RMI's name-Tradition vs European

For my fellow "Marshallese" kinsmen our country should change it's name to a more traditional title and ditch what the Europeans gave us.I've heard from a friend a year back that the Netijela are considering to go about this route however for whatever reason they've decided to put it aside.Should we re-engage this topic throughout the kingdom?.Below are what we can choose from if the discussion rises within our parliament.And if it succeeds.

-Aelon kein ad(Our islands)
-Jolet Jen anij(Gifts from the gods)
-Iroij mojen(Chieftains realm)
-Lowa mojen(Lowa's realm)

I personally think Rimeto from the ocean people jowi(clan) best suits us.Simply because we are indeed people of the sea.Our history&culture have always been intertwined with it.


  • To me calling myself Marshallese feels awkward.After a British captain that has done little contribution to our people's history besides "discovering" us.

    Rimeto or other traditional names perfectly goes well.
  • We're also the only nation on Micronesia with a non traditional name as the rest have theirs.
  • Some people have suggested Aelon Majol.
  • @FactsMatter/Aelon can definitely go well with other traditional names but Majol itself just isn't islander like.No offense to the explorer he's made significant contribution to our history.We natives would only be alright with naming our own land and not under a Ribelle(Foriegn people).
  • John Marshall's story is featured in our Alele museum so that significant part of our history wouldn't be forgotten.If we end up changing the country's name and if it succeeds it'll be a win win for all.
  • factsmatter is a ribelle so why listen to her? Aelon in majol she says but doesn't know Majol is Marshall.
  • @Reaper/A minor mistake perhaps.But I'd have to actually see it for myself if she's actually Ribelle or not.I have foreign blood in me and look very light skinned than the original darkened complexion of our people.However the ways of the "Marshallese" life are deeply rooted.Other than that she has every right to give opinions on anything.Same applies to everyone on this forum.May not agree and such but I still can give respect.I only listen to useful comments regarding the thread's topic and that's that.
  • Her opinion don't mean nothing. She is not of these islands. She is just another ribelle who think she knows more than us. We are being divided by these ribelles. According to her i and every other micronesians who agree with Trump are racists. Its time we play fire with fire.

    You can respect her but see if she return it if you disagree with her. I doubt she will.
  • This is really a good point image
  • MrNobody905, as you know, "Majol" or "Majel" represents how "Marshall" is pronounced by Ri Majol, the Marshallese people.

    Similarly, people in the Gilbert Islands now call their country "Kiribati," which is their local pronunciation of "Gilberts." (Try repeating the word "Gilberts" very rapidly and you too will be saying "Kiribati.")

    Similarly, "Truk" is now called "Chuuk" to more accurately reflect local history, culture, and pronunciation. (Chuuk means mountain in the Chuukese language.) Chuuk lagoon was known mainly as Truk (a mispronunciation of Ruk, until 1990. Other names included Ruk, Hogoleu, Torres, Ugulat, and Lugulus.
  • Masoliol is the old name.
  • @Reaper/I understand,I will not come between any quarrels you Have with her.I'm neutral and take no sides.The bigger picture here is that politics is tearing humanity apart denying a chance for us all to unite together to build a better world.Our spiecie is focused more on crippling one another when hope lingers about.Idk of we'll ever come to terms as humankind to move forward.Don't think we ever will by the looks of it.

    @FactsMatter/Yes of course,Deriving from a British captain that has no cultural connection with the people of the Rimeto realm.Some of us in the kingdom do not take pride in it that name.We favor our traditional ones instead.Surely this native concern shouldn't cause an uproar of such.We Just want a nation reshaping the name into a more islander like in origin.We can simply keep Marshall in our history books.
  • @./Masoliol? Strange never heard of such name.Where did you get that from? Sounds foreign.
  • Ralik & Ratak are indigenous names of the archipelagos that made up what is now called Marshall islands. Lolelaplap is the name of the body of water that is between the two chains.
  • @Reaper/ I'll support those names from our ancestors but Marshall itself should be placed aside.Again no disrespect to the European captain.Kinsmen like me just aren't too comfortable naming ourselves after a non native islander.Each time people at my campus ask where I'm from I have to explain the complexity of it.It's insane.That's why I'm not alone on this matter for there are many back home and abroad that have been visioning this for a long time.Many traditional names to choose from.

    With all do respect to him.We can also consider renaming the kingdom to our first president/High cheiftain Iroijlaplap Amata Kabua.
  • Well, good luck to you and keep us informed on your progress.
  • @FactsMatter/Much thanks Island sister.I hope it succeed.Only time will tell.
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