Trump invokes Defense Production Act to expand production of medical supplies hospital mask and more

(CNN)President Donald Trump said during Wednesday's White House press briefing that he will be invoking the Defense Production Act to help make up for potential medical supply shortages and deploy two hospital ships as the US battles the coronavirus pandemic.


  • Mexico has closed its border with the US. How ironic. Where are the Democrats how is this ok?

  • The US is in good hands. No worry FM.

  • Trump's tiny hands just could not handle the coronavirus challenge. lol @ MAGA.


  • In good hands. MAGA
  • The “president” said today, Thursday, March 19, 2020, that the federal government had no plans to use the Defense Production Act to buy, and/or produce much needed Personal Protective Equipment and get it to where it is most needed. “That’s up to the states.” Regarding getting products to where they are needed, he was quoted as saying “We’re (the US government) not a shipping clerk.”
  • Thanks, Donnie. Great job, Donnie.
  • The “president” said today, Thursday, March 19, 2020, that the federal government had no plans to use the Defense Production Act to buy, and/or produce much needed Personal Protective Equipment and get it to where it is most needed. “That’s up to the states.” Regarding getting products to where they are needed, he was quoted as saying “We’re (the US government) not a shipping clerk.”
    Lmao good luck murica image
  • @SaremChuuk, that's a different answer to a different question which is not related to this. Trump said that to the Democrat governor of NY who is a Democrat who is the brother of Jake Cuomo off CNN.

    Trump said that to him 2 days ago. Not TODAY!!!! Gov cuomo said Trump should do more or the federal goverment should do more. Trump response was the state must do everytime in its power before the Federal government step in.

    If Trump step in its the federal government and Trump is a champion of states gov before federal government.

    Trump told him you must use all power you have that your state constitution give you and when you have no other choice the federal government (Trump) will step in.

    What a Nazi right! Giving A Democrat governor a choice to utilize the separation of powers clause of the constitution before he steps in. What dictator does this?
  • Trump has step up. And his response is way out of proportion. He enacted the defense production act. He has mobilized the entire might of the federal government in peace time. That's scary.
  • Thanks, Gun Smuggler, for demonstrating so clearly how stupid you really are. The Defense Production Act has been a law since 1950, at the start of the Korean War. So Trump could not have "enacted the defense production act", because he was only about two years old and had not demonstrated how stupid he was.

    As far as I can tell, he "mobilized" two Navy Hospital ships, which will not be able to provide assistance to anyone for weeks. He was begged by state governors from the East Coast to the West Coast to mobilize the Army Corps of Engineers to build field hospitals, which they do pretty well, and he basically said "Go fuck yourselves." The Mobilizer in Chief! How can you be so stupid? Didn't you actually serve in the military? Didn't you learn anything? Or did you just go to Stupid College after you were discharged. What a really dumb fuck you are. Go smuggle some more guns.

    And Raper, you are evil. Of course what Trump said today is different than he said two days ago. He never says the same thing twice, because he has the memory of a piss ant. What surprises me the most is that both you and the Gun Smuggler appear to be so upset that you have lost control of your English language skills. The Gun Smuggler says "Trump has step up." "He enacted the defense production act." Not only has he done neither, but Gun Smuggler fails at elementary school English.

    And the Raper speaks gibberish. You two should be ashamed to appear in public. Brand your foreheads with the letters STUPID and crawl back into your holes.
  • The defense production act gives the president unrestricted control of the economy you dummy. That is why Trump was hesitant to use it. Through the DPA one person has control command of the US economy and every American life's.

    That is the scary part. All that power in the hand of one man. That is why Trump used it has his last resort. Good thing is he ain't no socialist and he ain't power hungry like Pelosi.
  • Listen to you talking like a smart person. Have you snuggled any guns lately? Shot any Antifa? They are coming for you, gun smuggler. Better get home and hide in your father’s basement with the spiders and other trolls.
  • @SaremChuuk, you say you are a liberal but it look like you are in between. You can't have both feet on opposite sides of the line.

    The DPA will give Trump dictatorial powers. Power even the Roosevelt who died in world war 2 could never imagine. The DPA will give Trump powers that even Hitler or Lenin never had.

    The DPA gives the federal government unlimited power on what they need.

  • The Gun Smuggler and his fascist Trumpist cult friends argue for unlimited power for Trump and the Republicans in this forum for three and a half years, and all of a sudden the Gun Smuggler stands for liberty against the very power and total control he has been arguing in favor of. Suddenly afraid of Trump having too much power.

    Let him have enough power to destroy the EPA. Let him have enough power to demolish the White House Pandemic Response Team created by the Obama administration after the Ebola Crisis. Let him have the power to tear babies from their mothers at the Southern border and make them disappear. Let him have the power to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Let him have enough power to eliminate the food stamp program so that Americans can starve. Let him have enough power to eliminate all necessary regulations to protect the health and welfare of the American people. Let him have enough power to do whatever he wants when he wants until he has the power to actually help the nation obtain the medical supplies it needs to confront this very real crisis, and then the Gun Smuggler righteously screams that invoking the Defense Production Act will give the Fascist-in-Chief too much power. What bullshit.

    Make America Gag Again.
  • Apparently the Gun Smuggler failed to notice that his partner and fellow Trumpist, The Raper, is the person who started this thread apparently applauding the invocation of the Defense Production Act by the Docktor-in-Chief Herr Drumpf.

    Just a small policy difference, Gun Smuggler? Like Craig Fugate and Mr. Slavitt, Raper? Maybe you two should get your stories straight, so you don't puke all over each other.

    Make America Gag Again.
  • @SaremChuuk, you are missing the gun smugglers point. Hate blind can blind the most liberal amongst us.

    If you don't see the factual point that the gun smuggler is saying then you have no basis whatsoever to claim you are a liberal.

    Just say it you are a Socialist like Hitler and get on. I have no problem with you being socialist but what i do have a beef with is you claiming to be a liberal and yet here you are supporting a scenario where a President or any President can assume dictatorial powers.

    it look like the conservatives in this forum and in America are the real liberals.
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