Guam: Navy Captain Begs To Isolate Crew As COVID Spreads: ‘Sailors Do Not Need To Die’

The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier facing a growing outbreak of the coronavirus is asking for permission to isolate the bulk of his roughly 5,000 crew members on shore, which would take the warship out of duty in an effort to save lives.

In a memo to Navy leaders, the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt said the spread of the disease is ongoing and accelerating, and said that removing all but 10% of the crew is a “necessary risk” in order to stop the spread of the virus. The ship is docked in Guam.


  • MSNBC just reported that at least 100 members of the crew are infected. What’s worse is that the Captain has reported that crew testing is not really working. Apparently some crew members initially tested negative. Only to present two or three days later with positive symptoms.

    Tight quarters on board just make the situation much, much worse. It is apparently a desperate situation.
  • The real question is:
    Will those numbers add to Trump’s total? Or Guam’s?
    Because that’s what’s really important
  • Trump has been telling us that all the testing issues have been fixed.

    Trump should tell that to the captain and crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt as they all get sick because they don't have working coronavirus test kits.
  • FM, your comments always end up negative. Don't blame Trump if the testing kits have not reached the ships. He cannot go around the world handing out testing kits. His job is to mobilize the Federal government resources and in partnership with the private sector scientists and manufacturing companies--to develop and produce testing kits by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands. He and his administration has done that. The US has tested more people in 8 days than South Korea was able to do in 8 weeks.

    And now some new and faster testing kits are ready to be rolled out. This is a welcome news and I hope that you too will be able to obtain a testing kit for you and your family wherever you may be in California. For those of us in the islands where the United Airlines come thru once a week or none at all, all we can do is hope that somehow we'll get some testing kits. We'll see.
  • marc, your comments always defend Trump no matter how much he lies.

    I would once again provide you with Trump's history of disbanding the White House pandemic planning group, denying that Covid-19 was a serious threat, saying that the virus would disappear like a miracle, etc. etc. but I know that you value loyalty to Trump over actual facts so I won't waste my time.

    BTW, I noticed you now use Trump's favorite answer to difficult questions...."We'll see."
  • FM, I know that at times we disagree on certain topics and at times, we might be on the same or similar page. So my question: is there anything that Trump and his administration and staff have done in the recent weeks in connection with the combating the virus and preventing it from going further--that you agree with?

    I am not a Republican; I don't vote for the US President. But my comments are based on sciences as I understand them. Yes, it's difficult to predict the behavior of the "invisible" virus; so I can understand when Trump and others make predictions--some accurate; others are less so.

    But if you look at the "sense of direction" where the US is going regarding the mitigation efforts and regarding treatments including provision of ventilators, masks, etc., I can only admire. I guess that's because I don't have any better model or example to compare with--clearly I don't think of the Chinese models and projections and reports. But I do have some confidence regarding data that are coming out of the US. Or, am I wrong?
  • Marc says: The US has tested more people in 8 days than South Korea was able to do in 8 weeks. He doesn't necessarily say that based on facts, or evidence, however, he says that because the Great Leader says that. In other words, he is a regurgitator.

    Kaiser Health News found the Great Leader's boasts problematic. So it went as far as it could to determine whether in fact the US had conducted more Coronavirus tests over any eight day period than South Korea had conducted over an eight week period. It found, to the best of it's ability to determine (the CDC doesn't publish daily testing numbers) that the Great Leader was just telling another damned lie.

    As quoted from the Kaiser Health News article:

    Experts pointed us to a credible tally that suggests that, on the raw numbers, the president’s stat is flawed.

    The COVID Tracking Project, a dataset managed and updated by volunteer journalists and scientists, estimates that, as of Tuesday, American labs had performed a total of about 359,000 tests for COVID-19. That tally comes from state and local health departments around the country, including testing done in both public and commercial labs.

    From March 15 through Tuesday, the United States conducted about 331,000 of those tests, per the tracker.

    The raw comparison, then, suggests that the United States’ eight-day tally falls short of South Korea’s eight-week tally. Out of curiosity, we looked at the March 23 data for South Korea as well. At that point, it had run 338,036 tests. So even if Trump was off by a day, the American figure falls short.

    Since Marc doesn't provide any source for his regurgitation, no part of what he said on this subject can be determined to be credible. The Kaiser Health News actually published its sources, however, so absent proof from Marc, I guess we can just accept the fact that he is just another liar.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING.
  • Read CNN's fact check of March 26; and you'll see that my statements above are not that far off. I would bet that by today, April 1, the US had done more test that S. Korea or China or anybody else. US has ramped up production of different machines for testing; so very soon, such test kits will be available to all the countries in the world that need them. I agree that the US was slow in testing at the beginning because the tests kits were reserved to only those showing serious symptoms. Now, as the test kits become available, anybody who wants to have a test made will be able to get one.
  • If the facts don’t fit, change the facts. Easy.


    Make America Gag Again. Keep America GAGGING!
  • Marc what which island are you on so I can send some kit
  • Apparently, the Navy is going to fire the Captain of the USS Roosevelt. Apparently they did not like his plea for help with the Coronavirus outbreak on board his ship.
  • Captain Brett Crozier, who was fired from his command of the USS Roosevelt, apparently for "poor judgment," has tested positive for COVID-19. His poor judgment was in notifying the Navy that there were 100 cases of COVID-19 on board the aircraft carrier he commanded, and apparently allowing his plea for help to find its way into the public domain.

    I guess it would have been better for him to keep the infestation of his ship by a lethal disease secret. I don't think he could have kept it secret very long, however, as he would have had to surrender his command anyway when he went into quarantine.
  • Regarding US & South Korea COVID 19 tests numbers,

    Screw the test numbers,..what’s more important is how each country is combating the pandemic crisis

    Who is doing a better job handling the pandemic crisis, US or South Korea?

    No brainer...,,of course South Korea with only 183 deaths

    As of today 4-5-20

    South Korea
    10,237 Confirmed cases
    6,463 Recovered
    183. Deaths

    United States
    330,605. Cases
    16,794. Recovered
    9,445. Deaths
  • Thank you China for this CORONA virus
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