Trump said Obama would start war with Iran to get elected. (He did not, but Trump is.)

Can we spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E, boys and girls?

President Trump repeatedly suggested before he was elected to the White House that then-President Obama would start a war with Iran to get reelected.

Obama did not go to war with Iran. Instead, he negotiated a peace treaty in which Iran stopped building nuclear weapons.

Trump threw out the peace treaty. As a result, Iran is once again developing its nuclear capabilities.

Trump's remarks have won renewed attention in the wake of the Thursday night airstrike he authorized that killed Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the powerful Iranian military commander who led the elite Quds Force.

The strikes, which come amid high U.S.-Iranian tensions and a month before the Iowa caucuses, took place in an election year for Trump.

Trump has frequently criticized Obama's policies toward Iran, and he withdrew the United States from the international nuclear deal that was a high point of the Obama foreign policy.

Even before Obama's second term, Trump had suggested that Obama would attack Iran to try to secure four more years in office.

"@BarackObama will attack Iran in the not too distant future because it will help him win the election," Trump tweeted on Nov. 14, 2011.

Days later, he said, “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He's weak and he's ineffective. So the only way he figures that he's going to get reelected — and as sure as you're sitting there — is to start a war with Iran,” according to a video posted this week by a Washington Post video editor.

"In order to get elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran," he followed up on Nov. 29, 2011.

Nearly a year later, on Oct. 22, 2012, Trump repeated the same claim, writing, "Don't let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected — be careful Republicans!"

In October 2012, Trump also suggested that Obama would "launch a strike in Libya or Iran" because his "poll numbers are in tailspin."


  • True. Obama didn't start a war with Iran. His navy bowed in surrender to Iran and he gave Iran pallet loads of cash. I agree Obama would not go to war with Iran. The cash however may have been used by Iran's proxy terrorists organizations to kill Americans.
  • Obama never "gave Iran pallet loads of cash."

    Obama agreed to release money owned by Iran but frozen in U,S, bank accounts after the Iran hostage crisis in 1979.

    Why did Obama release their money? Because Iran agreed to freeze their development of nuclear weapons.

    It was a win-win-win for the U.S., Iran, and the rest of the world.

    By ending that agreement now, Trump is now Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

    Thanks a lot, Trump.
  • Money that ultimately funded terrorist attacks on US Citizens. Good Job Obama!
  • Again. It was always Iran's money, not America's.

    And Obama stopped Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

    Trump has now allowed them to resume development.

    Thanks a lot, Trump! (Not,)
  • Trump, the Epitome of Hypocrisy

    No wonder billionaire Tom Steyer claimed that Trump is mentally unfit to be President of the US & should be impeached

    Consider this piece on Trump:

    A lot of people seem to be questioning President Trump’s mental health.

    Now Trump is threatening to attack Iran's cultural sites, which is illegal & considered a war crime under international law.

    Representative Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, went so far as to say he was considering proposing legislation that would require a White House psychiatrist.

    More controversial is the number of mental health experts who are joining the chorus. In December, a Huffington Post article featured a letter written by three prominent psychiatry professors that cited President Trump’s “grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality” as evidence of his mental instability.

    While stopping short of giving the president a formal psychiatric diagnosis, the experts called for him to submit to a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation by impartial investigators.

    A practicing psychologist went further in late January. He was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report article titled “Temperament Tantrum,” saying that President Trump has malignant narcissism, which is characterized by grandiosity, sadism and antisocial behavior.

    I don’t doubt that these experts believe they are protecting the country from a president whose behavior they — like many of us — see as dangerous. A recent letter to the editor in this newspaper, signed by 35 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, put it this way: “We fear that too much is at stake to be silent.”

    It continued, “We believe that the grave emotional instability indicated by Mr. Trump’s speech and actions makes him incapable of serving safely as president.”

    So US

    Rise up
    Stand Up
    Impeach Trump
    Dump Trump
  • Iran has been an enemy to the US since the 1950's...with exception of the Obama Administration which funded and surrendered to them. Barrak is a Shiite name after all.

  • Another example of Trump’s HYPOCRISY

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denied on Sunday that Trump said he would target Iranian cultural sites, but the president contradicted him when asked about the issue on Sunday night.

    "They're allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites? It doesn't work that way," Trump said.

    Targeting cultural sites with military action is considered a war crime under international law, including a United Nations Security Council resolution supported by the Trump administration in 2017 and the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property.
  • Because art and muslim terrorists are more important to the Left than hundreds of American lives. XOXOXO
  • Everyone knows that trump is a patological liar. Still, he will be reelected...image
  • Yes, because more people believe him than the fake news homosexuals you keep watching.
  • Are you gay, z? Sure sounds like it. You sure talk a lot about homosexuals. lol
  • that's an's Queer or Pansy or Twinkie or Bender or
  • No. I am not gay. Are you?
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