Department Of Justice Reject Democrats Demands For Trumps Tax Returns

With all this liberal talks about constitutional crisis and today we saw that the constitution is well and alive and doing well. Today we witnessed another liberal narrative being proven as nothing more than a narrative without truth. The DOJ put a check on the house which is controlled by Democrats. In their latest outburst of trump derangement syndrome the House controlled by Democrats subpoena the tax return of the President.

DOJ releases legal opinion supporting Treasury refusal to turn over Trump tax returns
By Laura Jarrett, CNN
Updated 6:55 PM EDT, Fri June 14, 2019

Democrats have went out of control using the house to go after Trump. With the collusion narrative being debunked as false by Mueller the DOJ release a ruling today agreeing with Secretary of Treasury in refusing the Democrats call for the release of Trumps tax return records.

This shows beyond reasonable doubt that the constitution and the American Republic is well in hand. The framers of the constitution created 3 branches of government. And each was invested to check upon the power of the others. And the DOJ is part of that check and balance and it put a check on the out of control powers the Democrats have.



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