• And more than 100 former staffers of John McCain have pledged to support Biden as well.

    BTW, fool, if you bothered to read the Daily Mail article you linked to, you might have noticed that Biden stated unequivocally that Spencer could take his endorsement and put it where the sun never shines.

    For those wondering about the 12 more years phrase that the chimpanzee keeps writing, it means how much longer he has to spend in the asylum until he gets visiting privileges.

    BTW again, fool, have you noticed yet that this is the second Richard Spencer post you have put in here? You must be white, if, as you say, white people own and control this forum.

    What a pathetic, idiotic fool.
  • 12 more years lol
  • The re- election of this stupid President Trump also means the majority of American people are Stupid as he is period!, full stop!!./
  • 12 more years lol
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