Bill Clinton spoke at DNC convention....talking about morals of all thing

Bill got impeached for lying to congress about having sex in the Whitehouse and he flew the Lolita express with Jeffrey Epstein.

This is the man who Democrats choose to talk about morals.


  • I when laugh when he talked about morals. Democrats have no morals allowing a man who raped a women and lied to congress and a man who's wife sold uranium to Russia under obama Biden administration. .

    Seriously this who the DEMOCRATS or SOCIALIST chose to speak about morals in the DNC.
  • Rats ass think. He was impeached for a blow job. We get it. Your orange monkey was impeached for wiping his shit with the US constitution Stay focused here rats ass. You see the issue?
  • Bill got impeached for lying to congress and trying to hide evidences. He raped 3 women and had sex with underage girls with Jeffery Epstein. Trump got impeached for no reason beside Trump derangement syndrome. That's the issue lol
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