Whoever wins.America is still destined to fall.Its already too late.I'm just one of very few people who sees the outcome.Biden or Trump there's bound to be chaos or worse another civil war.

She won't last long.Be prepared for what's to come.


  • The American Dream is dead imageimage

  • Was there a dream to begin with?
  • Doomed? lol People have been saying that for the last 200 years.

    Actually, this election demonstrates that democracy is very much alive in America, despite the efforts of the Liar-in-Chief to destroy it.

    Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.
  • @Factsmatter/Democracy died long ago and with it the remnants of what made this country "great".I along with majority of my family supports Biden some even went to vote.I personally didn't.Even with Biden sworn in as our new president will he be able to turn the damages done? Or will it be too late? Do you not see the decaying state of America?

    The worst is yet to come.That Orange fool won't go down without a fight and his followers are threatened civil war.

    America is done for.China continues to rise.
  • We are all doomed, Mr. Nobody. We have been ever since we separated from our mothers. We might as well try to live our lives caring for others, and hoping for compassion from others.

    In the meantime, don’t lament too much. Life is hard, my friend, then we die.
  • Now that Biden/Harris takes the mantle they should be protected at all cost.
  • @SeremChuuk/I'll try but I do fear for what's to come.Even with Biden's victory things are uncertain for America.They've got much work to do.
  • The idealism that has served this world so well will once again rule in America.
    The world’s people face the common challenge of regaining and maintaining sovereign national treasuries. Something abrogated by those treasuries through adaptation of the parasitic world central banking system.
    It is probable the worsening worldwide economic undercurrents are a result of a play for worldwide economic dominion by that single global business enterprise. A single business enterprise upon which all major central banking heads sit on the board of directors; and all other central banks who wish to do peaceful business on this planet pay their tributes as members.
    The blowback from this action is the true driver of current events; not the hot button subject of the day.
    It will be up to the world’s people to show that coordinated actions by the world's central banks, use of world media based mass psychology, and even biological attack, will not drive the world’s people from sovereign economy and self-government.
    It is our responsibility, as self-governing people, to bring focus and leadership in reinstating sovereign national economies and governments; that begins by reinstating sovereign nation state treasuries.
    It is the responsibility of sovereign nation state treasuries to control their own money supply, interest rates, debt, trade, and tariffs. It shall be determined whether economic sovereignty, and the freedom that it brings, will be a guiding principle of world nations; or we all become people defined by economic class, chained to, and at the mercy of, a centralized global economic power that has and will use nation state power to continue worldwide piracy of resource, labor, and capital on an even greater scale.
    The world’s people shall reinstate sovereign nation state treasuries; or lay ourselves at the mercy of men who have shown none in their pursuit of world dominion.
    The political partisans shaking the pompoms for the American duopoly are the audience of the global Front Monkey Theater.
    This theater may be a bit more complex, refined, and subliminal than the shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave; but it serves the masters just the same.
    It is time for the world’s people to get off the bench and out of the cave. It’s not all that bad; the light is only blinding for a short time.
  • Reaper is gone....
  • Reaper is helping to make America great disappearing.
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