Trump is about to unleash hell and fury on Democrats now that their witch hunt is over

Now that the russian witch hunt that was started by Democrats is over Trump will hit back at the Democrats and the mainstream Fake news media. Democrats know this is coming. They tried to illegally kick trump out of the Whitehouse and for this hell and fury by the Great orange man will be unleash on Democrats.

That is certain. When the Mueller report clear Trump of collusion and didn't find any evidences of obstruction its when the writings on the wall appeared for the Democrats. Trump will use the full might and power of the Justice Department to conduct investigations the FBI and Steele Dossier along with How the Obama used the dossier to spy on Trump and how American Uranium was sold to Russia under the Obama administration.

Right now there are 2 investigation that are about to be concluded which the media is keeping out of the news. 1-The investigation into how FISA was attained to spy on Trump during 2016 from steele dossier by obama administration. 2-The investigation into Obama FBI officials bias against Trump in clearing Hillary in 2016.

And now Senate GOP are urging Trump to look into how the investigation started during Obama administration. Forget about the Cohen case or the campaign violation case those will get nowhere.

The media is calling these future investigations "Revenge investigations".


  • This is a interesting piece from the NYT today.

    Trump and Republicans Seek to Turn the Tables in Post-Mueller Washington
    WASHINGTON — President Trump and his Republican allies went on the offensive on Monday, vowing to pursue and even punish those responsible for the Russia investigation now that the special counsel has wrapped up without implicating him or his campaign in a criminal conspiracy to influence the 2016 election.

    Mr. Trump, grim faced and simmering with anger, denounced adversaries who have pounded him for two years over Russian election interference, calling them “treasonous” people who are guilty of “evil deeds” and should be investigated themselves. “Those people will certainly be looked at,” he said.

    On Capitol Hill, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced he would do just that while also calling for a new special counsel to look at the origins of the last one. White House officials and Republican lawmakers demanded the resignation of a Democratic committee chairman investigating the Russia matter, and Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign lobbied television networks to blackball Democrats who advanced the collusion theory.

    The assertive posture indicated that despite initial calls by Republican leaders to move on after the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, the president and his supporters were intent on turning the tables on his foes. While Democrats saw the actions as revenge, Mr. Trump’s defenders said they wanted accountability for a “witch hunt” that has consumed half of his term.

    “There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things, I would say some treasonous things against our country,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “I’ve been looking at them for a long time,” he added, “and I’m saying why haven’t they been looked at? They lied to Congress, many of them, you know who they are. They’ve done so many evil things.”

    The approach, if it lasts, contrasts with those of other presidents who survived major scandals. After the Iran-contra affair, President Ronald Reagan happily dropped the subject and focused on arms control talks with the Soviet Union and other issues. After being acquitted at his Senate impeachment trial, President Bill Clinton was just as eager to move on to Social Security and other initiatives.
  • What a load of carp!! by the white nationalist LOLO Micronesian.. how can they turn the table when the house belong to democrat? the power to investigate belong to democrat?. LOL stupid moron. LOLO brown ass Micronesian.?? ahahah
  • @visafree the House Representatives does not have the job of investigate. Its jobs is to create laws and legislate and oversight or check and balance. Congress is split in 2, House of Representatives and The Senate. Both legislate and both have check and balance or oversight. The Lower house of Congress is controlled by Democrats while the upper house of Congress is controlled by republicans.

    The branch that has the job to investigate is the Department of Justice or DOJ. The Executive branch or the President also has the power to investigate. DOJ and Executive are controlled by Trump and with DOJ comes the FBI who is is lead by a Trump appointee. FBI can investigate Democrats just like Obama FBI investigated Republican and Trump.

  • @visafree Trump will direct the DOJ and FBI to look into democrats witch hunt and how it started along with Uranium one and How obama FBI appointed director cleared Hillary of anything when it was not his job to dismiss the charges. And from what I'm reading the GOP controlled Senate will ask the DOJ and the President to appoint a New Special COUNSEL to look into how obama officials in FBI and DOJ used Democrats paid for informations to investigate Trump and kick off a witch hunt. Democrats are scared and nervous because they know its coming. Hell and fury. Stay tune. Its Trump time.
  • @Rastafari, when judiciary committee sent out request to eighty some people to collect documents, what exactly are they doing? isn't that a congress investigation goin on? and why is the Administration not complying to the constitutional duty of the house oversight committee? dose that constitute abusing the oath of office?
  • @visafree, that's oversight not investigation. The President can refuse oversight from Congress when does not have any good merith behind its oversight. Its called Check and Balance. Congress can check watch the Executive and executive can check and watch Congress. It goes both ways. And Our beloved President Obama also refused to comply with congress when republicans controlled it and were overnighting his administration. Check and Balance it goes both ways according to the US constitution.
  • no he can not, if he refuse he is destroying the chain of checks and balance, that means he is hiding the fact from the public,, there fore he is not being honest to uphold the constitution, President Clinton when was investigated, he abide by the law, and he did not hide anything from the prosecutor, why is Trump doing the opposite? he is not above the law?
  • Obama refused oversight and Clinton was found guilty of lying to Congress. And the report on clinton took years to be made public. Because laws enacted by Congress made it so. Check and balance. Works both way. Congress and refuse to follow presidents demands like how Democrats in congresss refuse to fund border and President can refuse oversight like trump is refusing democrats.
  • The Obama Administration lacks transparency, resists oversight

    The most recent example is President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege in the context of “Operation Fast and Furious”—a federal gun-running investigation and operation gone wrong. On March 31, 2011, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, then chaired by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, issued a subpoena to the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The Justice Department responded in writing to the committee a few months later. After more back-and-forth, on Oct. 12, the committee issued a second subpoena to the department for communications from several top officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, relating to the operation. The subpoena covered communications from Holder’s chief of staff and the head of the department’s criminal division. It also requested information regarding relevant departmental communications with the White House and details about the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent that spurred investigation of the operation.

    In June of 2012, Obama invoked executive privilege to deny the committee access to certain documents responsive to the subpoena on the basis that complying “would raise substantial separation of powers concerns and potentially create an imbalance in the relationship” between Congress and the White House. The House voted on June 28, 2012, to hold Holder in contempt—the first such action against a sitting Cabinet official. The committee then brought a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to force disclosure of the documents at issue. The court case was repeatedly delayed by procedural issues and unsuccessful efforts to broker a settlement.
  • Trump is resisting oversight just like Obama did. The constitution gives the President the tools to refuse democrats or republicans oversight. Its called executive privilege, obama used it to deny congress and Trump is also using it.
  • Here is an update. Apart from the investigations you mentioned rasta, now GOP Senator Rand Paul has just tweeted that it was Obama's CIA director John Brennan who forced the Steele Dossier on the FBI to be used to illegally spy on Trump and start the Russian investigation. The steele dossier was paid for by the Democrats DNC and Hillary Clinton. Now Rand is calling for the senate to investigate how a Obama official forced the FBI which was headed by Obama appointees to start spying and then kick off this debunked collusion investigation using information paid for and by Democrats.

    The Republican offensive has begun to see how deep the the Obama administration and officials were involved with this russian witch hunt.
  • Trump is about to release all of the FISA warrants the Obama administration used to spy on him that used informations from the Democrats and Clinton campaign paid for. He will released them in full. He is about to make his case to the American people that Democrats politicized the DOJ AND FBI to start the witch hunt. The offensive against Democrats is starting.

    President Trump Says He Will Release FISA Warrants Now That Mueller Probe Over
    Bruce Haring
    March 27, 2019 8:33PM PDT
  • He is hitting back while GOP in the Senate and House are also hitting back at the party that started the witch hunt and told the greatest lie in US history....DEMOCRATS!
  • here is another update. Republicans in the House intelligence Committee have all signed a letter asking for the Lying Dem Rep Adam Schiff to resign for lying to the public and leaking confidential informations to the mainstream liberal media.

    Here is that video earlier today

    Schiff is mad as hell. Watch his reponse by repeating the same lies that have been proven false by Muellers's report. He goes on a rant about ethical integrity and morality and patriotism which is funny because he doesn't have a single ounce of those things.

    If Schiff has morality and ethics and if he is patriotic he will resign because the past 2 years he has lied to the American people. Reign you moraless ethicless unpatriotic lying SOB.
  • this gentleman is a real patriot, he stood his ground even if attacked by President and the republicans. the fact is, it's his constitutional duty to up hold the constitution and to fight for the people's right to know the full report of the specially appointed counsel but the fact that this administration is applying the Russian government style of governing by withholding the report to protect the president..
  • That gentleman is suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome and Collusion Delusion. lol

    Laws and Rules passed by the Senate and house is what is delaying the the release of the report.

    And good news @visafree, The report will be release next month.

    New York times 3/29/2019: DOJ to release Mueller report next month
  • @ reaper, Bar is caving in and so is the administration.. according to judiciary committee, date line stand, feb 2, 2019 . the game is on..
  • @visafree, Trump Ordered The DOJ a few days ago to release the report right away to the public. Barr was of the opinion to wait a few years according to the laws and guidlines set forth by Congress but Trump told him to release it right away.

    (10 days ago) Time News: Trump want Mueller report to be made public

    From what i heard this was coordinated with the Senate judiciary committee which is controlled by republicans and with the help of GOP Senator Lindsay Graham. Graham and Trump both told Barr to release it now. What better way to bury the democrat lies than release what they already know. And that is no collusion and no obstruction.

    Game over.
  • There is no law and guidelines that allows the AG to hold the Report from congress? stop pretending to be an expert, btw all committee in congress are control by democrat an NOT any of the is control by republican?.LOL get out of here Reaper, you sound desperate for information? ahaha full of shit!!
  • " There is no law and guidelines that allows the AG to hold the Report from congress? "

    Here are the Facts
    @visafree, here are the laws and guidlines. educate yourself. The DOJ WILL release the report when its done with it according to

    1. 64 Fed. Reg. 37,038, 37,040-41 passed by Congress on July 9, 1999

    2. Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e)(2)(B). Rule 6(e)

    3. 18 U.S.C. § 401(3

    @visafree said: " btw all committee in congress are control by democrat an NOT any of the is control by republican"

    Answer: The Senate has a Judiciary committee and intelligence committee. The House also has a judiciary and Intel Committee. The GOP controlls the Senate while Democrats the House. Educate yourself. Democrats don't control congress they control the house. Congress is split into 2 chambers. The Senate or the upper house of Congress is controlled by GOP while the lower house of Congress is controlled by Democrats. Educate yourself.
  • And by the @visafree, The GOP CONTROLLED Committees in the senate are about to launch their investigation and i believe a special counsel will be named to investigate Obama's official. lol

    The Hill (today): GOP shifts focus to investigating Obama officials

  • MAGA news MAGA news. And visa getting educated by reaper. splendid really splendid. hahaha
  • Well, looks like all the actions are taking place at the hose committee? and the Senate Committee, al; it dose is resisting progress by the House committee? that's where I'm coming from, where the real actions are where all committees are controlled by the people's party aka the democrats party.
  • Senate Intel Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee is controlled by republicans. And both those committees are about to investigate the Obama administration influence and corruption in FISA scandal, Hillary Email Scandal and Obama's FBI handling of Hillary Investigation and Obama administration part in starting the Witch hunt that has been shown to be fake investigation all along.

    Trump is envoking Presidential Privilege to stonewalling Democrats committees fake oversight from the house of representatives.

    And you are slow in the head. Both Senate and House have their own committees. Educate yourself.

  • That's is what they the senate committee want to do, but until now they are not doing nothing beside trying hard to protect their dictator in chief..ahahah all actions in house committee aka the People's party another word offense on democrats and defenses on republicans.. Fact!! deal with it..ahah
  • No the Senate Committees are doing their duty to oversight. And they are about to look into the illegal acts committed by Obama and Hillary and Obama officials. Democrats committee are getting nowhere and ever since mueller report cleared Trump of collusion the Democrats have went on Defence while GOP is on Offense. 2 years of Democrats failed offense failed.

    Get ready because Trump and GOP are about to expose Obama and Hillary and Democrat media and their lies.

  • I take it back, That is what the senate republicans want to do but too bad the oversight committee is in the house and it control by the people's party, the democrats. still yet, the people including the both republican and democrats on house of rep, have voted to have the report release to the public, yet Trump and his DOJ are holding on to it. why? what are the hiding? the AG Bar is flunky and so is he boss..LOL
  • @visafree, I'm sorry to called you stupid. My bad. You are not stupid. You are retarded. Sometimes wonder if you are redsnapper. For the last time there are oversight committees in both the Senate and House.

    There are over 82 oversight committees in the Senate and 4 select oversight committees in the Senate and all are chaired by GOP.

    Report will be release this month. DOJ will release it minus the classified informations. Democrats know the report clears Trump that is why are asking For the entire report knowing it won't happen because laws prohibit the full report being released without redaction.

    MAGA and educate yourself.
  • That same Nunes guy has reccomended 8 referrals to rhe DOJ and Senate Judiciary committee seeking jail time for 8 former obama officials. Something to do with the FISA dossier. My guesses are former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch, former Obama FBI director James Comey, Former Obama CIA director John Brennan, Former Obama National director of Intelligence James Clapper, Former Obama official Andrew McCabe, Former Obama DOJ official Eric Holder.

    Its awesome. Hell has no fury like a Orange man who've been scorned.

    In Trump I trust!
  • @ Rasta, that is just another distraction by brown nose Nunes, a distraction from the truth in the Muller's full report. LOL
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