Russia will beat Trump and America in world war three

Trump has played into the hand of Putin. Putin wanted war with America all along and Trump fell for it. We are doomed. Thanks to Trump the US is fighting world war three with Russia.


  • No, Putin did not want any war. It's because the psychopathic pro-Israel neocons/war hawks in the US that wanted war so they continue to profit from their endless wars & serve Israeli interests

    Why US always like war? It's very profitable, that is for the US military/industrial complex. The best example of how profitable US wars is the case for former President Bush & former Defense Secretary & Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Remember, US invaded Iraq not because Saddam had weapons of mass destructions. It's because of its vast oil reserves & the war-related contracts.

    Who benefited from the war? Israel because Saddam is being removed & killed

    & the many US companies that got Iraq war-related contracts & individuals who work for the companies

    Consider the following:

    Halliburton company gained $39.5 billion dollars in Iraq-war contracts. KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, seemed to always get awarded with the logistics contracts every time US send its military overseas.

    For beginners, Hallburton company is a worldwide engineering and oil-field service corporation. Its three main divisions provide insurance, engineering, and construction for the energy and other industries, and service and equipment for oil and gas exploration and development. KBR is its Constructions division

    From 1995 to 2000, former Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton. In 1998, Dressler, another oil services company merged with Halliburton. Former President Bush, the 1st Bush President, used to work for Dressler, and later became the CIA Director under President Ford.

    The son George Bush, who became President chose Dick Cheney as his Vice President.

    Who profited from US military deployment or wars?


    When the US army was deployed to Somalia in December 1992 as part of Operation Restore Hope. KBR employees were there before the army even arrived, and they were the last to leave.
    The firm made $109.7m in Somalia.

    In August 1994, they earned $6.3m from Operation Support Hope in Rwanda.


    In September of that same year, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti netted the company $150m.

    In October 1994, Operation Vigilant Warrior made them another $5m.

    Bosnia & Kosovo

    One great example of the work KBR did in the Balkans was Camp Bondsteel. The camp was so large that the US general accounting office (GAO) likened it to "a small town".

    The company built roads, power generation, water and sewage systems, housing, a helicopter airfield, a perimeter fence, guard towers, and a detention centre. Bondsteel is the largest and most expensive army base since Vietnam. It also happens to be built in the path of the Albanian-Macedonian-Bulgarian Oil (Ambo) Trans-Balkan pipeline, the pipeline connecting the oil-rich Caspian Sea region to the rest of the world. The initial feasibility project for Ambo was done by KBR.

    KBR's cash flow from Logcap ballooned under Cheney's tenure, jumping from $144m in 1994 to more than $423m in 1996, and the Balkans was the driving force.

    By 1999, the army was spending just under $1bn a year on KBR's work in the Balkans. The GAO issued a report in September 2000 charging serious cost-control problems in Bosnia, but KBR retains the contract to this day.


    Fast forward to the Iraq war, Halliburton or KBR got $39.5 billion dollars in contract from the US military under Bush Presidency & Dick as VP.

    Why do you think Trump or US don't want to leave Iraq? Why do you think US changed its mind & decided to guard the Syrian oil fields where the Kurds are?

    Imagine if the Russians & Iranians didn't help Syria, US would have taken control of Syria & award the same companies the contracts needed for Syria.

    Why do yo think US love wars?
    Why do you think US is involved with Ukranian conflict? Because of its gas
    Why do you think US is meddling in Venezuela?
    It's because Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world, even larger than Saudi Arabia.

    Profits = Money = Power
    Source of the Profits - Oil & War

    Is it a coincidence that 3 of the top 5 largest shareholders of Halliburton are the same largest shareholders of Lockheed Martin & Raytheon company, the perennial two biggest recipient of US Defense contracts? FYI, Lockheed Martin is the company that built the most expensive but useless US military fighter jet, the F-35.

    Is it a coincidence that the biggest shareholders or owners of the Iraq Oil Petroleum or Iraq National Oil company today are BP, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil and Total S.A., Partex. These are US, British-Dutch & French oil companies or American & European companies? FYI, Shell company is the US based company of parent company BP-Royal Dutch Shell.

    Is it a coincidence that when Trump became President, he first appointed Rex Tillerson as the Secretary of State.?Rex Tillerson was a former Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil.

    Is it a coincidence that the same top 3 or largest shareholders who own Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, KBR, ExxonMobil are also the same shareholders who are largest shareholders of the 4 biggest US banks, Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Com, Citi Group & JP Morgan banks?

    Is it a coincidence that many of the largest newspapers/media are largely owned by Jews?

    Is it a coincidence that Trump love to do what's best for Israeli' interests?

    No, it's because the largest single donor to his campaign is Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a GOP megadonor and CEO of the largest casino company in the United States, Las Vegas Sands Corp. He doled out $5 million for Trump’s inauguration fund.

    No, it's because Deutsche Bank loaned $2 billion to Donald Trump over two decades & Deutsche bank German-based bank originally & used to be owned by a powerful European Jewish family before a Chinese company bought out a big controlling share in 2017.

    No, it's because Trump is surrounded by many pro-Israeli neocon/war hawks that always want war to make profits. Trump knows it, he's also a business man.

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    Democrats voted for the Iraq war too. War profiteers operate all over the world. If you make raw materials, equipment,parts, bullets, boots,etc, etc for the military, you are a war profiteer, War and theft are evil. However, war is legal. Whereas theft, as in money laundering in Ukraine for Pay-for-Play schemes, is not.
  • There will never be a WW3. Russia and US developed the concept of MAD--Mutual Assurance Destruction. They intentionally set intercontinental nuclear missiles toward each other. If one were to trigger the missiles toward the other, the same will happen to them. Reagan's agreement with Russia called for reduction of nuclear bombs in each countries' arsenal. They also agreed to not targets each other with nuclear missiles.

    But Russia has been cheating. This is why Trump is complaining about the US' hands being tied while Russia is cheating with more nuclear tests and missile technology.

    I think that both US and Russia still have in their strategy the concept similar to Mutually Assured Destruction. If Russia will to hit USA, it will be committing suicide.

    I don't think anybody or nation will be willing to actually start a war3 with the US.
  • WWIII does not have to be nuclear to qualify as a world war.

    Since 2001, the U.S. has been conducting a "global war on terror."
  • See the title of this post in regards to World War 3. War on terror is different.
  • The real terrorists here are the Israeli & US along with their Middle East ally - Saudi Arabia, whose creativity led to the creation of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra, Free Syrian Army & countless other so called Moderate Rebels all trained & supported by the US & Israeli.

    Who is really fighting these monsters?
    It's the legitimate governments/armies of Syria & Iraq, the Kurds backed by Russia & Iran.
  • I'm so scared of Obama's terrorist friends....XOXOXOXOXO

  • But wait aren't Trump and Putin friends? I was told Trump is obeying orders from Putin. Was this the master plan to get Trump elected and then make him start world war 3 with Russia?
  • What? Iran and Rusaia vs US? Wait why would russia fight Trump when trump is putins puppet?

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