Here to drop a rare topic regarding anything Micronesian.

Rugby,Baseball,Basketball,Volleyball,&Football(The American version).Are most popular for us Micronesians.Which is your favorite?.Should Micronesians venture onto other sports?.


  • no, they should just stay focus on their own sports.. like fishing and farming even if they don't sound like sport but make them part of sport activities
  • The tens of thousands of Micronesians living in the U.S. can - and often do - venture into other sports popular in America. Every sport is open to them.

    Micronesians living in Micronesia are not likely to take up sports like ice hockey or ski jumping or American football. Most will stick with basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball.
  • Regarding anything Micronesian?


    1) Chewing betel Nuts /grinding the teeth
    2) Pounding sakau roots on the rock,
    3) Pounding breadfruit,
    4) Husking & Grinding the coconut,
    5) Hammering the devil’s doorbell or sugar plum
  • How about going up the coconut tree with feet above the head? Micronesians may be the first to do this new sport and they will have more time with it so they might be able to be world champions for many years to come.
  • Micronesians like their cousins in Polynesia are designed by nature to do violence. Its in our DNA. There are micronesians in Canada and the US who are playing hockey and football. Its in our DNA. The sky is the limit. Don't let no one or anyone tell you that You can't.

    We got a star lifter from RMI who is making headlines. A fighter from Yap also and a chuukese who is playing football for the Oregon university.
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