For Those Who Believe COVID-19 Is Only Dangerous for the Elderly, Read This.



  • Let's hope it goes away soon! image
  • Lets hope china come lean and show the world what is the actual number they have.
  • Why, you Orange Baboon ass kisser, would it matter to you or me or anyone what "actual number" China has? Do you think that if China tells the truth that fewer people in the US will die? Are you that stupid? How silly of me. Of course you are that stupid.

    How many dead in the US right now, idiot? Let me see. According to Johns Hopkins, there are 226,374 reported cases in the US and 5,316 deaths. That is about 1,200 more dead this morning than yesterday morning.

    Remember what your Great Leader said from Davos Switzerland on January 22, 2020, the same day the first case was reported in the US? He said "We have it totally under control." From one case to 226,374 in about 9 weeks. From zero deaths to 5,316 in about 9 weeks. "We have it totally under control." What a crock of shit.

    You, DOPEHEAD, are dumber than a rock.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING!
  • China started this all. They knew about it as far back as 2017 but kept it a secret.
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