From Fiscal Years 2016 through FY 2019, the FSM Congress appropriated a disturbingly over $540 million for the operation of the FSM National Government, Priority Projects for the States and Pork Barrel spending on Social and Economic Public Projects. Of the over $540 million, $435 million or 82 per cent was ear-marked for general operations, $71.5 million or 13 per cent in Public Projects and $34.2 million or 5 per cent for State Priority Projects.

FSM Congress appropriation of a whopping $71,534,800 in pork barrel Public Project Spending averaged $17,884,000 per year and an alarming $1,277,000 per Congressman per year. The said over $71.5 million does not include an additional $34 million in “States Priority Infrastructure Projects” which are in a way still treated like “public projects” in that the funds do not go to the states governments but remain with members of congress to allocate and distribute as they see fit and on behalf of the state governments. If we are to combine those two, members of the FSM Congress command a whopping $105.7 million in project related funds which translate to an average of $24.4 million per year and $1.9 million each member of Congress. Members of the FSM Congress for ages have continued to think that it is their responsibility too distribute these funds as they wish. Every single one of them will swear by the bible that they do not, but it is a known fact. The states have very little or no involvement whatsoever in determining how these funds are distributed and how it should be implemented. Everything is now a responsibility of the FSM National Government and I am truly sad that this is the reality. Why is there no economic development derived from all these funds? I think we could easily conclude from here forward. This would make a very interesting Con Con issue.

A review of the Public Laws of the 19th and 20th Congress has revealed some very disconcerting trend which I believe is news worthy to report to the PEOPLE of the FSM. There were 364 Public Laws that was signed during the 19th and 20th Congress; 174 and 190 respectively. Out of the 364 Public Laws, 267 were for Public Projects and subsequent amendments that further, further, further, and further……… amend Public laws, 38 Public Laws for Operations Budget and Supplement Budgets and only 59 Public Laws that have very meaningful effects. This reads as the FSM Congress spent 84 per cent of their time amending and further, further, further……….. amending appropriation laws and a meager 16 per cent on meaningful laws. The general operations budget of the FSM National Government have been amended with supplemental budget 18 time during the 19th Congress and 20 times during the 20th Congress. Why exactly is this disturbing and upsetting? Because this simply depicts general and complete lack of proper PLANNING when your government is allocating funds. A gross general lack of planning that is indeed affecting everything that we are as a people. Could this be the real reason why we have not developed economically? Is the random manner in planning how we spend our government funds the major set back to our deficiencies in development? It is your government, you decide.

This is another attempt to keep the FSM People informed by enhancing more Accountability and Transparency.


  • Snowden_691:

    Thanks for the information. I bet you, less than 20% of the Government employees in the entire FSM know about this. Let alone the majority of our Citizens. Could this be translated in all our FSM different languages and distributed through out our country? Majority of the folks that make the decisions on election day does not know this important information. I wish it could be translated exactly as you have written and explained point by point. I will keep my fingers cross!
  • Oalong, I cannot take credit for this. I took it off one of the Facebook forums.

    In any case, the statements are an ominous revelation, if true.

    It is quite unfortunate that Congress has been able to get away with this type of legal highway robbery for so long, if these allegations are true.

    What needs to be put in place to mitigate future abuse is a request from the public to have the leadership provide their annual financial statements for all to see on a yearly basis.

    Because at the moment, what they do, how they do it, and how it is perceived is all anyone's guess. There needs to be accountability.

    Honestly, who judges the lawmakers when they are creating laws for their own personal gain? God help us all!!!!!

    Congressman mentality: "The ship is going down, I might as well take as much as I can before everything goes south. Fuck the stupid citizens. They believe whatever I tell them."
  • Snowden/Oaloang,
    How long will the people let congress get away from these corrupt schemes?
  • Paclands, the problem is we, the voters, have short term memory. We bitch and complain but on the day of the election, the candidate smiles, says a few beautiful words of bullshit, hands over an insultingly small amount of money and then we put a check mark in the box.

    What needs to happen is on the last month of the election, a full blown campaign to discredit and expose the incumbents should be implemented. Social media, forums, and youtube should broadcast and remind the people who the incumbents really are and how much personal gain they have reaped from abusing the system.

    Then and only then will the public be angry enough and reminded enough to change their votes.
  • Snowden,
    I agree with you. This is really getting out of proportion. Like you said, WE bitch and complain, but get side tracked with a bottle of sakau and a case of chicken.
  • Stop voting for your uncles, brothers and clans (tribalism). At a minimum vote for your aunties. Uniformly they are smarter than the uncles. And they drink less beer.
  • Sarem Chuuk, I'm with you on that.

    It would be refreshing to see an all female congress or legislature. Mothers take care of their families while the father sits back and bullshits.

    Perhaps in this way, an all female legislature can start taking care of its citizens.
  • Whoa, Nellie! Begin with one. One woman elected to the FSM Congress, or the Chuuk Legislature. Then another. Maybe over two or three election cycles kicking the habit of electing uncles, and brothers, and cousins, and clan members will lead to smarter and thus more effective legislators and legislation.

    When? When pigs fly! But we can hope.
  • Yes, Sarem Chuuk. It always starts with one, let's make it happen.
  • Listen to a foreigner folks. A former peace corps volunteer knows whats best for us. Savages must listen to Whiteman.
  • Reaper, I think it would be more ample to say "we must learn from the mistakes of the white man."
  • edited June 2019
    It does not sound like you Whitemen are offering advice but are lecturing Micronesians on what not and what to do in their own country. According to one women will make better choices when they are in power in FSM. Really. How is that working in the US? Or Britain? Women should lead says him while his own party in America is sure to nominate two men, Sanders or Biden to run in 2020 against Trump. There are over a dozen females running on the Democrat ticket yet it will be the men who get the nomination.

    Hypocrisy at its best.
  • This is pure gold. An All female legislature can't do jack shit. You guys hear that. The females take care of the families while all the men are our drinking sakau and talking BS and shooting shit while the females are out there fishing, driving taxis, maning the fire stations and police stations and guarding the prisons fixing roads and putting up power lines. While you men in FSM are doing nothing.

    Apparently this has been going on since the TTPI days.

    The most dangerous jobs in the world and in micronesia are occupied by men. Men are 10 times more likely to be killed on a job than a women. But as we are being told men do nothing.

    Who build on the roads and schools and power plants and houses in FSM? Asnwer to that is MEN. When a house goes up in flame in kosrae i have yet to see an all female fire crew. Who earn the bread and bring homes the money in FSM? Majority its by men. But somehow men are doing nothing in FSM while women are doing most of the heavy lifting.

    When the roof goes leaking i haven't see a female go up to fix it but calls a man to do it. Even when the light bulbs need replacing.

    Women are more vindictive and prone to dirty politics than men. And when women does something wrong its the men who go to fight do fix that mistake a women make.

    Foolish lessons from 2 has been white trash.
  • @Reaper, just because I go against your backward ideals and philosophy does not make me a white man.

    Both you and Rastaman are short-sighted and ignorant to a point where you believe someone more intelligent than you is more likely a white man than a local.

    You are both rigid and lack any semblance of compassion to a nation that needs change.

    Lastly, just because I am for females in a leadership role does not mean I am white. I am a man, who has enough confidence in my masculinity to admit that woman can play a big role in development of our Nation. Woman are level headed when it comes to responsibilities that affect the family and their livelihood whereas we men measure our worth by the length of you know what.

    It is safe to say I don't have to over compensate whereas the both of you seem like you need to dish out insults to compensate where you are most likely lacking.
  • Take that white fake ass compassion and shove it up your white ass.
  • @rastaman, it's a local white ass versus your filthy black ass......hahahahaha
  • Y'all hear that. That's how the liberal Whiteman really thinks about us brown savages. Racism comes easily to the liberal Whiteman man who claims to be compassionate. Recessive genes carrying Whiteman.

    Its brown ass. Not black, brown. And there is no such thing as a local whiteman.
  • @rastaman, I digress, you know what color your ass is since it is the first thing you look at in the mirror.
  • Still brown. @Snowden_691, This is what you see when you look at the mirror. This is your idea of masculinity. This is what every cuck hold Whiteman see when they talk about that "im confidence in my masculinity" talk.

    This is how Snowden-691 looks like.

    This is the picture of a typical white trash Socialist who want women to rule. How can you take someone like this seriously?
  • @Rastaman, hahahaha, your pictures speak for itself. You fear women because you are a woman trapped in a mans body. You despise them because you understand them more than you think and it scares you.

    And as I stated earlier, your topics involve plagiarism and repetitiveness. All in all, basically useless
  • @Snowden-691, no. I don't fear women. I just see your nonsense for what it is. Your reverse psychology game needs improvement. Your topics and opinions have no weight here in Micronesia. Just a side attraction.

    I don't need lecturing from a man that is trying to score some points by hating his own sex.

  • LOL@Rastaman. You sound like you love same sex relationships. No worries, I'm not going to judge you. To each his own. No wonder you are against women.
  • This thread looks promising image
  • It is no secret that the left has been normalizing this insanity. People no longer know which restroom to use anymore. In New York, 31 genders are legally recognized to include fluid gender, where the person is sometimes male and sometimes female. You have to use the correct pronouns when addressing these special genders, like 'ze,' 'xe,' 've,' 'tey,' and 'hir'... If you don't call these people by their preferred pronoun, you may be fined up to $250,000 for discrimination. A similar law in California would fine health-care workers up to $1000 and a year in jail if they don't use the preferred name or pronoun for trans-gender persons. The left's mainstream propaganda has been pushing this new gender-confused society, which is another reason why conservatives like myself think "liberalism" is a mental disorder. The FSM Congress has no clue what can of worms they open by embracing this mainstream culture which normalizes insanity. Some of us just view this new culture as merely bizarre, but I think Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah went down this path. It's a sign of social decay which sometimes ends abruptly with pyroclasts called burning brimstones. Having said that, I support anyone who has the right qualification, character, family values and principles for public office, regardless of their skin color, hair length or genitals.
  • this discussion just went dead boring....snoring zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz
  • Brain dead boring.
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