It's Their Fault for Taking a Cruise

Numerous cruise ships are at sea, with sick people aboard, some already with deaths on board, and they are seeking to dock so they can get help for their sick. Enter Governor DeSantis of Florida. He says of one ship, "the Floridians can come to shore, the others, even the other Americans, will have to do the best they can."

Abandon them at sea to die. They shouldn't have taken a cruise, I guess.

Is this what we have become? Reminds those old enough to remember the stories of the ship full of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany that were told to go home. And they did. Many to concentration camps and death.

Except there are about 250 Americans on this one ship who are not Floridians. And they are being told they have no right to come home. The ship is flagged in the Bahamas, and the other Americans are told they should go there.


  • Just think about it. Let it roll around in your brain a little. In what way is the response to this tragedy in the making by Governor DeSantis even approaching human?
  • Get off to the islands of the Caribbean’s remote islands. Those ships may have 5G on them.
    They can survive if they let them in but like I said & mentioned. The goal now is to depopulate us. They only want the slave type people who do what they say and don’t think for themselves. The rest must be killed the critical thinkers.
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    This is wrong & evil.
  • Those ships are registered in tax heavens, countries like liberia, bahamas. They should solve this problem. image image
  • And we should turn our backs on people in need because corporations are greedy? Did I understand you correctly, Bull02?
  • I see what you're saying but most people read the writing on the wall not to travel by March 6th. I don't want people to needlessly suffer and I think death is an unfair toll to pay for stupidity. They also could have listened to anyone of the 1000's of doctors warning people to take this seriously and not travel. I still think we should help them despite the monumentally stupid decision they made.
  • I don't really disagree with you, Bull02, except for the part about stupidity. Remember, this ship left Buenos Aires, Argentina less than five weeks ago, on March 7. In order to get on the ship, the Americans at least would have had to travel to Buenos Aires from the US in order to meet up with the ship. Assuming they had a period of vacation in Argentina before getting on the ship, they might have left the US before the first US death from the virus on February 28.

    It wasn't until February 24 that president Trump asked for the initial appropriation of $1.25 billion to address the virus outbreak. So for all these travelers knew, it wasn't a big deal. In fact, president Trump kept saying, all the way to the end of February, that it wasn't a big deal.

    I do agree that things changed in the first week in March, but I would fault the cruise line at that point for not taking better care to warn their passengers. Especially if there were signs (we can't tell from the news stories) of illness on board the ship before it left Buenos Aires on March 7.

    The bottom line is that for most of the travelers, when they left the US, there were not thousands of doctors warning people not to travel. I know it is an assumption, but knowing a bit about how people vacation, it would not be unreasonable to assume that most, if not all the American travelers had already left the US before the first Coronavirus death on February 28.

    You and I both appear to agree, however, that we must be morally bound to help those on the ship in need of help. That is only human compassion, regardless of the cause of their plight.
  • They got on after the outbreak and after diamond princess had been in the news for weeks. Anyway yes, we really dont disagree.
  • It's Chinas fault. The outbreak begun in 2017 but they hide it from the world.
  • Lying again, DOPEHEAD? Just can't help yourself. Lie. After Lie. After Lie. After Lie. I guess you must believe, in that pea brain of yours, that if the Great Leader lies, you are obligated to lie too.

    I thought I already proved your lie about COVID-19 appearing in 2017. Didn't I prove to your satisfaction that what appeared in 2017 was Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, other wise known as MERS? And yet you persist in your insistence that MERS is COVID-19. Do you have any fucking proof, idiot?

    Here, try this:

    Research evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and the original SARS-CoV all originated in bats. SARS-CoV then spread from infected civets to people, while MERS-CoV spreads through infected dromedary camels to people. Scientists are trying to determine how SARS-CoV-2 spread to people.

    The CDC refers to SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 as three different, and distinct Coronaviruses, originating in different places and having different characteristics. If they are different, then ipso facto they cannot be the same. Except, that is, in your pea brain.

    BTW, there is actually a scientific way of determining whether MERS and COVID-19 are the same. If they were the same, and MERS, which appeared in 2017 in Saudi Arabia is the same as COVID-19, then they would both have identical genomes -- they would be genetically identical. They are not genetically identical. They are both Coronaviruses, which have different genetic identities. I know that is hard for you to understand, because you are an idiot, but try.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING!

  • A bit of good news on the cruise ships off the Florida coast. An agreement has been reached to allow the passengers of the two ships to disembark at the Port of the Everglades. Hopefully all goes well.
  • Its started in 2017 china tried to hide it. It tried to made biological weapon out of it then it when blew up in their faces and for 3 years they kept in the dark. ONLY in 2019 did China announced this new disease.

  • Making shit up again, huh DOPEHEAD? Got any proof? Who the fuck taught you how to lie? The Chinese? The Orange Baboon Great Leader?

    The other proof you provided turned out to be proof of the existence of MERS, but you knew that didn't you. You just like to lie while you masturbate. Leave that tiny thing alone, DOPEHEAD, it might spit at you and get you all sticky.

    It started in 2017. And for three years they kept it in the dark. Then in 2019 they announced the new disease. How did you make it past kindergarten? If it started in 2017, and they announced it in 2019, then they let the secret out of the bag after only TWO years in the dark, not three. What a dumb-ass DOPEHEAD.

    Make America GAG Again. Keep America GAGGING!
  • Sarem you need some weed to clear and ease your mind because you are not thinking straight. The Chinese socialists had problems with corona virus since 2017. Kept it in the dark. Only im 2019 when they couldn't handle it is when they asked for the worlds help.

    Now the Chinese are saying the wuhan virus didn't start in wuhan China.

  • @SaremChuuk how does it feel to repeat a authoritarian socialits government propaganda?

    China say it didn't start in 2017. You Sarem agree, China kicks out reporters, you agree, China hide its records from the WHO, you agree, China say it has no more virus, you agree. Everyone is lying but China and you.

  • DOPEHEAD SAYS: "The Chinese socialists had problems with corona virus since 2017."

    And I say, incredulously, GOT ANY FUCKING PROOF DOPEHEAD?

    THEN DOPEHEAD SAYS: "Only im 2019"

    And I say, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU MUMBLING ABOUT, DOPEHEAD? Only im? What a fucking idiot.

    And then DOPEHEAD says that the Chinese say the virus didn't start in Wuhan China.

    AND THE DOPEHEAD IS RIGHT! The Chinese say the virus didn't start in Wuhan China but was imported into Wuhan by an influx of population from elsewhere.

    And despite all efforts at the contrary, DOPEHEAD actually proves that the Chinese tell the truth!
  • They had it in 2017 kept it secret 3 years and only announced it in 2019.

    2 months ago you say US intelligence was telling the truth about Russia now US intelligence is saying China lied about this disease and its numbers. Now you are saying the us intelligence is lying.

    They agree with me they are truthful and if they don't agree with my they are lying. The good old liberal thinking.
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