Bribery In FSM Government By Lyon Assoc. Inc.



  • Hang in there Microspring. Don't give up hope for this union yet. Difficult times like this will either make us or break us--just like in marriage. We will persevere if the electorate votes with its head rather than with its other organ, e.g. stomach, genitals, heart, skin, etc. These corruptions are attributed to previous elections. Let us try again. This time, vote for honesty.
  • So knowing this, what would FSM Government do to prevent such happenings in the future? What could we recommend to our Leaders in dealing with such behaviors? I presumed that all the three branches were somehow had some connects to this issue. This along with the China iWouldn't this jeopardize our Free Association Status with the
  • We could start by verifying your suspicion. By finally doing what congress should have done a long time ago. Require a qualified special counsel to investigate the crimes that have been committed. The son and son-in-law of their appointee to the highest seat of the land are involved in bribery and extortion with public funds . If a congressman does not demand such an investigation, they are likely part of the criminal syndicate thus the problem.
  • Yes, all these Congressmen are part of the criminal syndicate. They are all corrupt especially the ones from Chuuk. They have been misusing or stealing public funds and nothing has been done to prosecute them. The FSM AG is so weak and the Secretary of Finance just closed her eyes pretending that she did not see anything. The FSM auditor is a kiss-ass person after he was not nominated by the President in the first place. I agree with Z that what we need are some qualified and tough special counsels and investigators to investigate these corrupt congressmen and put them in jail where they belong.
  • After so much eye-opening revelation, we are revisiting this discussion, once again, because one question still remains. Who is "Micronesian Official #2", who accepted bribes, along with Massey (aka Master) Halbert?
    Here's what we know about our remaining suspect of higher caliber:

    A) Micronesian Official #2 is “a government official in the FSM Congress who served on a congressional committee with oversight of the Engineering Company’s FSM Contracts.”

    B) Micronesian Official 2 “handles the infrastructure committee,” according to an email, in April of 2016.

    C) The following were the members of the congressional committee on infrastructure, in 2016.

    Chariman: Victor Gouland (Chuuk)

    Vice Chairman: Robson Romolow (Chuuk)

    Other Members:

    Florencio Harper (Chuuk)

    Ferny Perman (Pohnpei)

    Esmond Moses ( Pohnpei)

    Isaac Figir (Yap)

    Alik Alik (Kosrae)

    Most likely, the State Department, which can obtain inside information from the FBI, already knows who among the above law makers is "Micronesian Official #2." We also know that blackmail is more effective than bribery. But despite these information, all but one of the suspects have been re-elected by their trusty constituents. Since a gullible electorate may be useless to lady justice, we shall rely on each other, good forum participants, to pursue solving this national mystery. Who is your best suspect and why do you think so?
  • Anyone who's been sitting in office since this bribery case started I guess.
  • Your guess is not as good as mine. But our guess are not as reliable as the knowledge of the listed congressmen/suspects above. They, our congressmen, know who among them is Micronesian Official #2. This is because they know who, in their committee, fits the descriptions (A) The committee member "with oversight of the Engineering Company’s FSM Contracts.” and (B) "..handles the infrastructure committee," Let us continue to guess the suspect whom they know is Micronesian Official #2.
  • Who is being careful to NOT travel into US territory now?
  • The congressional swearing-in ceremony should be a mandatory event. This year's ceremonial venue should be at Ala Moana Park where a significant number of constituents are already in attendance. This beautiful venue is few blocks from the FBI office on Punchbowl St. The program should begin with the roll call.
  • Let due process be....whoever Official #2 is knows his day is coming.
  • imageplease keep us updated!! wigs need to be snatched!!
  • #1 pleads guilty and sings soprano to the FBI. The cat is out of the bag now....tick, tock, tick, tock.
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