The New President and Vice President of the FSM.



  • noname, I agree. So let's wait for the "winner" and the "loser" after the Kosrae's recount as per the FSM Constitution and election laws. That way, whatever is the outcome will be constitutionally sound; and that the winner and the loser can move on. That's the process; and should be adhered to. Just my thinking--not political as I know both of them as both qualified in their own ways. Kosrae is fortunate to have such quality candidates.
  • Pres KSA VP PNI Speaker CHK VSp YAP
  • That is perfectly fit for the unity of FSM and can solve the financial situations int he states, especially Chuuk State.

    The Compact re-renegotiation when chaired by your best negotiator Peter Christian was absolutely a failure! Changes were made that are unfair to the FSM's plight. Look what has happened to the annual appropriations from U.S. Congress. Is that what you meant ?!
  • Christian sold us short to the Department of Interior.... And "Micronesian Official #2" will sell us out to the Department of State. Good job, electorate!

  • z, if you're not 100% sure about the identify of #2, please make it clear that you are speculating. No matter how you and others may feel about him, he is still the President with many friends and relatives probably reading these posts. Pull the claws back a little until it's beyond the reasonable doubt. Put on that Micronesian consideration and respect to elders until such time that you are 100% sure. Or, maybe you already are. Your posts are usually right and to the point and spot on; so I am just saying.

    In the meantime, in regards to the Kosrae 4-year seat recount, either of the candidates will do good as President--if selected by their colleagues when the time comes.
  • imagelet's wait and see
  • I wonder why there is little mention of David Panuelo ascending to the presidency. I believe he is qualified too. I have watched some sessions of the FSM Congress on YouTube and I do very much admire the manner in which he presented himself and his thoughts. He is respectful, speaks with clairty, and has one of the calming demeanor which is befitting a man in the office of senator, unlike some members of congress who get to be comical at times and therefore bring that August body to a low level. Mr. Panuelo has served on many committees of the past congress. I think he even chaired the standing committee on Foreign Affairs at one point in his service. The committee prepared one for the presidency, since the incumbent of that position will interact a lot with foreign government officials as well as representatives of foreign businesses. Mr. Panuelo has demonstrated he has diplomacy and tact in dealing with different people. His understanding of government and business and his experiences in both sectors are extensive.

    Having said all the above, I do not diminish in any way, shape, or form the qualities of the other possible elected four-year members of congress.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that Mr. Manuel appears to be a very honest and dedicated to serving the people, a quality you do not see in many leaders today. There are some who are there only for the taking, be it in money, recognition, or, self-gratification.

  • The so-called gentlemen's agreement envisions the Presidency to rotate among all the states--not just the state with the most number of congressmen.
  • Most of us have relatives in my long list of suspects, marc. But government is not family business, it is public affairs. Don't be mixing the two our we end up where we are. The press in Hawaii continues to publicize to the whole planet the current administration as a sleazy family enterprise. It is embarrassing for the whole country. But I'll try sugar coat the blunt truth next time for the frail hearted citizens and not necessarily for family, relatives, or tribal chieftains. Please leave family and tribal business out of it. Choose the most qualified president based on character, i.e. who is most selfless, impartial, fair and honest. Not another nepotist scoundrel..oops. I mean not another morally-challenged career politician. Pardon the slip of the tongue there. lol But I respect your hoping the next selection be based on fairness. I only hope your concept for fairness will not have unintended outcomes. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • z, sorry I misunderstood something you posted. I thought you were saying #2 was Christian. So I was just saying for us not to leave that in the air since it is not yet really clear who is #2.
  • No problem. I listed my speculative suspects in the thread on Bribery in the FSM Government by Lyon Assoc. Inc. Good luck promoting the best candidates for the seats. :)
  • So what is the latest on Kosrae's 4-year seat election? Is it a recount or a revote or is it somehow settled yet one way or another? May somebody in the know provide an update. Thanks.
  • Administrative Agency decision came out two days ago. There will be a re-vote in Kosrae for the at-large seat between Vice-President George and challenger Aren Palik. There was no need for court because the aggrieved party (i.e. Aren Palik) was able to convince the Election Commissioner for a re-vote. Again not just recount but re-vote. If his petition administratively had been denied, he would have had the next and remedy of filing an appeal to the FSM Appellate Court for de novo review and for a final decision. President Christian, like challenger Aren Palik also had to option to seek recount/re-vote but he changed his mind as well all now know.
  • very unMicronesian thing to do Aren Palik!
  • whatever happened to let bygones be bygones, you will forever be remembered as an ASSHOLE now from now on....
  • microspring2014, what sort of timeline is expected either by the FSM Constitution or FSM election laws or by state laws? I am sure the 3 other states are anxiously waiting for the re-vote; so that negotiations can begin regarding the key FSM National Government positions: Pres, VP, Speaker, etc.
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