone loses an election due to this website then the owner (and responsible moderators, algorithm programmers, etc) should take responsibility as a private publisher. But if this is a public platform, like I believe Hezel intended, then you should start your own threads and refrain from participating in and censoring conservative threads based on your unhinged biases. Frank Hezel would have taught you that a democracy entails freedom of speech whereby the truth is sometimes hurtful. e.g. "Truth is Trump is president." (Yes, it's true.)
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    @z welcome to the facist club. On behalf of the brown Nazis in this forum who are Nazis and facist only because we have a different views than @SaremChuuk @FactsMatters @errr @redsnapper @visafree the so called brown progressives in here. You disagree with them you are automatically a facist and a racist a homophobe a climate denier etc etc etc.Everything in here was cool, these brown libtards posted anti Republican and anti Trump topics and no one said anything. No one complained. But when people started posting proGOP and ProTrump topics and exposed the liberal shams they started threatening people IN here and cried to the admin about these topics they disagreed with.

    Anyways welcome to the brown facist club. from one brown nazi to another merry Christmas and happy new year.

    By the way SaremChuuk claims he is a jew. I suspect he is a former peace corps volunteer. He resides in CommieFornia aka California. According to chief brown Nazi Pawnstar, SaremChuuk is a fake jew. lol
  • Thank you Admin for the explanation of rules, I will also abide from now on...and totally 2nd the motion
  • Thank you Admin for the explanation of rules, I will also abide from now on...and totally 2nd the motion
  • That truth you talking about is empty,@z, the full truth is, Trump won however turned out to be the worst ever in history of the country in presidency, worst ever, yet he grade himself as A+? ahahahLOL
  • So now im a fake democrat? look up what liberalism politic is about @SaremChuuk. You have lost sight of what liberalism is about. Is about enhancing individual freedom and limited government. You have lost sight of that. You have went bonkers and as of now you are on the far left. Everything you stand for now is against everything liberalism is all about. The fake democrat here is you. You are borderline socialist. Not liberal but socialist.

    Freedom of speech and opinion even if it different from yours is what liberals stand for. We disagree but we allow it none the less. That's what liberalism is about. Not that healthcare for all and all that nonsense you spew in here. That's not liberalism thats the opposite of liberalism.

    You are the reason why Trump won in 2016 and the same reason he will win in 2020. You keep of giving him and his base exposure. He feeds of that exposure. Spreading his news or his related stories only help him. This is how he won in 2016. Keep it up and you will contribute to his winning in 2020.
  • where were the libtard empathy a couple years ago?

    Obama deported more people than Trimp
  • imageno more trump SHIT in here!!!
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