Documenting the warrior culture that once existed within the societies of Micronesia.Everything from both it's History nor culture will be posted on this discussion.

(Feel free to add anything that can be of good use for future references/education.)


  • Anyone know the words for warrior or battle men for the following Islands


    It's vital for my research.
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    Here are my recent researching efforts.Enjoy reading!.
  • Warrior culture within Micronesia has always been a part of life.Followed by the traditions of war such as,tattoos,warrior dance,weaponry,battle attire,war gods,battle canoes,martial arts,ceremonies,so on.

    Wether by clan disputes or chieftains battle for dominance.Tribal violence was rampantly common in this chaotic region of the pacific.Anything can cause it really.A small spark can fuel flames of war at any given time.By whatever reason.

    Societies such as the Kiribati,Marshalls,Chuuk,Mokil,Yap,Palau,and lastly Guam.Each having a unique warrior culture amongst themselves that differ one another.
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  • JODIK-Meaning to raid or plunder.Marshallese warriors occasionally act upon attacking small or medium sized villages that lack warriors to defend it.The elders,women,and children are first for evacuation while able body men prepare themselves to repel the oncoming raiding party.It usually ends in carnage.Anything useful is to be taken.From food,tools,fishing equipments,mats,weaving jewelry,so on.Both day and night at anytime given this can occur.
  • KABEKL-The Palauan war canoe.About 40ft in length and 2 ft deep accommodating over 40 some warriors.These were used during war times.With great display of manipulating and maneuvering either by paddle nor sail.It must've been terrifying to their enemies as sound of thunderous weaponry or paddles beating off the canoe followed by war chants heading their way.
  • MARSHALLS: "The natives swarmed all over the shore brandishing spears tipped with the tails of the stingrays, wooden clubs, and slingshots which they used with deadly accuracy. "

    CHUUK: "Spaniards noticed with alarm hundreds of canoes from the surrounding islands full of men armed with lances, clubs and slings, rapidly bearing down on them. "

  • "On the walls hung weapons; bundles of spears tipped with stingray tails; war clubs of hard wood; and long pikes, polished and painted yellow, with a bulge at each end. One of their weapons is a sling made from coconut twine, with which they hurl projectiles, the size and shape of a human eye, that are carefully ground from basaltic rock."

    "Even though beautifully worked branches can become dangerous weapons in their hands, they know nothing of the bow and arrow."

  • "The Palauans, on the other hand, wore no clothing whatsoever; but what they lacked in habiliment they more than compensated for in armament. Poison tipped arrows and spears slung from a hurling device are mentioned in the reports, while note is made of the fact that no such weapons were in evidence among the Sonsorolese.(36) In a welcome at Palau that proved to be somewhat less amicable than that at Sonsorol the Spanish gained firsthand experience of Palauan ordinance when several natives, who had a few minutes earlier been exchanging gifts aboard the Trinidad, let go with a volley of spears and arrows as soon as their canoes were a safe distance from the ship."

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  • TORAK/LIKOPEJNAK-Both words meaning protection and cover.Marshallese warriors used a wooden shield during war times to deflect their enemy's attack.It was nearly tall as an average man reaching about 4-5ft in height.Rectangular in shape with a center grip for the bearer to hold onto.
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