Socialits Democrat impeachment inquiry WILL GO NO WHERE

It's just another hoax. Anorher chaper of the Russian hoax or fabricated episode. We saw it all. And this one is no different. Another crazy attemp by the party of Obama to get rid of Trump. All because they hate him

First they blamed it on Russia then on a CAMPIGN violations and and when both these got disproved to be lies they go on to a phone call.



If Democ rats were serious about impeachment they would have done it already. But they have a inquiry impeachment. Its purpose is to make negative news on Trump. It's doing the opposite. The Trump campaign for 2020 raised 15 million dollars in the past 3 days from small donations.

Think about that.

We saw and heard the intelligence director testimony. This is all made up lies and unproven allegations. And we Saw the Democ rat Adam Schiff making up shit about the phone calls and later saying it was all for fun.

Schiff Clarifies His Fabricated Account Of Ukraine Transcript By Calling It ‘Parody



  • I saw that too. He made things up and when he was called out for it Adam said it was all for fun. This impeachment inquiry is all for fun according to Adam Schiff.

    For fun. This is another nothing nothing headline.
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