Why do Catholics believe that the Pope is the head of the Church, and the successor of St. Peter ?



  • The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic religion. He is NOT the head of Christ's church. They are misled by Satan if they think otherwise.
  • Factually wrong, Truth-is (not?)-That.

    The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, a Christian church, not a religion.

    Christianity is a religion....within which there are many Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church, the Anglican Church, the Episcopal Church, the Orthodox Church, and many others who share the same fundamental doctrines and beliefs.

    As a Seventh Day Adventist, do you call SDA a religion? Or is it a Christian church?

    Or is it none of the above? (Facts only please.)
  • TIT, please respect your faith and let others respect theirs accordingly. True faith does not redicule other faith.
  • FactsMatter,

    Your attempt at presenting facts in this matter is a failure. The Roman Catholic headed by the Pope is not a Christian religion. It is anti-Christ. It is a cult.
  • TIT, since you ignored Kinen's request to respect the religious beliefs of others, you have once again revealed yourself as a hate-filled person who attacks other believers while refusing to proudly acknowledge your own adherence to Seventh Day Adventism.

    Are you ashamed of your own faith? Why do you attack the faith of others while not even admitting your own?

    As a Seventh Day Adventist, do you call SDA a religion? Or is it a Christian church?

    Or is SDA a pseudo-Christian cult founded by Americans?
  • Satan spreads division among Christians? Are you doing Satan's work, TIT?
  • I hate lies. I respect people. I call attention to truth so people can have the option to base their choice on truth rather than a lie. If you study the Bible enough you will have no choice but to acknowledge that the Catholic Faith headed by the Pope is nothing but a cult. Their teachings are a mixture of truth and error and the faith exaltation itself above God's law. And the system of faith meet the criteria of a cult. My faith is not the issue here.
  • TiT : "My faith is not the issue here." and "I hate lies."

    Nice dodge, TiT. If you "hate lies," why do you lie so much?

    Calling the world's oldest and largest Christian church a "cult" is a lie.

    Calling the Pope the antichrist is a lie.

    Pretending not to be a Seventh Day Adventist American missionary is a lie.

    Are you ashamed of your own church membership?

    Stop doing Satan's work by attacking other Christians. It is unchristian and shameful.
  • Do you think you can convert people to your religion by preaching hate? No way. We are all adults and we know which religion (catholic) the true religion of God. Yours is only a copy. Catholic is the original.
  • If presenting the truth is hate then all people hate. You are sidestepping the real issue. And that is why do the Catholics think the Pope is the head of the church? And I present the reason for it, and you attack me. Is not that some form of hate? You do not want to be responsible and study the Scriptures yourself to make a determination whether or not the Roman Catholic Faith meets the test of a cult. Instead, you deflect light from the truth in order to lead people away from the lie. How convenient.
  • TIT the reason they think it is because it is what it is. No matter how you twist it, it's still what it is No amount of redicule you will hurl at them they will still think/believe it. Please don't try to reason with the Catholic about the Bible. It's catholic's baby since ever since. Again, please think what you think and let them catholics think what they think. And leave the Holy Father's name out of your mouth.
  • kinen,

    The Holy Father is God. The Pope is anti God. He is NOT even a father. Unless he fathered a child in secret and the Catholics are keeping it a secret because it will be so hypocritical to have the head of the faith preach celibacy for its priests while the Pope is known to have fathered a child. But then again, Catholic priests have children with Catholic nuns and the children are killed to keep the secret from the masses. But you know, God will expose these sins.
  • You are one sick puppy, TiT, full of disinformation and malice toward other Christians.

    Repent from your evil ways and God will forgive you.
  • Let the Catholic faithful enjoy the faith please TIT. Rest assured you are in their prayers every day. May the Holy Father guide you to a joyful life.
  • FactsMatter,

    I did not know that among your achievements, is being a cyber psychologist. You have really done well, calling me a sick puppy. When you do not have facts to back you up, you resort to make calling, trying to intimidate people into silence. Now which power is behind that kind of tactic?
  • Once again, TiT, which church denomination do YOU belong to? You still have not told us.

    If you continue to attack other Christian churches, at the very least, show some honesty and integrity to reveal your own church membership.

    When you smear the most respected spiritual leader in the world by calling him "the anti-Christ," you have no right to whine about being called a sick puppy.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others, as you did with your outrageous slander.

    (BTW, I am guessing that you are not a Catholic?) lol
  • FactsMatter,

    Please stay with the topic. If you do not have any concrete points to make, remain silent. Do not confuse the issue with irrelevant garbage.
  • TiT,

    Yes, the topic is one that YOU misunderstand.

    Do you still maintain that the Roman Catholic Church is a "religion," as you stated earlier?

    Who is the leader of YOUR religion? Or do you consider your own religious affiliation as "irrevelant garbage" to be hidden while you publicly attack the faith affiliation of others?

    Answer the "concrete" factual questions.....if you have any integrity, that is.

    In other words, quit hiding while sniping at others. That is cowardly.

  • TiT, as someone who claims to base his beliefs on the Bible, I am surprised that you are not familiar with Matthew 16:17-19.

    Matthew 16:17-19 “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    Jesus appointed Peter as the first leader of His church. The current Pope, Francis, is his legitimate successor in a two thousand year-long unbroken chain of succession.

    TiT, you have every right to ignore the words of Jesus if you so choose. You do not have the right to deny those words and to insult Catholics who choose to believe His words.
  • FactsMatter.

    I understand Matthew 16:17-19 more than you think. You and the Catholics are mislead and misguided. Jesus never meant that Peter is the Rock. And Jesus knows men's hearts. Peter was weak and failed Jesus. No Peter was not the Rock. Jesus was referring to Himself as the Rock. And anyway, the Catholics hierarchy does not the kind of Jesus and does not what Jesus did. The leaders are so very poorly as leaders of supposedly a divine group. I am sure you cannot have such a mind and eyes to read and hear the causes of sexual abuse including pedophilia being committed by all ranks of the Catholic system. You are miserable and conceited.

    And do not talk about hiding. Can you reveal your real name and the name of the faith of which you are a member?
  • I Think TIT is a Kosrean, sound like one and think like one..
  • TiT said, " Can you reveal your real name and the name of the faith of which you are a member?"

    I would happily do that IF I were a person who attacked other Christian churches that I disagree with.

    But unlike you, I do not initiate criticisms and attacks on the faith of others.

    You do, and you hide your own church membership. Shameful and un-Christian, Mr American SDA "missionary."

  • Dodger FactsMatter. I still join others in calling the Roman Catholic Faith the world's biggest cult.

    Do you know what Daniel 7:25 means?
  • Anonymous Dodger Tit, what "cult" do YOU belong to?

    Oh, let me guess. The Seventh Day Adventist "cult" that was invented in America?

    MT 7:2 "For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "

  • FactsMatter,

    So you do not know what Daniel 7:25 means. You and the rest of the Catholics need to study it.
  • Arrogant....and laughable, TiT.
  • FactsMatter,

    That's what I thought. You cannot answer because you do not study Scriptures. You only repeat what others tell you or what you hear. How pathetic. You must study for yourself. But then again, I guess you follow blindly. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Smh.
  • And you, Mr. Judgmental? What church do you follow blindly?

    Oh, yes. The American SDA "cult" based on apocalyptic predictions that have always proven to be false. smh
  • Still cannot comment on the Bible verse.

    And has no knowledge and/or facts on prophecies, just what is hearsay.
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