CNN: Inflation is back. Biden should be worried

Trump was right all along. If prices increase i. The US it means it will quadruple in Micronesia. Thats how it works. Joe biden and Democrats are to thanks for that.

Guest what it means? More taxes and another war. Lets hope its democrats voters who pay for the taxes and join the military when Joe Biden and Democrats go to war. No one is afraid of America right now.


  • these are signs of recovery and by the way! it's the United States of America going to war ( if there is any) and not the Democrats or Republicans that are going to war. and it's the American taxpayers who are paying for these wars, and not democrats or Republicans.. get to facts straight and stop misleading the public.
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    The house is buring is a sign of revovery says visa. Nothing to worry about. The house is buring means its ok.
  • After 6 months Biden and Democrats have destroyed a strong economy that was left by trump in under 6 months in office.
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