Apparently, a Giant SOS in the Sand Still Works

Three gentlemen from Puluwat (or Poluwat) set out in a small boat to Pulap, in the Northwestern region or Chuuk (or the Eastern region of Yap), and ran out of fuel. They drifted to Pikelot, where they beached their skiff, and settled in until somebody came for them.

Apparently thinking that a plane might be searching for them (Da plane, boss! Da Plane!!), they decided to write a large SOS in the sand on the beach of the uninhabited island. To their credit, the thought was a good one, a plane spotted the SOS, and they were rescued, and lived happily ever after.


  • As in the ol' good times imageimage
  • Yeah I don't think we should be comical about this in any way as the men could of easily lost their lives.It is however a bizarre news given to the fact that they're islanders and could've live off the island until helped arrived.
  • help out our brother SC who took time and effort to post a nice happy ending story with great stride from the seamen. be cheery and comical about it as long as it turned out a good happy ending and yes be sad and weary when the story turns out bad....
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