• It's human nature to always want more, regardless how much you have. Look at affluent Guam, they want to penalize impoverished FAS because they crave for more resources. The "need" for more will never end. What we should do is apply moral policies rather than immoral socialism. Each state receives what they earned. All tax revenue generated in Chuuk should be earmarked for chuuk in accordance to the specific districts where they are generated. Unless we rid ourselves of our socialist policies, e.g. "social development projects", aka pork barrel, we will never move forward. Too many unproductive districts expect free this and free that. Nothing is free, libtards!
  • "Bring home the bacon" is one of the phrases as used by US Congressmen/women and Senators--saying how they are successful in getting funds to their states. I think more "bacon" should be provided to the States--after all the states are the ones that need to financially support education system, health care systems, roads maintenance, police/fire services, etc.

    I am sure the national government can provide more to the states--to help alleviate the budget pressure. If these are done, I would predict that the states, including Chuuk, will continue to support the FSM as a political body.
  • The Chuukese people have spoken overwhelmingly. They don't want constitutional reform. This means they do not want to amend the status quo. Sorry, separatists. Public servants who openly break our constitution should best go to jail.
  • Money and power are behind the secession movement. Money is to manipulate the election process. Many of us did not notice or aware of the illegal activities going on in Chuuk. There are many things going on, other than the distribution of food, money, and other items. Results of the election in Chuuk, especially the Chuuk State election,is normally damper with by poll workers and the tabulating committee.Some polling places have less register voters than the number of vote cast. Chuuk have an history of economic problem. This would never change unless there will be changes of many officials who only care for them self, but not the people of Chuuk. Observe the results of the Chuuk elections. I have more to say, but my time is running out on here. So, which one is the the problem, money or the people in government. It's very interesting to watch who is going to run the legislature this time.
  • I support the statements made by esananap. Why only Faichuuk boxes will be transported to Weno? It took more than 8 hours before the boxes reach the tabulating committee. We ever know what had happen. Previous election in 2013 and 2015 was used two boxes for one polling place. Why two?
  • Without election problems corrected, the Independent movement will win. And all of the candidates who support the movement will win as well.
  • imagelet's wait and see!!
  • Last94 please disregard my question. The Tol people already made the answer in the dark. And when the daylight shine we see a lot of political maneuvering in progress to gain more offices for super power. Ain't that amazing? Spectacular and superficial.
  • Tirow womi inukei, radada, kepan, Last 94 me Melvin. Adiaos.
  • Pwipwi esananap. Omusano tip[is nge mei pung pwe use chiwen tongeni tonu om we kapas eis. Iwe nge epwe ne fen auchea an meinisin aramasen neniemi kana non fonuwen Faichuuk oupwe ne pusin nenengeni eochun me ngawen kana mwokutukut. Iwe nge amo ousap kan nikiti tongem chon kukuta asan ei.
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