How is this a Micronesian Forum when almost nothing in here is about Micronesia?


  • PACLANDS, if you want more Micronesian topics - as I and most members do - post Micronesian topics and comment on Micronesian topics.

    It is up to each forum member to post and comment on Micronesian topics.

    Listed below are a few of MY recent posts on Micronesia topics. Feel free to comment and to post your own.

    Marshalls' President Kabua's inauguration set for Monday

    Lutok Kobban Alele – a taste of the Marshall Islands A Free Family Event

    FSM president calls for national coconut export strategy

    New president for Marshall Islands says climate change is not the "hoax" that Trump claims it is

    David Kabua elected today president of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

    Local solutions increase agricultural resilience in FSM

    Do you know how sea cucumbers protect the ocean?

    Beijing courts Micronesia in push for rival base to Guam

    C-130s drop bundles of Christmas cheer to 55 Micronesian islands

    FSM students must present yellow card measles vaccination information

    International Travel Advisory issued to prevent the import of measles to the RMI

    Flu outbreak in Marshalls' capital stresses health services

    Micronesia's Coral Reefs Face New Threat

    Hilda’s team takes a hit

    Unprecedented national election looms in Marshall Islands

    Marshall Islands live election counting updates on V7AB radio

    FSM ConCon Election 2019 unofficial Results

    Traditional island lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle

    Is there a coverup hiding suspects in Rachelle Bergeron’s murder on Yap?

    How many Micronesian topics have YOU posted or commented on?
  • This forum is whatever forum members make it.

    If members do not post micronesian topics, the Trump propaganda machine does.
  • I mostly post anything relating to Micronesia wether it be politics,news,little randoms on occasion,history and culture.Any topics of our region is being overshadowed by the overwhelming American first "HELL YEAH!" ones.
  • If I weren't in college.Indeed this forum would have been flooded by Micronesian topics from top to bottom that highlights just about anything.
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