Racism and Fascism in the Marshall islands



  • But please do point out my mis spellings so i may correct them now that my phone is alive again.
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  • i was a christian for awhile and was taught to love god and love your neighbor like you love god. its been fifty years since ive actually met a christian that follows these commands from god. there are fifty thousand islanders from the former micronesian islands living outside their islands, and most have assimilated into whatever community they moved to. it is the same with chamoros and hawaiians, only more than fifty percent of them have left their birthplace. the good ones leave, leaving the greedy to prey on the weak. 
  • Better looking? I think not. And style, dude your just a kosraen. Keep calm, read the bible and worship your jewish god. While me and my people are getting modernized and having high quality merchandise coming in from the us, roc, uk etc... name something you want delivered to kosrae. I can send it to you from marshalls.
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  • As for KSI. Wtf is that? Last time i checked, the micro region has only 5 sovereign states, not 6. I guess kosrae can still fantasize about being able to be independent and taking care of itself.
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  • LOL ..I don't get this. A cat fight between two apparently conceited characters from the Marshall islands and Pohnpei, but somehow Kosrae and its people are getting bombarded????   
  • Dickwack is pohnpeian? My bad kosraens. Pohnpei is also shit compared to the aelongs.
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  • Wowzers! Just discovered this old discussion.Interesting one as well.Read through all the comments and couldn't help but laugh.

    The people of Marshall does not have any ill thoughts nor feelings towards anyone.Our kingdom welcomes all.Especially to those whom we consider enemies.
  • @Dikoak/I wouldn't talk so much crap about my kingdom when we're the ones progressing more than the rest of Micronesia.Uneasy to say.However it's true.We've overcomed the nuclear crisis.It gave us resolve to achieve many things for a better future.Our loud voices echoes throughout the international community warning dangers such as nuclear weaponry and climate change.I don't see much activists from FSM doing the same.Granted Marshall Islands isn't perfect,at least we've got good people making amazing contributions.Forging our country to become equally remarkable to those that are highly developed.So why hate on a country and it's people when you haven't laid foot there nor learned about its history and culture.
  • @Dikoak/You claim to be intelligent.

    From the sight of all your comments.Giving constant insults or making cruel jokes about nuclear radiation that my people have suffered through.Paints the total opposite.

    You sound more of an ignorant little twat that lacks knowledge on anything.

    Whatever state you're from I wouldn't throw shade at Marshall because if not for my kingdom most cultures of Chuuk,Pohnpei,or Kosrae wouldn't exsist.Same goes for people.You guys came from the kingdom of Lowa.Our ancient islands are your forebears origins.

    And come say those foul things to any living Marshallese in person.Guarantee you'll get a dose of a Ruttarinae's "treatment" that'll make you seal your mouth for days if not years to come.
  • MrNobody905, what is this "kingdom" you are talking about?

    Are you referring to the RMI? Isn't the RMI the REPUBLIC of the Marshall Islands?

    Or is the Marshall Islands still ruled by a king/iroijlaplap?

    KMI...KINGDOM of the Marshall Islands?
  • With all the anti-Climate Change denial coming out of the US Government these days, I'm surprised that RMI still chooses to recognize Taiwan over China.

    With all the US atomic bomb testing and the atrocious after-math, in the way in which the US Government treated the people of RMI, I am surprised that RMI still chooses to recognize Taiwan over China.

    Eventually though, as the new breed and generation of RMI and Micronesian leaders emerge, Micronesia and the rest of the Pacific will most likely pivot towards to a more peaceful development partner which is not engaged in military conquest of sovereign nations to steal natural resources. Rather, it is a true development partner seeking to make the world a more peaceful and beautiful place to live in.
  • and what partner you talking about?. the PRC partnership?.. If the world can understand, RMI can understand as well and it not a rocket scientist tu understand even though the US President is lost at sea, the US government is still hold on to its promises, to the Paris accord..thats what the public want and it is what it is..according to some sources..

  • coconuts: "With all the anti-Climate Change denial coming out of the US Government these days, I'm surprised that RMI still chooses to recognize Taiwan over China."

    China is the world's # 1 worst polluter. So why would the RMI want to support China? To increase global warming so the Marshall's disappears faster? That would be stupid.
  • FactsMatter: China's pollution has got nothing to do with this discussion. At least they are doing their best to clean up their own country and assisting other countries to do the same.

    But if I were the people of RMI, I would want my government to recognize China instead of Taiwan because of the Climate Change issue and the run-around and lies relating to the Nuclear Tribunal for RMI.

  • I think FSM citizens should just MTOB and let RMI charter her course like they the citizens wanted. but I can see th eagerness in coconuts thinking.. sorry bud but RMI/ROC relationship solid brah! Democracy is those who belive in the rules of laws and champion of the Homans Right to pursue life liberty and happiness!! as I was told!
  • coconuts wrote: "...if I were the people of RMI, I would want my government to recognize China instead of Taiwan..."

    Luckily for the people of RMI, you are not. The people of the RMI prefer to recognize the democracy of Taiwan, not the communist People's Republic of China.
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