Anthony Rutun Teteeth and Frances Choay Buchon charged with Yap murder

Two men charged with the murder of Rachelle Bergeron

By Bill Jaynes, The Kaselehlie Press, October 30, 2019

FSM’s former Attorney General Joses Gallen, currently serving as consultant to the FSM Department of Justice says that charges associated with the shooting death of Rachelle Bergeron Hammerling, the former Acting Attorney General for Yap State were filed at Yap State Supreme Court. He said that Anthony Rutun Teteeth and Frances Choay Buchon have been charged with murder and have had their initial appearance in that court. During their initial appearance, that court ordered them both to be held without bail pending trial.

Charges were also filed against the two men at the FSM Supreme Court. The government charged Teteeth, known as defendant “Tun” with acquiring and possessing a 12 gauge shotgun in violation of FSM law. Yap’s laws are more stringent and allow no possession of a firearm other than by law enforcement officials. The FSM Government also charged him with using the weapon to commit a felony, “namely the murder of Rachelle Bergeron”.

The government charged Buchon with acquiring and/or possessing associated ammunition for a 12 gauge shotgun and for acquiring or possessing that illegal weapon for purposes of assisting in the murder of Rachelle Bergeron.

Both men had their initial appearances at the FSM Supreme Court which denied bail for either of them.
Unless a court rules to seal documents, charges filed at that court are public but no documents have been publicly shared.

Late this evening, the Yap State Supreme Court Chief Clerk wrote in response to our request for documents regarding charges filed at their court that no “criminal information” documents had been filed at that court, only “criminal complaints” that went unspecified.

Under a Joint Law Enforcement Agreement, the FSM Department of Justice has agreed to assist with the prosecution in Yap State Supreme Court.

All defendants are presumed to be innocent unless it is otherwise proven in Court.


  • Many questions remain unanswered.

    Has law enforcement recovered the murder weapon?

    How was the murder weapon smuggled illegally into Yap?

    What was the motive for this brutal killing?

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