Art Of The Deal: Democrats Agree To Give $4.6 Billion In Funding To Border

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No more money to the border they said unless the construction on the wall stop. We will not negotiate nor will we/Democrats give a single penny to the wall or border. That was said 2 months ago. That was 90 days ago. Today amid pressure from centrists and public pressure the Democrat leadership announced that they will pass key legislation that gives $4 Billion dollars funding to the border.

How many beds and how many blankets along with how many miles would that 4 billion bring? A few hundred beds few thousand blankers and a whole lot of miles for the border.

This news was announced and Trump welcomed it. He said it all along in the end they will now down to public pressure and he was right.

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  • That's now a total of 9 billion dollars to the wall that Democrats have given. Not counting the $8 billion that Trump got from his executive emergency. $17 billion in all. Majority of the 17 billion Democrats have approved.

    This ladies and gentlemen is the art of the deal beinf performed in front of us. Kicking and screaming they do but in the end they succumb to the Orange mans demands.
  • This is keep getting better and better.
  • You just wait the I.G investigation into the obama administration corruption of the FBI DOJ and CIA has been completed. The report will be released in a few weeks. And a former obama witness against Trump has flipped and is cooperating and giving information about how the Obama administration used to dossier to get a fisa warrant to spy on Trump.
  • if only Trump did not commit a crime in the name of democracy.. the Responsible congress didn't have to pail out this country from face of this planet?..
  • crime at the border

  • Crime? You mean enforcing the laws that Congress passed under Bill Clinton a Democrat who signed the laws? Simple. Don't come to America illegally. Do it like we micronesians are doing which is legally and there won't be no problem. It's that simple.
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