How Reaper drowns this forum with pro-Trump, anti-Obama, non-Micronesian topics

Read it and weep. These are just a few of the non-Micronesian, Trumpaganda topics recently posted by Reaper (all misspellings are his):

Kaboom: Obama-Era ICE Official Says ‘Cages’ for Illegal Immigrant Children Were Obama’s Idea

America First: Trump Admin Declares Emergency To Direct Funds To Native Americans Communities

Art Of The Deal: Democrats Agree To Give $4.6 Billion In Funding To Border

U.S Court Of Appeals Sides with Trump-Its Unlawful For Taxpayers To Fund Abortion/Planned Parenthood

New York Times: Trump Administration Is Escalating Cybernetic Attack On Russia

Keep America Great: Trump Officially Launch 2020 Reelection Campaign

Department Of Justice Reject Democrats Demands For Trumps Tax Returns

Homeland Security chief says: 90% of asylum seekers miss court dates

Get Ready to Pay $213 billion to give illegals full healthcare coverage in California

CNN-Trumps Policy of confronting and sanctions agains Russia & China is bad for America

Winning! Mexico and US reach deal on illegal Migration to avoid tarrifs on Mexico

Kaboom! MAGA- U.S unemployment rate falls to the lowest since 1969

Winning! Federal Judge rejects House Democrats' attempt to block border wall

Kaboom! Amidst Pressure From Trump, Russia Pullout Support & Advisers From Venezuela

Kaboom! House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Says Trump Impeachment ‘Destined For Failure’

U.N Watchdog: Iran Could Be Violating Obama Nuclear Deal

Liberal-Democrats-Left Wing Media Have Started Attacking Mueller!!!

Former Obama In New York Times OpEd: Trump Will Be Reelected!

Robert Mueller: We are Confidence The President Did Not Commit A Crime"

Trump Orders US Intelligence Agencies To Assist AG Investigate How Obama Admin Started Russian Hoax

CNN: Trump Ordered US INTEL To Conduct Cyber Attacks On Russia

MAGA! Canada Just Bowed Down To Trumps Demands !MAGA!

Kaboom! Trump approval at 51%, winning millennials, trusted more than Democrats on economy!

Kaboom! Obama Officials Comey, Brennan & Clapper are the Targets Of Federal Investigation

Democrat Rep-Rashida Talib: I get a calming feeling when i think about Hitler Killing 6 Million Jews

A.G Barr Aasign Federal Prosecutor to look into Origin Of Russia investigation & Spying on Trump

MAGA: Pentagon approves plan to shift $1.5B for 80 miles of Border wall

Liberal New York Times Finally Admits Obama/FBI SPIED ON TRUMP CAMPAIGN

Kaboom! Attorney General Barr Multiple Criminal Investigations Underway Against Obama Officials/FBI


Democrat Rep.Ilhan Omar Blames America For Venezuela Crisis

MAGA: 275,000 Jobs Created in April 2019!

Obama White House Sought Ukraine’s Help In Taking Down Trump: REPORT

MAGA BOOM! US economy grows by 3.2% in the first quarter, topping expectations

Israel Will Name A Town In The Jewish State, Trump, In Honor Of U.S President Trump

Breaking News: Pelosi pushes Democrats not to impeach Trump after Mueller report

The Mueller Report Makes It Clear: Trump Is Off the Hook in SDNY as Well

Mueller Report: Obama Allowed Russia To Interfere In US Election


MAGA: Transgender Military Ban Goes Into Effect!

Ex-Obama Official to Be Charged Soon in Mueller-Related Case

Liberal Leaning The New York Times Admits There Is A Crisis At The US Border With Mexico


Trump Ally Netanyahu Wins Reelection In Israel

Canada Liberal Government Changing Laws To Stop Asylum Seekers Entering Its Territory

U.S Attorney General Told Congress Today He Is Opening Investigation On Obama FBI & DOJ Officials

MAGA: Thanks To GOP Tax Cuts Bank Of America Is Raising Minimum Wage To $20Dollars An Hour

Kaboom! Republicans trigger ‘nuclear option’ to speed Trump court nominees

Kaboom! NATO Chief declares Trump's push for more defense spending is working

Trump is getting the credit he deserves for fixing Obama’s economy

MAGA: US Trade Deficit See A Sharp 14.6% Drop Since Last Year

MAGA! House Of Representatives Fail To Override Trump National Emergency To Build Wall

Socialists-Democrats Green New Deal Failed To Become Law In Senate Vote

US Recognize Golan Heights As Israel's Territory

MAGA: Pentagon Has AUTHORIZED $1Billion To BEGIN Building Border Wall

Washington Post (Kaboom!): Democrats Have Given Up On Impeaching Trump In Wake Of Mueller Report

Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti Arrested Faces 20 Years in Prison

UN REPORT 3/24/2019: 134 Christians Killed Today In Mali By Muslims


It Has Started-Liberals & Media Are Now Attacking Robert Mueller

LOL: CNN Begrudgingly Admits Trump Has Been Vindicated by Russia Probe


The ISIS Caliphate Has Been Destroyed!!!

President Trump: " Mueller Report Must Be Made Public So The People Can See it "

As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges

Trump Order Deployment Of US Nuclear Bombers To Europe Against Russia

Kaboom! U.S. Supreme Court Hands Trump Administration Another victory On Immigration Battle

MAGA: Trump Donates His Salary To Homeland Security

Axios News: Trump 2020 Campaign Dominates & Outspent Democrats In Digital Ads

Trump's Wall Would Create Jobs, Renewable Energy, And Increase Border Security

Kaboom! Trump Signs Biggest Wilderness Protection Bill In A Decade

MAGA!..Trump Has Flip 3rd Circuit Court Towards GOP Majority


Former Special Counsel Ken Starr: Trump hasn't obstructed justice

Kaboom! CNN:" Manafort's criminal sentence wasn't about the Russia investigation!"

Obama official Bruce Ohrs full transcript have been released...Not Good For Democrats

CNN: "There is absolutely no evidence that Paul Manafort was involved in any collusion with Russia"

Kaboom! Manafort Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison...Not For Collusion

Kaboom! Trump Revokes Obama-Era Rule Of Hiding Civilian Death Count In US BOMBINGS

Kaboom! GOP Senate To USE Democrats Tactic-"Nuclear Option" 2 Quickly Confirm Trump Judges

GOP Pass Bill To Empower ICE To Deport Illegal Immigrants In Democrat Controlled House

The Guardian Newspaper:Trump Will Win In 2020 Because Of Democratic Socialism!

Kaboom! Trump Administration IS Close To Defunding Planned Parenthood


Kaboom! Obama's Ex Chief Of Intelligence: "Mueller Report Will Be Disappointing And Anti-Climactic"

Kaboom! 14 Miles Of Trump Wall Begins Construction Today In San Diego

Kaboom! New York Times Admits "No Evidence of Obstruction" Committed By Trump

Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality

Famous Democrat Actor Paid Nigerians To Attack Him & Blame Trump Supporters

And the list goes on and on and on for the past two years. NONE of them are about Micronesia. If Enough is enough.



  • demoraliziation of micsem.
  • Exactly. It's now on life support.
  • All those topics are related to Micronesia in one way or another. Jobs, economy and GDP and low unemployment and market news from the US are related to Micronesia and its people. I'm doing my civic duty to inform my Micronesian brother and sisters. And to offer them a different point of view regarding the news instead of all that fake news we are being brainwashed with from the left and Democrats in general.

    And Lets please reinstate the ban on both factsmatter and pawnstar....Keep it fair.
  • I stopped coming here because of these topics. There are forums (or fora) for those topics. Justify is as much as you like. YOU are responsible for this. I used to check for comments/thoughts once a day. I now do it once a week or every two weeks. Nice one Reaper. You've won. And the so-called moderator.
  • Freedom of Speech won my friend not i but freedom of speech.

  • True Reaper, but bro!! too much about asshole not enough of the brain and stomach which are more important.. by the way, when you mention the name Trump only one thing some to mind is LIES?? how do you expect everyone to believe?
  • Democracy won. Freedom of speech live! Only lies that i see are the ones you and the Democrats put out. Truth!
  • From just the last five days, add to the long list the latest non-Micronesian Trump garbage posted by Reaper:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome Loses Again: Appeals court dismisses emoluments clause case against Trump

    Trump Proposes Ways to Improve Care for Kidney Disease and Increase Transplants

    US economy adds 224,000 jobs in June 2019

  • Yes, this Micronesia forum site is becoming like USA site rather than Micronesia. Micronesians think of themselves as Americans? Scratching my head.
  • When Micronesian defense and economies are no longer sustained by the American taxpayer, perhaps then the anti-American argument may have some validity.
  • I Concur with z. But on another note, anything and everything that happen and take place in Washington D.C also concern and have weights and impact ion Micronesia and the countries and people within Micronesia and those from micronesian living within the Borders and territories of the US. Trump just passed a executive order 3 or 4 days ago on something regarding dialysis and kidney problems.

    We may hate the guy but everything he does concern and effect us all and the world in general. Lets not let our personal opinions could our eyes from knowledge.
  • Yes, all hail the champions of "freedom of speech." image

  • The fake news media is the enemy. The fake media that is another extension of the Democrat party that is.

    Stalin was a socialist slash communist. The samething every democrats now embraced. Free healthcare free school...are things stalin was for...the exact same thing Democrats are now for. Make up your mind factsmatter, yesterday Trump was a Nazi today he is a socialist. Lol
  • Thanks for proving my case, Weeper. lol


    The noise from wind turbines causes cancer.

    The wall is already being built.

    Mothers, in consultation with their doctors, execute their children.

    These are some of the boldest, most deranged lies Donald Trump has told since becoming the 45th president of the United States.

    But, as anyone with access to the Internet or TV knows, he’s also told hundreds of smaller lies about everything from not calling Tim Cook “Tim Apple” to the number of people at a Beto O’Rourke rally.

    And when we say the leader of the free world has told “hundreds” of lies, we actually mean closer to 10,000.

    After telling a mere 5,000 false and misleading statements during his first 601 days in office, the pace and frequency of the lies has accelerated such that he doubled his bullshit in just a third of the time, telling almost 23 lies a day in the seven-month period beginning in late October, during midterm elections.
  • @FactsMatter, the biggest lie was change. The biggest lie was saying obama and Democrats never separated, caged and deporting children. The biggest lie was promising to end the wars in the middle east yet enlarging them. The biggest lie was saying if you like your healthcare you can keep it. The biggest lie was saying the green new deal must be passed and yet no single democrats voted to pass it. The biggest lie was saying Trump colluded with russia. The biggest lie was saying Trump news don't belong here yet praising and allowing anti trump news in here.

    Ain't vanity fair a liberal leaning paper? Yes they are right. Over 10,000 liberals and trump derangement folks believe it....

    Media is lying...True. They tried to sell us the now debunked mueller witch hunt.

    Comey lied...He wad involved in Obama's attempt to take down Trump.

    17 intelligence were coopted by Obama administration in trying to take Trump. In the end mueller found no collusion.

    Clinton lied...she deleted 10,000 emails. And sold US uranium to Russia. That's why she lost.

    Obama lied...He caged childrend and deported them by the millions.

    Stormy Daniels lied...her case got thrown out by the

    Strzok lied...Mueller fired him for that

    Mueller is right...there was no collusion and no evidences of obstruction.

    Putin and his country economy is being destroyed by Trumps sanctions.....No one buy yourd russian story anymore.

  • Yes, in the Trump Derangement World, everyone lies except Putin, Kim Jong Un, and their BFF, Donny Trump. lol
  • No one buys the Trump-Putin collusion story factsmatter. Its dead. Give it a rest. Thanks Mueller for exposing the lie that was started by Democrats nand the Obama administration. Not everyone lies. But the liberal leaning media and former obama officials. All the folks on your memes are all obama officials.

  • We all recognize the trolls who post Trumpaganda every day on this forum. lol
  • And thanks the liberals who participate in these discussions and from their participation keep trump discussion alive. Keep it coming guys keep it coming.
  • And Reaper's Trumpaganda goes on and on and on.....barf.
  • edited July 18
    And you keep participating in them on and on and

    They are a counter information news to your anti trump/conservative comments and poats and your pro socialism views.

  • Once again, Reaper doesn't get it. Perhaps he has trouble reading. So, to help him:


    Do you get it yet?
  • Everything Trump does has affects here in Micronesia.

    Do You Get It Yet?
  • Trump can - and does - speak for himself. He doesn't need a loudmouth spokesman on Micronesia Forum spreading his lies every day.
  • That is coming from the person who was posting discussions about Trump that have been debunked as fake news.

    You along with Sarem have been the 2 most authors of discussions based on Liberal leaning infos that have been proven as false. The collusion story-proven to be false by Mueller himself. The indictments stories proven to be not related to the investigation it self. Not one single person has been indicted with collusion. The hush money story also debunked and proven to be false since the investigation has been shut down with no charges filed. The Jullian Assange story alsp debunked since Trump was behind the Pressure that made ecuador released Assange to face extradition to the US to be tried as a spy by the Trump Administration.

    I'm countering the lies you and you friends spread here.

    Don't you get it yet?
  • So, how many Micronesian topics have you posted in this Micronesia Forum, Mr. Trumpeteer?

    Don't think too hard, now. Zero?
  • How many anti Trump-conservative & Trump related have you? The pot shouldn't be accusing the kettle of something she is aslo guilty of. You and your socialists friends have been posting for years and it was fine just long as you socialists were doing it. All the Mueller investigation related news in here you and Sarem were the ones posting about them. And every single one have been proven to be false by Mueller himself.

    The Cohen case related to the now debunked hush money you and sarem also posted. The Trump towers meetings you 2 also were the one who put them in here. The Comey testimony was aslo you 2. The Cohen testimony also you two. Come on don't be so butthurt because all those discussions you 2 posted have all been proven to be false.

    I just like to keep reminding you 2 and the rest of my brown sisters and brother of the lies you two posted in here.

    Don't you get it yet?
  • So, how many Micronesian topics have you posted in this Micronesia Forum, Mr. Trumpeteer?

    Name them. We're waiting.
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