No "hoax." Trump impeachment hearings begin. Watch today's Senate trial live


  • No matter how you say its not hoax, the majority of Americans says it is a hoax. Only 500,000 Americans tuned in to watch it. Hahahahaa

  • America and the world is watching, no matter how you say it.. Its a rigged trial by Republicans by rejecting documents and witness..
  • Rasta, you've been smoking that nasty weed again! Try to look through your haze of smoke and recognize reality.

    Most Americans FAVOR impeachment AND want Trump convicted and removed from office.

    Most Americans FAVOR hearing witnesses testify at Trump's trial. (Even Fox News recognizes that reality.)
  • Polls are not evidences. Polls don't matter since 2016. All that matters is what you can prove and Democrats have Nothing.

    Lets look at the facts not the polls. This impeachment is a charade and a hoax. Democrats admitted they started impeachment against Trump a few days after he won the Whitehouse.

    This was printed in 2016. Even before the meuller investigation and even before the call with Ukraine. Is there in black and white.

    Democrats Are Paving the Way to Impeach Donald Trump
    DECEMBER 15, 2016 10:37 AM
  • Poltico is the small version of CNN. No credibility whatsoever so try again.

    The Democrats fucked up their impeachment when they rushed forward. All the whiteness they are requesting now were available to them in the House but they didn't go to court to enforce their subpoenas.

    You guys lost. Aunty Maxine water's says that Trump will be acquitted in the House. She knows the outcome and according to her if this impeachment fails like it will she says they will come up with other impeachments.


    Take those polls and smoke them factsmatter.

    The constitution is alive and well thanks to Republicans.

    MAGA and God bless.
  • LOL @Rasta.

    First you say, "the majority of Americans says it is a hoax," then when you are presented with the facts showing the opposite, you say "Polls are not evidences. Polls don't matter."

    Nice try. Make up your mind,,,if you have any mind left after smoking all that ganja.

  • You are hilarious, Rasta.

    You are obviously following Trump's trial very closely, even though you claim Americans are not interested.

    HAHAHAHA Keep shoveling the BS, my friend.

  • Its a hoax. There is a difference between polls and evidences. Majority of Americans see this as a hoax. The t.v ratings for the impeachment are low. 600k people tuned in. 600,000 out of 300,000,000 Americans.

    You guys lost. Good luck next time.

    Poltico is a Socialists network. No credibility. This is the same poltico that said Jared Kushner will be indicted by Mueller. Hahaha

  • I'm not surprise you are ok with what the socialists are doing. Democrats want to break away with the constitution that says the 3 branches have different jobs. Thats scary you are ok with blurring the lines set forth by the founders.

    Here it is sweety. All the witnesses you SOCIALISTS are asking for were available to you in the house. You guys had the chance but you guys then done fuck up with that speedy impeachment hearings in the house you SOCIALISTS control.


  • Duh, all the Republicans are voting against hearing witnesses or evidence. They don't want Americans to hear the facts and the truth about Trump's criminal behavior.

    Of course not. What did you expect?
  • The time of gathering evidences is done the moment Democrats in the house voted for impeaching Trump. Duh!!!!

    Factsmatter, the Senate is not the prosecutors they are the judge. In what country can the prosecutors also be a judge? In Nazi Germany.

    All the witnesses were available to Democrats in the house during the impeachment at the house. They didn't go for it. Then they voted to impeach then hold the articles because they know they're case is weak.

    Americans have heard of enough of this hoax impeachment. Comey, Mueller, Cohen, Stormy. Now Ukraine.


    The constitution says the house will gather evidences and the Senate shall judge base on the weak impeachment evidences Democrats have.

  • The Dems aren’t trying to impeach Trump for HIS crimes, they are trying to impeach him to cover up THEIRS.

    These traitors never thought Hillary would lose. And they never thought their crimes would reach the public daylight.

    They are in full panic mode.
    And I love it.
  • The only panic I see is by the Trumpists posting here.

    The rest of us will stay calm and stay tuned while we watch the impeachment trial.
  • To the contrary its the opposite. All the amendments Democrats put up were all voted down. That says it all. And Democrats claimed they had overwhelming evidences to convict Trump of the charges. Yesterday's hearing showed the opposite and exposed the hypocrisy of this impeachment.

    What's more we heard democrats say the courts have no role in the impeachment proceedings they had held in the house. That's dangerous. Democrats saying the 3rd branch of government should be done away with. My God that's what got my attention.

    We are living in days the framers of the constitution warned us about. Days when passion and factionalism over take the Congress.
  • Is anyone surprised that Trump and his obedient sheep do not want any documentary evidence and testifying witnesses in his trial?

    Of course not. If Trump had nothing to hide, he would not be blocking all testimony and evidence.

    Guilty as charged.
  • I thought Democ rats have overwhelming evidences? Or was that a lie?

    Factsmatter, its called playing with the same rules democrats used in the House. How you like it now? No one cares about what Democrats want anymore.

    I predicted this when it all started. Impeached by the house and declared innocent in the Senate. I said this in 2018.

    The childrens in the House failed in their homework. Now its time for the adults in the Senate to fix it.

    Hold the line!
  • End the cover up. Subpoena witnesses and happens in any trial.
  • You guys had the chance in the house. The power to subpoena witnesses was available to Democrats on the house. They didn't want to waste time in the courts as the constitution says. And then they said after impeaching Trump that they had overwhelming evidences to prove their case.

    Its time for the Senate to clean up this mess Pelosi and her SOCIALISTS friends made. Get over it! You guys got outsmarted by Mitch and Trump.

  • Sorry, Rasta. According to the U.S. Constitution, the House only names the charges.

    Only the Senate actually conducts the trial.

    As you should know, trials always have evidence and witnesses and cross-examination, not cover ups.
  • the President counsel made it clear this is not a fair trial by rejecting the chief justice from weigh in and like the house manager leader said." they are terrified of the truth"
  • I don't waste my time watching the inevitable. We should all know by now how futile the democrats' witch hunt is.... Just not enough IQ, despite their spoils system in mainstream media and academia.
  • Suit yourself, z. For some people, ignorance is bliss. They don't want to know about corruption at the highest level of government

    Patriots should pay attention, however.
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    Democrats last December: We have overwhelming evidences to convict the President in the Senate if impeachment is passed.

    Democrats 3 days ago: We F**ked up and now you Republicans in the Senate must fix our mistakes and lack of overwhelming evidences.

    Not confidence anymore now ah girls.

    It's the House job to investigate and the Senates job to judge if the investigation and evidences are overwhelming or not. From the looks of it both articles will not hold up in any court. In any court the case will would be dismissed in 2 seconds but in Nazi like countries the case would proceed. Separation of power as intended by the men who created what is now the U.S. Constitution.

    The boat has left the dock let the deliberations begin. And a week from now the Senate will acquit Trumo of the sham impeachment.
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